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Wives in Pantyhose

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What man or woman hasn't admired a lovely set of legs that are tightly clad in stockings, watching the way they disappear under the hemline and wanting to slide your hand seductively up the material to the inferno nestled within. Through Wives In Pantyhose, they're making sure you have the body-suits, the thigh highs, the fishnet, and all that goes with it, worn by legs that carry the lust.

"Legs have never looked so good!"

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Wives In Pantyhose is no longer available. All the content from Wives In Pantyhose can still be accessed with a Reality Kings membership. Click here to read our Reality Kings review.

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  • 144 Movie Clips
  • DVD Quality (540 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 30 Mins


  • 179 Picture Sets
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Wives in Pantyhose Full Review


I had a few notions the minute I opened the membership area of Wives In Pantyhose, so I actually went through everything this site has to offer before placing my fingers on the keyboard, and normally I write as I go, but not this time. I always like trying to start things off on a positive note, so thats what Im going to utilize this time for, pointing out the highlights of the hose covered content. There wont be any navigational issues, everything is upfront and directly to the naughtiness that will be held within this softcore display. If you're a man or woman that enjoys the look of ladies wearing those glistening sheaths of material on their gams, then you are going to enjoy the way they strut, strip and sway through the sets, giving the seductive look of tease before anything else happens.

And, by anything else, that includes reaching inside their nylons or ripping them away to make room for their fingers and toys to cause drops of dew to form on their lips, and Im not talking about the ones on their face. Yes, masturbation is a very strong point to this site. Hosiery is so sexy and its the animalistic traits within us that makes that rage of horniness take over, where you're just so out of your mind with desire, all you can think of is, tearing the crotch from these nylons and then rearing back to pound your chest and roar loudly! But, since its the ladies themselves that are doing the pulling and parting of those fine fibers, its a bit more delicate in its delivery, but hot just the same.

Now, unfortunately, its my job to deliver the not so good news about what Ive found. Quite frankly Im surprised, in knowing this is a part of the Reality Kings Network, I would have expected much more, but found myself not only disappointed at many things about this site, I actually fought off yawning more than once. I enjoy the sleekness of what pantyhose will do for a woman's physique, it just adds that extra touch of feminine charm that says shes all woman and proud to be, while also stating that she knows you're going to want her´┐Żand you do. But for some reason, I was totally lost in the content from this site, it was like on a loop of lust, giving the same sort of footage through each set, nothing too different, poorly shot and just presented without passion.

Allow me to start at the beginning. For a site that holds so little pizzazz in the way its projected to the world, there was a small smidge of confusion on bonus sites. I knew how many were promised through the tour area, but when clicking on the link, that's not what I found. Then, I realized that from the main page they show a site update schedule, and each of those sites are links, from there, you click to access, again having to add username and password. Now, it might be the blonde hair, but Im actually going to quote something written under their box of listed sites and schedule, it says; Two sites freshly updated EVERY day of the week! *These sites are updated every 2 weeks. **Site is not on a set update schedule. Ok, now, what that means it to look for the symbol to know if youre going to have fresh material or not, and if so, how often, that was the first red flag for me, regular activity is a big perk when youre shelling out monthly money for fresh porn.

From there, the layout as I said is just a real snooze. Dull colors, a generic look of just tossing something together in an hours time for the sake of having it online, and not thinking about how its going to look on the plate once they try to feed it to people. It truly is dismal. There are no descriptions, no dates of when the material went online, nothing but a picture, and two links, one for video and one for images, that's it, cut and dry. There are basically 3 formats to this site, and its from what Im assuming is the older content that you'll find MPEG offered. The same as for the size of parcels, in the newer additions they offer large clips and episodes, whereas going deeper into the page count will show just the one minute morsels, nothing larger than that. So, every 60 seconds or so, you'll be having to break your train of concentration to click again.

As I said, I really did expect more from the Reality Kings, so this was a surprise to me. The quality of videos, as you'll see by the technical numbers is definitely old school, with a lot of graininess and just disappointment in general. The thumbs are very small, and even the enlargements don't spark a lot of heat with just 640x426 pixels.


Unfortunately the quality held a lot to be desired from this site. The overall layout was extremely dismal, the videos didn't hold any technical numbers high enough to warrant a smile once the footage began playing, and, the images were presented in small thumbs and small enlargements.

Content offered on Wives in Pantyhose

I'm not sure what to say about the amount of content from this site, since I don't know when it originated and just how often updates are done, that information is not offered anywhere. Even though they pledge weekly updates, proof would be nice. 179 sets is a fair count, but how long did it take to get to that number?

Reasons to Join Wives in Pantyhose

The positive parts to this site were limited at best, but I will admit, the women were beautiful and they all had the legs and bodies made for strutting their stockings for your pleasure.

Things that could be improved on Wives in Pantyhose

Here is where I might need more character room to explain, yes, we have some issues with this site. A more than boring layout, no dates shown for activity, the content itself held a bit of a boring feeling through display, videos were of poor quality and images were small, even through enlargements.

Wives in Pantyhose Bonus Sites & Pricing

For the content here, unless you don't care how high the quality is and how often it's updated, then you'll see past those issues and zero in on the stockings and masturbation sessions these women offer, which will intrigue some. The amount of bonus sites does help spruce things to add a bit more worthiness, but personally, I would think a time or two.

Wives in Pantyhose Review Conclusion

Wives In Pantyhose is a great concept, just the thought of hot, mature women with those shapely legs, clad in the tightness of nylon, in all material and color, being ripped for the entry of masturbation, yes, that part works. But also from this softcore site comes many negatives that need to be considered.

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October 27, 2017

Nothing has changed in Wives In Pantyhose since 2005. This is a shame as it has 178 movies with real wives showing off their sexy curves in pantyhose, and high heels. The movies can be downloaded or streamed, and they last for approximately 30 mins each. The good thing about this site is that it belongs to the Reality Kings network. When you sign on, you will automatically get access to all of its other 45 sites, which is more than worth it.

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