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Ultimate Surrender

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Mention the word, catfight and you're going to get an instant tickle in the testicles. There's something about the thought of a boob being exposed, or a moment of kissing, the tease of a butt cheek during a scuffle, yes, it turns a lot of folks on, and Ultimate Surrender knows that. The kink keeps coming in true form from pledged unscripted competitive nude female wrestling, where you will find a lot of lesbian sex as well.

"They're down, they're out and they're horny!"

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Ultimate Surrender is a wild fetish site with 976 movies all in HD. They no longer seem to update, but, membership to this hardcore site includes full access to the network. This is at no additional cost, and they have over 12,286 fetish movies. These movies come from sites such as Hog Tied, Families Tied and Device Bondage, plus many more.

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  • 976 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (984 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 18 Mins

Ultimate Surrender Full Review


You'll find things such as the smelly Nelson, the figure four, and of course the good ol flip and flop of the bodies when you gather around the arena of this female wrestling site. They aren't holding back just because they're girls, instead, they may even be a bit more dramatic in their endeavors. They roll to and fro, they use the vaginal lips for leverage, getting that extra handle on the high blood pressure building act of pinning these babes and then eating them! Ultimate Surrender is a part of, and a fine part of it it is! They play upon the strength, experience and ability to outwit their opponent, while at the same time, they're assuming that all fours position to begin the match wearing either nothing at all or very little, so as the whistle blows and the bodies turn and twist, there will be some squashed nipples and dampness before that final bell rings to declare the winner.

Now do keep one thing in mind, these aren't just women that were called in to read from a script in order to place them into that squared circle, these women know the moves, the leg holds and of course the way to tag team in ways that will be a distraction to their competition. Sometimes its a bit difficult to find the concentration in pinning those shoulders when you've got a bare pussy thrusting itself onto your face. Their first instinct is to lick, smell, taste and desire, meaning there are some lapse in the action now and then for that bit of foreplay that will really put the fire in their bellies!

There's no doubt there will be true anguish to these Ultimate Surrender matches, you can see the grimaces upon those pretty faces as they have pain being inflicted upon their bodies, and just as obvious will be the way those twists and turns them on. There are actual rules put in place for these rounds of robust romping, which includes how many tags per team, how many minutes they can spend in those non scripted wrestling rounds, and then of course that is combined with the dominating means of humiliating and then fucking the loser. You cant have this much adrenaline flowing and not have it come out in a hundred different ways, and a few of those consist of being brutal with their kissing, their fisting, and their dildo fucking and sucking.

They carry full videos along with larger sized clips for those that don't have the time for the entire match all at once. The quality is as nice as promised through the tour area, with numbers that aren't exactly setting the world on fire, but they are worthy for the content and for the pleasure of female wrestling porn with that lesbian spin on things. Images are high resolution, filling your screen with 1,200x802 pixel sizing, and you'll be thankful for every DPI offered.

As a footnote to the action here, they carry from Ultimate Surrender their bonus sites which includes a live webcam installment, but this will take extra funds to partake in, and from our intended sites, you have a choice of either signing up for membership in the traditional form, or, you can purchase shoots separately.


The quality pushed its way to the forefront of this site. User friendly navigation leads the member into many pages of videos, images and more that don't go overboard with abundance, but they hold their own nicely.

Content offered on Ultimate Surrender

This site originated 15 years ago, and they've kept up with the activity in making freshness one of their attributes. The overall count of this individual site will make a stand nicely, and with regular updates coming in Ultimate Surrender looks to have a bright future.

Reasons to Join Ultimate Surrender

The biggest enhancement of this site is the niche itself. There's something so stimulating about that catfight sort of scenario that will drawn people in by the hoards. Of course they are making it more appealing by having the women wrestlers clad in nothing or little, which gives it a boost up the ladder of lust. Bonus sites add a lot of content and value.

Things that could be improved on Ultimate Surrender

It's hard to find anything that I could complain about in regards to what this site held, but if hard pressed, I would say a few more formats would have been nice.

Ultimate Surrender Bonus Sites & Pricing

Members get a total of 29 sites that make up the Kink network of sites. That's a huge amount of varied BDSM and fetish content. These sites are all exclusive and have thousands of varied scenes. We have a discount price that brings the price down and makes it value for money.

Ultimate Surrender Review Conclusion

Ultimate Surrender is a site such as the likes I don't see often, but I've enjoyed very much. I'm not surprised that is the one that would add this to their list of naughtiness, and they've kept the same fine quality that you'll find from their sister sites as well. It's fetish, and teetering on a hardcore edge of erotica.

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November 13, 2019

This kinky girl on girl wrestling site has 976 vids in HD, but no new updates have been added since 2018. However, joining her gives you the added bonus of full access to all of the 29 sites within the network, at no additional charge. The network has over 12,00 fetish movies, and these are from sites such as Whipped Ass and Divine Bitches.

July 24, 2018

Ultimate Surrender is a kinky wresting site that still continues to update every week. It has added 82 videos in HD, and although it doesnt have photo galleries, it does have a load of vid caps. It has a huge library and membership includes full access to where you will find thousands of movies covering its 25 fetish sites.

September 28, 2016

This site is now part of the Kink network of sites and as such you get full access to 25 sites full of BDSM and fetish content. We have a reduced membership price for our readers that make it a must join for fans of extreme fetish porn.

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29 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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