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Sperm Cocktail

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Sperm Cocktail is offering a new way for folks to enjoy a glass of a little something after a nice meal, or before the meal, hell, even before the sun comes up! They are making sure there's enough testicle tea to wet the whistles of these beautiful and well shaped women, who by the way know exactly how to squeeze every drop from those bags! Promises include nice quality and plenty of bonuses from this part of the PornStar Network.

"Drinking the dirtiness of raw pleasure!"




  • 195 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (2,030 Kbps)
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 5 Mins


  • 40 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Sperm Cocktail Full Review


Bottoms up! These girls are raising their glasses and showing their asses for the sake of hot and fetish filled dirtiness. PornStar Network has done it again, they seem to zero in on those things that teeter on the fine line of lust and kink and come out with a product that will have people experiencing an orgasm from all over the world, if you have the internet, you have arousal! With their usual layout they display what the intended site holds, right up front, no having to search for the sex, even though there is plenty of it throughout the network. Its a clean, crisp and professional display, and, its appreciated.

They focus through the tour area and the title itself, what Sperm Cocktail will lead to, which of course are hot babes that love drinking the ball juices, either straight from the faucet, off of bodies, from a martini glass, whatever the case, just so they can feel that thickness trickling down the back of their throats. What they dont put a spotlight on through the tour area is all of the other fine attributes that fill the footage, such as how the majority of the sets available will be gang-banging, boner blowing enjoyment. One girl, multiple men, open orifices and a hungry nature, its all going to come together for a presentation that will tickle your testicles with happiness.

The cocks are huge, thick and bulging, and the ladies have the jaws with hinges ready to pop a lock and stretch that needed extra amount for engulfing the erection. They really do have their oral talents down to a fine art, and youll see that for yourself through the membership footage of, Sperm Cocktail, there is a lot of deep-throat delight being administered, some nice POV shots here and there, and girls that are kept so busy, they really don't know which way to turn next. They are like pivoting for pricks from this site, everyone is hard, everyone is wanting to be caught up in the moment and then everyone starts blowing their load which is what we've all been waiting for.

When clicking on sets to obtain the video footage, they have things broken down nicely, there are episodes, available in one, sometimes more formats, and then the full video that spans the gooey globe of being accessed by basically three formats, but with different quality levels. They seem to give more options for the full scene, hoping you'll take advantage of that non stop intermission, which of course will do wonders for your self inflicted foreplay.

You will find on the video choice page that if you scroll down just a smidge, youll not only find a short synopsis of what that particular move is about, but there will be the screen caps included as well, which is nice, it gives a broken display of the dirty ways these guys are getting off, so follow the caps while your video is downloading and by the time its finished, youll be ready to start in with the same hardness as the males.

There are high resolution shots as well, but there is merely a portion of galleries in compared to the count of videos themselves. But, at least they're giving a bit of this and that throughout, that makes for niceness when putting a review together, it shows they are trying to add everything that a member might be wanting. The quality of all content was nice, they stayed close to the fence on going extravagant with anything, but its done well enough that you shouldn't have complaints.


The reputation of PornStar Network has stuck to their guns when constructing this site, they are keeping all aspects of quality at a nice rating. Not only is navigation simple, but the display is eye candy, and the content itself is going to be appreciated.

Content offered on Sperm Cocktail

The numbers are...well, they are good, with a much higher count to the video section than there is in the hi-resolution galleries, but, also, with each set are screen caps as well. With regular attention this will be a fetish site full of a fan base.

Reasons to Join Sperm Cocktail

A lot of things combine to make this a site worthy of some positive feedback, their overall layout, their kindness with multiple formats and qualities in a user friendly manner, and of course the very hardcore content itself, and the list could be added to from your own personal preferences.

Things that could be improved on Sperm Cocktail

The only area that I found to make a complaint about is their way of reporting when the updates were added, they don't give actual dates, it says, for example; 2 days ago, one week ago, one month ago, etc. which is fine and dandy, but from what day would that time table pertain to? In my opinion it tells us as much as adding nothing would.

Sperm Cocktail Bonus Sites & Pricing

This site could hold its own when it comes to the content count, the videos are high enough to manifest a smile, but when factoring in the many bonus sites from the network as well, that puts things over the top for sure, making your membership fee a worthy donation.

Sperm Cocktail Review Conclusion

Sperm Cocktail ended up being a hardcore, fetish site that held much more than just babes allowing those bubbling ball juices to trickle down their throats, it was the multiple men that one lady serviced for the semen and so much more that makes it a fine addition to the porn world. Tour promises held up and this network hasn't lost their touch.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Sperm Cocktail. Updated on September 15, 2020

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