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Shelby Bell

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Ive always heard it said that blondes are easier to find in the dark, but something tells me if you've got your hands on, Shelby Bell, you're not going to lay her down and forget where you put her! Shes adorable, with a smile that radiates, and a body that shines just as brightly. Being a part of the PornStar Network means quality and abundance through bonuses, along with video viewing choices. This babe is letting it all hang out.

"Beauty radiates from all areas, going right to your crotch!"




  • 29 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (2,032 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 4 Mins


  • 51 Picture Sets
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Shelby Bell Full Review


When granted access into this network of naughtiness, you're going to find the good taste of PornStar Network to keep the intended site as their main focus as well. Its all Shelby Bell to the forefront, even though maneuvering your way from A to Z of this conglomerate will be simple enough, so its a win/win situation from that standpoint. Another aspect to their winning hand, which will bring a royal flush for sure is the blonde cutie herself, she is so cute, and so arousing.

There's no doubt that even for her younger age, shes been in front of the camera for awhile, there is no lax in her movements that has her body speaking volumes. Even in the solo sets, you're going to be drawn in as deeply as you would be if it were a gang-bang scene, because she knows hot to capture your interest and keep it.

Now just as quick as you were to gain that pot of token chips from your winning hand, you'll be forfeiting quite a few of them there is a downfall, and it seems to be a large one. For some reason I seem to be running into quite a few sites lately where they've been lax in updating the content, but this site is down right stagnant.

They don't even offer actual dates per set information, they just let you know how many years ago it was added, and the origination of this site was 2004, this is now nearly 2010. Each and every installment, not just a few, but all of them, are anywhere from quoting 4 to 6 years since the content was added fresh, major cause for saying, What the��? So, do keep that in mind even though there are a large number of bonus sites and this is a well established network, it seems strange they would just forget parts this way.

Ok, now back to the beauty that is Shelby Bell. There's not one inch of her perfectly constructed frame that you couldn't or wouldn't find sexually appealing, even her nose is one of those that she was blessed to have been born with the properly sized sniffer, and from there, it just gets better. Her breasts are just right for resting in the palm of a strong, or a feminine hand, while her lower extremities seems to hold the sweet nectar that has both genders swarming around her like bees to honey. They do a nice job of showing her bisexual tendencies from the distributed footage, and its all very heated and full of passion. Whether another lovely girl is fingering and lapping at her, or maybe shes sharing a huge erection with a couple of her gal pals, either way, you're not going to be disappointed.

Many of the sets that are here show solo time between this lovely blonde and her special grown-up toys. They're long, many times thick, and there's no doubt she is an expert on the type of insertion and thrusting that will feel the best to her. She doesnt limit her horniness to just the bit of clutter and disarray of her apartment, she also enjoys being in the wilds of the outdoors, such as the front seat of her car, and when the urge strikes, shes ready to strike back. Rubbing vigorously while trying to find the most comfortable position is just part of the reality to this site, but believe me, when shes nestled in for nookie, it happens with lust!

Shes not shy as her exhibitionist displays will prove, flashing and masturbating for the world to see as they pass by is part of the turn on, and they've captured it nicely through their filming. The technical numbers show they are a bit meek when putting it all together, and yet at the same time the quality is nice enough you may not even think of asking for anything more. There will be the streaming and download as promised, with a handful of formats bringing the footage to you with grace, and quickness. Even the screen caps are done well enough that youthful want to linger on a few of those while your fingers bring some solo satisfaction as well.


The quality was nice from beginning to end with this site, sort of a laid back on a Sunday afternoon in the front porch swing sort of feeling. Nothing moving too quickly, just an enjoyable lull in the lust they provide.

Content offered on Shelby Bell

I should be immune to this part of the write up by now, because there seems to be a recurring issue everywhere I look, but it's still a tough job to report that the numbers are low from this site, extremely low, and given the fact they've had over 6 years to make a splash...well, that says something, doesn't it?

Reasons to Join Shelby Bell

The most outstanding areas of this site will have to fall upon the delicate shoulders of our subject matter. She's so naturally lovely, cute, adorable and spunky, that no matter what she does, it's sexy. From there, the cautious way they present the material is appreciated, not overdone, but well enough. A massive number of bonus sites is another pro here.

Things that could be improved on Shelby Bell

The major opening they've left for escape from this site has to be the lack of freshness. It's bad when some sites go over a month with no newness, but this site is actually showing that years are passing with no attention, as in, 4-6 years, and it seems to be growing.

Shelby Bell Bonus Sites & Pricing

You could look at this part of the write up a number of different ways, yes, there are many bonus sites affiliated with this network, a network in fact that holds a reputation for quantity and quality, so that is a definite plus. The price is also right with a great discount for our readers. A good package overall, but not as a stand alone site.

Shelby Bell Review Conclusion

There is no denying Shelby Bell is a beauty, with her natural wholesome way of that blonde haired/blue eyed look of sweet seduction, she will sweep you off of your feet. The quality of production, the hardcore niche, and the overall fun is all good. But looking past that to their act of ignoring updates, definitely throws shadows of darkness.

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