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Real Squirt

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Added on February 10, 2010 by Missy

Review Summary

You would think with the rush of liquid from these ladies, it would be extinguishing the fire, but something tells me from the look of the tour, theyre just getting warmed up! Real Squirt belongs to the PornStar Network which immediately says hardcore, fetish and fun, with quality that will be appreciated. They let you know through intro just how this female phenomenon works, but you can see for yourself through membership.

"The duration will certainly lead to saturation!"




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Real Squirt Full Review

ReviewerGet out the rubber sheets and the goulashes, these babes are ready to gush! With a stream that will make them scream, the right touch through masturbation seems to stir up the gravity that will have them emptying their tank of temptation, and the best part of it is, its all caught on film! Of course leave it to PornStar Network to bring something as hot as this niche to their network, theyre all about the different sort of things that youve always wanted, but didnt know where to find, but now with Real Squirt, youre going to be saturated in the sexiness. As always, navigation will not weigh heavily on your mind, just logging in will take you right where you want to be, and from there, they have their own world of wank worthy content to keep you very busy.

One thing that does worry me a bit and its normally not a standard downfall of this network, but it seems like its been some time since new content was added. Ive found in the past they are pretty punctual with that issue, but a difference lives here. They dont offer the exact date of when freshness is added, they do it in the form of, for example, a week ago, two weeks ago, etc., and, it looks as though the most recent addition was 3 months ago. There is a nice overall count to this site, thats not a problem, so they have taken the strides to keep adding the sets, but for some reason, the well seems to have run dry these days.

I found the most recent girl on the list of liquidation is called, Kream, and she is a cutie. With the perfectly shaped body and a bob sort of hair cut to her brunette locks, she would be hot wearing a burlap bag, but lucky for us today she was prepping herself and a room in her home for some cosmetic changes, but, they didnt quite take place the way her plans had been made. I dont think the lid was ever popped from the pain can, but the dildo was popped from her favorite hiding place and she decided a little solo masturbation was what the moment called for. Of course shes not one to rush into anything and her self proposed way of turning herself on is to be no different. She spends a lot of time stimulating her tits, but with big jugs like shes sporting, no one could blame her. She rubs her large nipples in such an alluring way while rubbing a little bit of her pure white paint across the cleavage and areola…lets hope its body paint!

This girl knows how to make love to the camera and shes not doing a bad job with the ladder either! She poses her posterior into some hot positions and then, once her fingers make contact with the already slippery coating to her clit, then its game on! Climbing to the highest tier of the ladder she perches for porn, opening her thighs wide and using a vibrator on those most intimate places. Yes, that little love button is surely a feature on the female that should never be forgotten. She rubs and buzzes perfectly, touching and reaching for the areas that are going to unleash her passion, and sure enough, when theyre found, so are the juices! She shoots and splatters her girl gushiness far and wide, putting a coat of primer on the walls that the paint is sure to adhere to.

The camera person of Real Squirt does a great job of catching the action as it takes place and these streams are at times pretty wide, not to mention projecting in a pornographic way that will give you a new appreciation for the female gender. The videos carry a quality high enough to assure youre not going to miss a drop of the dew, even though its not HD, its nice. They carry high resolution pictures as well as screen caps, with a ZIP option added, all of the things that will make your time spent here, enjoyable.


There's no weakness to be found in the quality offered throughout this site, it's not the utmost tier of niceness, but it's certainly not the lowest and I for one appreciated their efforts. Navigation was easy, and any part you partake in, will leave you smiling.


The numbers are good for this installment, giving enough content count to keep you interested for quite some time. With the stand alone offerings comes all of the bonuses that will only enhance the offer that much more.


Oh I would be amiss if I didn't give full kudos to these babes and their blowing abilities! Some streams were thin, high and long, while others were wide and far, but there's not going to be any dryness within their general area of juiciness. From there, the exhibition of content was a winner as well.


Only a couple of issues sprung up quickly for me while going through the content of this site, and the main one, and the most important too is the fact it's been three months since updating, that's something that will toss a red flag every time. From there, I would have liked seeing more high resolution galleries.

Pricing & Bonus

I have a concern about it being three months since new material was added to this site, but they have a strong base in numbers for what's there at the time of this review, along with a lengthy list of bonuses. We have a discounted pricing point for membership here that makes it great value, especially with all the added bonuses included.


Real Squirt is going to show you that ladies can do things just as well as men, and in some cases better! They're able to project their pussy juice so high and far, that it would be a great competition to match them against ball juice. Quality was nice, navigation was easy, all tour promises held up. The only negativity was the lack of updating.

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