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Sadistic Rope

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With a name like Sadistic Rope one gets the idea that this particular site is going to be all about BDSM practices, and will include rope, right? Well, if that's your own guess, you are 100% correct, that's what its all about at this naughty porn site. These girls are bound and sometimes gagged with pussies invaded by everything from dildos to fists. This is definitely a site for those who love high quality bondage porn.

"These girls are helpless and horny. A great combination!"

Latest Review Update

Sadistic Rope is a kinky BDSM site with 116 movies in HD, and video caps. It may no longer update, but on the plus side, it now offers members full access to the 25 sites that help make up the network, at no extra cost.




  • 111 Full Movie
  • HD 720p
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 50 Mins

Sadistic Rope Full Review


First a tiny bit of BDSM knowledge. The thing is that you may or may not know that those who hang other people from tight ropes are called riggers and thus you will see a lot of rigging at work here. The ropes are always going to be incredibly tight, which means that you will see female flesh just provocatively bulging around the ropes. The star rigger in BDSM circles happens to be John Paul who incidentally goes by the name of The Pope. His rigging is downright renowned to be super tight every time he works with rope, and you wont be disappointed in the way that he uses rope to create outrageously perverse sadism which includes domination techniques rarely seen in even the best BDSM locales.

So, if you think that youve seen ropework that is pretty damn sadistic in such sites such as The Training of O or perhaps The Upper Floor and simply esteemed it, be prepared to fall in love with what you will see in the Sadistic Rope site even though John Paul is currently their head rigger as well. You see he has vowed that this site goes beyond those other sites.

If you know anything about BDSM youve probably also heard about subspace and that this means that the submissive through pain and dominance hits this fantastic physical plateau that makes her even more submissive, and ready for more and more pain, as well as creating unbelievably amazing orgasms. As for female orgasms, John Paul is never satisfied until hes wrenched so many orgasms from that subdued female body that often she does not even know her name!

So what will you see here beyond rope bondage? Easy enough to answer, for you will see interviews with the submissives, putting to rest once and for all the questions pertaining to the fact that these girls are totally willing to endure what is coming next. And what comes next but such BDSM goodies such as hot wax, a number of clamps for both pussy and tits, electrical torments, and of course must not leave out whipping and flogging either which often leads to orgasm denial, and finally orgasm permission when all hell breaks loose!

Online since March, 2013, technically it is truly the best around. In browser Flash lets you stream movies at 960X540, and downloads can happen with MP4 formatting at more than 5000k bit rates, for 1280X720 videos. The site currently boasts 111 fascinating Hi Def. videos but no new updates since March 2015.

Of course there are also photo shoots, and each of those has about 150 Hi Res. pictures. Youll love the quality of those, and they are Zipped for your downloading pleasure too.

Sadistic Rope is always totally exclusive, and they do have a rather nice model index. But the best is that it is of the highest quality all around. Technically, of course, but also whats done to the models, and the models themselves are also of the highest quality.


It is actually difficult to impart upon you how high the technical and model quality is on this site, unless you see it yourself. So, if you are into BDSM at all, you owe it to yourself to go to the tour of Sadistic Rope and check it out for yourself.

Content offered on Sadistic Rope

Again, only superlatives fit this review for content too! They have worked diligently to include everything anyone into strict BDSM would love to see, and the site is chock full of very intimate suffering!

Reasons to Join Sadistic Rope

Its easy to make a list of the pros here. Hi Def. videos, Zipped Hi Res. pictures, Model Index, quality models, great direction, incredible photography and videography, truly sadistic torments throughout. Members now get access to all 25 Kink sites when they join this one site and we can get you membership for a discounted price.

Things that could be improved on Sadistic Rope

This site no longer updates, so it is now more of an archive than an active site. Otherwise it would be very difficult to find any cons with regard to this site.

Sadistic Rope Bonus Sites & Pricing

We now have a discount price that will save you loads on your membership. Another great piece of news is the fact that you get full access the whole network of sites at Kink. That means 25 sites that cover every aspect of BDSM that you could think of. With over 11,600 scenes this adds a huge amount of content and value to your membership.

Sadistic Rope Review Conclusion

Those who are into BDSM cannot ask for a better site. Just the sadism and masochism alone will totally seduce you, and enrich your BDSM lifestyle. Appart from the fact that the site is small at this stage I cannot possibly recommend this site any higher for this niche.

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