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Girls In Leather Boots

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Just one of the attractions at this site are Girls in Leather Boots: you have exclusive videos of very sexy ladies solo and together in fetish costumes and boots, and you have many galleries and images of the same, then you have stories and access to some bonus galleries too. It stays on theme, the quality is fine, the viewing is a bit basic and so is the design, but you get the content you are promised and the update schedule is good.

"Hot girls in leather boots, videos, pics and stories"




  • 280 Full Movie
  • HD 720p (5,000 Kbps)
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 15 Mins


  • 97 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures

Girls In Leather Boots Full Review


Having had a look around the members' area I concluded that it is basic, but what is there works fine. You should have no trouble signing up to the site or using it once you are inside. There's a top menu and there are always back buttons to get back to the main pages when that top menu disappears; like when you are in a gallery for example. So, no navigation problems, though things could be improved as we will see.

The background is white which makes everything bright and cheery, and not at all dark and moody like many fetish sites, so that makes this one different. The home page lists the recent updates and it is good to see that something new is added every few days, with a new video or a new gallery. There are dates and descriptions, often including a list of what the models are wearing and you are told if the shoot contains nudity or not. The main menu takes you first to the pictures and then to the videos.

The galleries area is arranged in two columns, which makes for a large page as there were 97 galleries. The two columns separate out single girl galleries and two girls together galleries and you simply scroll down and click the name of the ones you want to see. You then come to another page with each gallery listed, another long page, and then you click that to find the actual gallery in a new tab. Images were at various sizes, I found good quality ones at 664 x 1,000 for example, and you open and close one at a time. Navigation through galleries could have been made easier and I didn't see any slideshows or zip files.

The videos are also listed all on one page which does make for tricky navigation and a slow page. You might scroll down to near the bottom, find a video, then have to scroll back to the top and lose your place, so a bit of work on navigation would go a long way here. And viewing the videos is also very basic. You click he one you want and you have no choice but to download that file. There are no choices with each one, no streams and clips or parts. There are no trailers either, no comments, rates or add to favourites functions, so it is all very simple though very basic. File sizes vary depending on the length of the scene and the content of the scenes varies as well.

There is more to the site than simply showing sexy models in leather boots though. There are some domination and fetish scenes, mainly with girls together, and there are all kinds of costumes in play too. Girls in boots indoors and outside, playing together, lesbian scenes, toys and masturbation, and so you do get a nice amount of variety with your viewing. The overall quality is fine, the recent scenes have HD viewing and recent gallery images look high resolution, so no complaints there.

For the rest of your menu you have Raif's World which brings you up to date with site news and whats coming soon, there are some boot stories in the Stories area, a link to support and then a Bonus area that actually only sells you other signups at a discount, so not really a bonus.


The quality is OK here though at times you feel that it could be better. There are no choices for what files you take and no choice of resolution, so you have to make do with what you have. Older videos and galleries will be lower quality though more recent ones are HD and looking good.

Content offered on Girls In Leather Boots

The content count stood at 97 galleries and 280 movies when I called in. Galleries held up to 1,000 pics each and there are certainly lots of good images to collect, though they are not that easy to browse online. The videos ran for various lengths of time each and came with only one download option. The action was varied with lots of kink.

Reasons to Join Girls In Leather Boots

This is exclusive content and you should only find it on this site, and the content stays with its promised themes of sexy ladies in boots and in fetish scenes. The models are very hot to view and there is nice variety in the content.

Things that could be improved on Girls In Leather Boots

Navigation could do with some work, to make browsing the videos easier for example, and wed like some more viewing options. There are no interactive elements and the site design is very brig and basic. Long pages, lots of back button clicking and very little info about the girls.

Girls In Leather Boots Bonus Sites & Pricing

There are no real bonuses here though here are some stories which give you something slightly different from the galleries and videos. Updates look to be happening at the rate of one every three days so an on-going membership is worthwhile and the monthly price is not bad at just under $30.00 per month.

Girls In Leather Boots Review Conclusion

Girls In Leather Boots offers more than just the one fetish theme, with girls together, lesbian scenes, toys and some domination scenes. It is very limited in its viewing options but the quality is decent enough and getting better. There is very little information but there is a nice stock of content; navigation could be better, but the updates are good.

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