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Ladies In Leather Gloves

Review Last Updated on by Luke Preston

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There is a great combination of high class photos, great looking ladies, fetish costumes and poses, and leather at Ladies In Leather Gloves. We are looking at a high class fetish site here that's softcore and not gratuitous. You have a large collection of galleries with over 100,000 photos to collect, and then videos to download and updates are happening every three days or so. You won't see this content anywhere else.

"Sexy ladies, perfect photos and lovely leather"




  • 194 Movie Clips
  • DVD Quality (1,700 Kbps)
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 3 Mins


  • 2,225 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures

Ladies In Leather Gloves Full Review


This is a very simple site in terms of design and layout, to the extent that there is nothing very interactive about it. I had no technical troubles with it and found that although it is rather limited, it ran very smoothly.

You start off at a home page which covers the recent updates and you will see from these images that something new is added here every three days. The dates are displayed for you so you can keep an eye on things. There is also an area in the main menu called Raifs World which brings you some news and shows you what is coming soon, though I didn't see dates posted here. The rest of the menu is about taking you to the video and gallery content, some stories, the bonus area and some special offers for other sign ups.

First the Videos. Here's where the design of the site dos start to impact on your enjoyment a little. All of the movies are set out down one long index page so it's a case of scrolling up and down and perhaps losing your place. I found the easiest thing to do was to download as I browsed. When I found an image that looked like it was going to lead to an interesting video I saved that movie there and then. File sizes were not large here, around 200Mbs, and that is because the movies are only short clips. The quality is variable with older movies being smaller, but more recent ones being a higher definition and I found one choice of MP4 file in use per scene for more recent movies and WMV for older ones.

The Galleries are better organised and there are more of them. In the Pictures area you find the galleries arranged into categories with Boots, Femdon, General, Fur, Masks, Uniforms, Guns, Smoking, Erotica, Leather, Putting On and Raincoat as your areas. Each area has a large sample shot and a description and you click to see the full collection behind it. A new page opens and there you have the various galleries. These then open into their own pages/tabs and you have thumbnail pages where solo pics click up one at a time to good sizes. Some of the sets come with zip file downloads but there were no slideshows.

The content is varied and yet the ladies all retain their gloves, as that's what the main focus is: Ladies in leather gloves. There are some nude and semi-nude shoots, some with guys being used and abused in the Femdom area, some erotica but mainly we are here for the fetish fun of ladies dressed to thrill and kill and posing, showing things and hiding things and generally giving us some good quality fetish images to collect.

You then find some stories to read and these are fine though a little bit limited. There are no interactive things here, no rates or comments, no Add To Favourites function and no way of offering feedback apart from by getting in contact with the support area. The Bonus area is actually a list of other sign up deals so really a bonus, but the main content is plentiful so that's no great issue.


Older movies are smaller and the resolutions are not as high as the recent ones, some of which are HD. The up-close and photography is fine though, no worries there and the ladies are all very photogenic. The site could do with some more up to date designing, but it all works.

Content offered on Ladies In Leather Gloves

There are many more photos than there are movies with something like 100,000 solo pics to collect; some come with zip file downloads, but not all. Some galleries have more images than others and all of them stay on niche. The videos are short clips in small files and the viewing options are limited to one download choice per clip only.

Reasons to Join Ladies In Leather Gloves

This is exclusive content that is well put together and well shot, the quality is fine, and easy to access. The site stays on niche and gives you what the tour promised you and it is easy enough to use. Updates are frequent and regular, every three days, and there is a lot of content to see here already.

Things that could be improved on Ladies In Leather Gloves

There is nothing interactive about the site, no rates, comments and very little information. There's no model index and not much written about the galleries. The site could do with some modernising, navigation through galleries could be made easier for example; and the Bonuses are not bonuses.

Ladies In Leather Gloves Bonus Sites & Pricing

The price is fine for an all exclusive collection and the longer-term memberships work out because of the regular updates. Watch out for any pre-checked cross sales on the way in. There is no trial membership to take and no real bonus content apart from a few stories.

Ladies In Leather Gloves Review Conclusion

Ladies In Leather Gloves is perfect for the collector of fetish softcore and erotica. Good quality images and some nice video clips, easy to access and not expensive, it is also updating every few days. It is not very interactive but it all works and the main attractions, the slinky, sexy, leather gloves, are always there.

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