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Leather Fixation

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If you have a Leather Fixation then we have found the site for you. Here it is all about 100% leather costume, clothing, coats, gloves, boots, and more. There's nothing fake and the models who wear the leather are perfect; long legged, good looking, fit and beautiful. Combine that with the facts that the site is exclusive and the content is well made and you have the perfect place for collectors of all and only leather fetish.

"100% leather clothing 100% awesome models"




  • 235 Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (4,500 Kbps)
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 3 Mins


  • 900 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Leather Fixation Full Review


There are loads of really good things about this site and a few minor negatives. The best things are that the content is exclusive, it stays on niche, the content is well made and there is a lot of it. The site updates every few days and you can see from the home page what has recently been added. On the other side of the coin, the site is also pretty basic and it is not interactive, and there are very limited viewing choices for videos. Here's how it works:

The main menu leads you through from the Home page with its recent updates to the Pictures, Videos, Raif's World (where you can catch up on any important news and see what is coming soon), Stories, Contact and Bonuses. More about some of those things later, first the Videos.

These are all set out on one long index page where movies are sampled by a photo and come with a description. There is only one way to view these and that is to right click and save the file. There are no options, you get what you are given, and there are no streams. That's pretty basic viewing for a site these days but the clips are short so files are not big, they are manageable and easy enough to take. You can scroll down and take all of them one at a time if you want and you will find older ones play in WMV and newer ones in MP4. Modern quality is fine with some files reaching HD standards and older ones have lower resolutions of course and the quality is not so good.

But the content of the videos reflects that of the galleries and in the Pictures area you have the content arranged into headings which give you a very good idea of the range of fetish content: Trench coat, Skirts, Lingerie, Pants, catsuits, With Guns, Femdom, Jackets, Boots and then a link back to the videos. Each area has its own number of galleries and each gallery has its own number of images, but there is something like 47,000 individual image to collect here. Again, the quality may vary with the age of the images, but it is generally fine with well taken images of very sexy ladies in very, very sexy outfits. It's mainly erotica and softcore, there may be some nudity but there won't be anything gratuitous.

It's in the extra functions department that the site doesn't quite manage to come up to today's standards. There are no Add To Favourites functions for example, and nothing interactive, no rates or comments and no forums. There is very little information about the models or the shoots, and only basic descriptions of scenes and galleries. Navigation through galleries is a case of opening one pic at a time as there are no slideshows, and though some galleries have zip files, not all do. But then again, what there is here, technically speaking, works fine.

You will find a few extra stories to read, and an area called Bonuses which gives a list of other sites you might like to go and see. As a member you can get a reduced price membership to these sites, but that's not really a bonus.


Older movies are to the same resolutions as the more recent ones of course and quality may be variable; same goes for the images. But generally speaking the clips are well shot and the photos are well taken. The site certainly stays on niche and finds great quality models, though its design could do with modernising.

Content offered on Leather Fixation

There are now over 235 movie clips of around two or three minutes each to go and collect and over 900 galleries holding various amounts of images each. The photo content is arranged in categories and although everything is focused on leather, the content is nicely varied. Updates happen every few days.

Reasons to Join Leather Fixation

This is unique and exclusive content that you should not find anywhere else, unless it is on a site from the same team. The quality is fine and the content stays 100% on the leather niche with no imitations. The models are beautiful and there is a lot of content to collect. The stories are a nice addition.

Things that could be improved on Leather Fixation

Navigation could be made easier especially in the photo galleries. The site is pretty basic in look and design with no interactivity and very little information. You video viewing choices are limited to one download per clip only and some clips are pretty short.

Leather Fixation Bonus Sites & Pricing

The price is fine for an all exclusive, on-niche site that holds this amount of good quality content, and the longer-term memberships work out thanks to the regular updates. There may be pre-checked cross sales to watch out for on the join pages, and there's no trial period or bonuses, but other than that, it's a good price.

Leather Fixation Review Conclusion

You don't actually have to have a Leather Fixation to enjoy this site, it's worth a visit for its collection of stunning models and good photography, so everyone can enjoy it. It's not extreme, it's softcore and erotica, which is good to see and it stays on niche. A bit basic in design and not interactive, but it does give you some excellent content.

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