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Dilfed is the partner site to Milfed, and it's all about taboo, fauxcest stepfamily fornication played out in great quality movies, each one of which features a hunky, older dad. Sign up and log in, and you find yourself at a three-site collection of inter-family frolics, with Milfed and Gilfed content included. You're looking at exclusive HD movies where the quality shines. There's much seduction, illicit hardcore, sexy younger babes and studly dads together, and they're all getting Dilfed.

"Naughty stepdads enjoy family fun in quality HD hardcore."




  • 218 Full Movie
  • 4k Ultra HD (20,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Average length of 25 Mins

Dilfed Full Review


Dilfed is a collection of stepfamily and taboo porn shot by the guys who make Milfed, one of the top Milf hardcore sites on the net. They also produce Gilfed, for girls I'd like to fuck, so it was inevitable that Dilfed would come along at some point. The earliest content dates from 2011, and the most recent from only last week, but updates have not always been consistent and there have been some gaps. Another thing to note is that not all the 218 Dilfed movies are exclusive to the site. The content is made by Mile High Media, and you will see watermarks from their other sites, such as Sweet Sinner, which means these videos can be found elsewhere.

Sizzling Stepfamily Taboo

The 218 movies centre around the dirty antics of an older dad. These guys are porn studs with fit bodies and big, meaty cocks, and they don't care where they put them. Some stepdads seduce their younger stepdaughters, while others are more than happy to be seduced by their youthful charges. Others turn their attention to the neighbour's wife, or other slinky Milfs, and the action is guaranteed to be hardcore. There are scenarios and set-ups which don't drag, and you're soon into the cock sucking, pussy diving and full-on fuck scenes, which are all well shot.

Playback in HD and take Mobile-suitable Files

Most of the Dilfed movies, no matter their origin, come with 1080p HD streaming options, plus three smaller ones to suit all connections and mobiles. You will find 320p, 480p, a standard 720p and then the 1080p versions, and an auto-detect function selects what's best for your connection. You can always disable this if you don't want to use it. Downloads are offered in the same resolutions and in Mp4 files. These specs relate to the earliest movies as well as the most recent ones. However, there are some 4K HD movies in your extra sites/collection, and there may well be 4K in use at Dilfed before long. Either way, the quality is just fine, and you won't have any hassle with playback.

A Big but Basic Collection

There are 1,347 scenes in total across the three sites, and an average of six new updates each month, either to Milfed or Gilfed, and occasionally to Dilfed. The drop-down list under the main videos tab lets you select all movies or separate them out by site. They are all hardcore or lesbian scenes, and they all stay within the reality niche, bring you more taboo, and plenty of sexy girls and Milfs to get off with. There are no photos, however, and your main menu consists of links only to the videos, models and a page of categories. The videos come with a few details, but the models don't come with stats or bios, only links to their videos. There are 983 girls in the model index and, as you have read, they are a varied collection of 18 + teens, sweet GFs and Milfs.

Interactive and Trustworthy

Navigation is a doddle at Dilfed, and the category page lets you filter the network through 24 headings. There are filters on the index pages so you can rearrange the content and choose how you see it, and you're able to use a search function. The video viewing pages have expandable lists of linked tag words and scene descriptions, and as a member, you can get interactive by giving likes. Members can also set scenes aside to come back to later, and collect their favourite scenes in one area. The site is well-designed, functional and interactive, and gives you no technical hassles.


The quality of models and filming is great because these are studio-made productions, and made by a big studio at that. In terms of visuals, the top resolution at Dilfed is currently 1080p HD, but there are 4K HD movies in your two extra collections. However, the quality of the Dilfed playback is fine and there are no issues, not even at full screen. The members' area is well-designed, interactive and functional, so you have a good quality browsing experience.

Content offered on Dilfed

Dilfed contains 218 movies from a variety of other sites, with some exclusives also in the mix. The movies concern horny stepdads who are studly and hung. Scenes run for around 25 minutes, there are four stream/download options, including 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and they are easy to find and view. There are no galleries here, and no other content apart from the Milfed and Gilfed scenes you're able to access.

Reasons to Join Dilfed

Among the mix of movies, you will find some exclusives that have not appeared on other Mile High Media sites. The scenes give you what the tour promised, a range of hunky older guys in taboo stepfamily porn, and the quality standards are high. There are top models in the model list, plus fresh faces, and through the three sites, you have a good variety of porn, plus regular network updates.

Things that could be improved on Dilfed

Not everything is exclusive, and Dilfed doesn't update very often. The model index doesn't bring us any information about the girls, not even the top names, and there is nowhere for members to leave comments about the models or the movies. The trial membership is limited, and a premium upgrade is pre-selected on the payment page.

Dilfed Bonus Sites & Pricing

You are joining three sites in one when you joined Dilfed (Milfed and Gilfed are included, but no others). Therefore, the prices aren't at all bad, though the trial is a limited one and comes back at a high price. The monthly, three-month and annual memberships all recur at the same prices. Watch out for a pre-selected premium upgrade on the payment page. I'm not sure what the upgrade covers as there's no explanation.

Dilfed Review Conclusion

You get a good return on your membership fee at Dilfed, with a decent set of studio movies where the main star is a big-dicked Dilf. The girls range from 18 + teens to top-class Milfs, and viewing is up to HD on all videos. Not all of the Dilfed content is exclusive or up to date, but the network adds around six new scenes per month. All in all, if you're up for some classy stepfamily taboo porn, then you can do worse than dip your wick into Dilfed.

Members Area Screen Shots

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