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Sex and Submission

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Theres always got to be a little pain to feel true pleasure, and these ladies must be out of their minds with orgasm tendencies! Sex and Submission shows a very powerful tour, draped in a black background to enhance that ominous look of erotic enjoyment, with humiliation high on the list. They've spread the offerings wide and then tied them off to make sure they remain that way. High quality and count is pledged.

"Sexual suspension for stimulation!"

Latest Review Update

Sex And Submission has 790 exclusive BDSM vids mostly in Full HD. No changes have been made since my last visit eight months ago and nothing has been added since May 2020. However, 29 sites, at no extra cost are included in your membership here, and these are all from the network. The network has over 12,513 videos, and these come from sites such as Hogtied, Device Bondage and Public Disgrace.




  • 790 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (984 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 50 Mins

Sex and Submission Full Review


These women are being turned every which way but loose in the name of fetish filled orgasms, for which theyll be punished for experiencing. Ive spent quite a bit of time on Sex and Submission, not because it was hard to navigate or because there were issues that confused me, but because it is so amazing! Ive reviewed many BDSM sites, and I have found good and bad throughout, its that way with any niche, but when coming into the main membership area of these pages that have had me drawn to them as if I were in a daze of some sort, I am more than impressed with everything Im finding. Starting at the beginning, you wont have any head-scratching in finding your way around, although I will make mention of one thing while in that arena of disclosure, when you go into a set, and you see the video choices, youll click per your favorite way to view the footage, and the page will reload. You may think that nothing has changed and there's a problem, not the case, when it refreshes, its then in the form of how you requested it to be, so whether its the full version or one of the clips, they are now ready to download/stream to your preference.

A lot of times when it comes to a specific niche, especially when its fetish related, you'll have people that are acting out the parts, all for the sake of getting the content onto the web and hoping to bring in membership fees, but I must say, with Sex and Submission, I felt the reality coming through each and every minute of mayhem that I viewed. You'll have the oral sex, and the penetration, some lesbian lust, along with an almost gentle form of tease now and then, but from there, that is where the normality leaves off. These girls are suspended in positions that would leave me dizzy for weeks afterwards! Either bound, gagged and tied to be tilted upside down, or grabbed by their dominate force to be turned upside down almost in a 69 position while being held, its all just been an amazing journey.

There are clamps and clips on tongues, nipples and clits, double penetration, forced deep throat oral sex, nylons, heels, thrusting and penetration so deep you think the top of their heads will split open, its all very, very powerful, just what you would want in a BDSM site, and more. With blindfolds and shackles, dark, dungeon areas, hogtied harnesses, whips leaving welts on boobs and butts, and of course the cum shots, theres not much this fetish installment is not tackling head on and coming out on top of.

They do offer choices for video viewing through stream or download, with different qualities of technical numbers offered, but all of which hold a nice presentation. There is a HD as well, with the video size showing more than what you would think the Kbps will be delivering. The images will make a statement you wont soon forget, with the camera close enough to show every dirty detail you'd want to see from this site. Sex and Submission really is the perfect title for the tease, temptation and torment that is offered.


The quality is more than pleasing all the way around this site. Starting with the navigation and ending with the images, they're not going to give much to complain about. It's apparent time has been taken to make this a journey you'll want to take over and over again. The content is hot and the production values are great.

Content offered on Sex and Submission

It's with pleasure that I can announce in this section of the review that the content is definitely high enough to hold its own, and on top of that, they're more than regular with activity, so, it's going to keep growing beautifully. The name explains the type of content you can expect on this site and bonus sites cover a wide variety of fetish and BDSM.

Reasons to Join Sex and Submission

I'm not sure a good starting point to describe all of the pluses to this site, it rounded out nicely from all angles to give a production that I'll just say is upper tier in quality from A to Z. Updates happen on a weekly basis and the amount of content on the site is high in both numbers and quality. Access to 28 other Kink sites is included.

Things that could be improved on Sex and Submission

There is not much I didn't like about this site. Quality is good but it would be nice if they had 1080p on offer.

Sex and Submission Bonus Sites & Pricing

You get a discount price for membership through us and membership includes access to 29 Kink sites at no extra cost. Longer term memberships will bring the price down even further and with over 12,260 scenes across the network it is probably the way to go.

Sex and Submission Review Conclusion

Sex and Submission does an outstanding job of showing the rawness of BDSM footage, portrayed by people that aren't just models, they couldn't be, it was too real in too many areas. All promises through their tour held up within membership, along with a true admiration for the content and quality of this hardcore, fetish site. Bonus sites add value too.

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29 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

The Sites Listed here are sites that the company also has produced. In most cases, when you sign up to one of their sites you get access to their entire network. Check above to see if this company allows Multi-Access in the SITE DETAIL section of the review.

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