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This Girl Sucks

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With a hunger for the hardness these lovely ladies are putting the spoon and fork back in the drawer and utilizing the good ol finger food approach to the eating theyre doing on, This Girl Sucks! The smile is still in their eyes even though their mouths are busy with the meat as this tour area will display in bright colors, and crisp, large images of girls making spectacles of the testicles waiting to blow their load.

"Beautiful blowing babes!"

Latest Review Update

This Girl Sucks has added 9 movies in the least 7 months, and they currently have 310 sexy models starring in 267 movies, with the newer ones in Full HD. The updating can be a bit inconsistent, but when you have full access to 29 sites from the Team Skeet network as a bonus, you just can't go wrong.

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  • 267 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (2,039 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 20 Mins


  • 267 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

This Girl Sucks Full Review


The weather forecast in my area is calling for rain all day, but when you open the main membership page to This Girl Sucks, its sunny and bright, not a cloud in the sky, but there will be precipitation in the form of sexual wetness! Im having to pretty much base a few assumptions on what I read from the tour area, which includes all material from this network being new and original, so that tells me its newer, and not to expect high numbers, which there aren't. One place they could have taken an extra step was to offer their dates of activities for all sets, but they don't, so I cant say when it started and if they do offer the promised weekly updates, but I can say they've done a beautiful job with the layout and lust.

Most of the females offered look to be around that ripe age of 20 or so, but I also notice a couple that might have passed that legal drinking age and then some. They all have those award winning grins that make them so cute before they become so diva like with their dick diving. Plenty of nudity, and masturbation will join forces with the fellatio from this site, so its not just strictly blow and go. A lot of attention is paid to the camera in some shots, which takes away from a bit of the natural presentation, and yet at the same time it worked because they did it in a way to show a POV sort of display, which is always a good thing.

I didn't notice a lot of going all the way to the root of the rod from the oral sex of This Girl Sucks, but mid-way with a lot of jaw suction showing made for some exciting footage. I especially enjoyed the way the men would at times grab the sides of their pretty heads, guiding them towards their gonads, and giving that spin of realism and just a tint of passion that makes you want to go weak in the knees. They keep it sexy without being overly dirty, which is an odd description, but true none the less.

They offer choices for how you want to see the clips, such as snippets or full length, multiple formats, and stream or download, so they're covering their ball filled bases from that aspect nicely. And, just so you know, there are some very nice technical numbers, telling you that the clarity here will make you a fan. From there, and combined on the individual set pages you'll find what they have in the arena of images, which include high resolution, caps, a slideshow and ZIP option. I can honestly say if this is a newer site, or newer network in general, and that's the reason for the low count of content, then its definitely going to be worth the wait for those weekly updates because they've got every other aspect going for them through perfection.

Membership does include access to all the Team Skeet sites. It's a massive 18+ teen network of over 40 sites that offers thousands of exclusive videos to their members. 


They kept everything in check when it came to making quality a priority for this site. Bright colors, pretty smiles, easy navigation and technical numbers that will speak volumes on how well the videos will be playing through your monitor. The images were just as well done from this all around nice site.

Content offered on This Girl Sucks

I wish I could boast and brag about high numbers coming from this site, but unfortunately that's not the case, and without any offered indication of when activity is applied, there's no way to convey this to you.

Reasons to Join This Girl Sucks

There were enough good qualities about this site to make a list, such as easy navigation, lovely young women, an always appreciative niche for content, a very nice layout in design, some POV footage, bonus sites, reduced membership price, HD exclusive content and technical numbers of an above average show of niceness.

Things that could be improved on This Girl Sucks

This site could do with a bit more content. I would surely give them their kudos and an explanation to readers, but since they don't really offer dates as to when activity takes place, or when the origination of this site actually was, it leaves me making a complaint of this fact.

This Girl Sucks Bonus Sites & Pricing

The only balance I could find in making the membership fee match the amount of content was by factoring in the 29 bonus sites that accompany it, which will give you well over 3,638 great scenes, many of which feature great cock sucking action. All content is exclusive and through us you can get monthly membership at a nicely discounted monthly price.

This Girl Sucks Review Conclusion

Everyone loves a good oral site, and This Girl Sucks could be a favorite for many, it's done with a classiness and some POV that will be appreciated. They kept quality in the forefront, but forgot to add the dates of when new material is actually added, so the low numbers leaves us in the dark as to freshness.

More Review Updates

August 18, 2019

This Girl Sucks has added 19 videos and high-resolution photo galleries since my last visit, and they now have 258 movies with the newer ones in Full HD. They have 301 hot models, but the updating is a bit inconsistent. Membership includes the added bonus of free access to 29 more sites from the Team Skeet network, and just two of these sites include POV Life and Innocent more bonus content.

July 22, 2018

This Girl Sucks has slowed down its updating to around once or twice a month, and they added 14 new scenes in Full HD and high-resolution photo galleries since I last visited. The number of movies is going up slowly, and membership will include access to 20 sites that help make up the Team Skeet network, at no extra cost.

November 29, 2017

This Girl Sucks is going to blow your mind as well as your dick. There are 239 hot scenes to download and stream in various different formats that include a format for most mobile devices. The site will give you a boner even before seeing the scenes, and it is so easy to navigate. They are updating 3 or 4 times a month, and have added a further 121 scenes since its last review. Included in your membership is the added bonus of full access to the Team Skeet network that has 20 sites. This network has over 2,900 more scenes to indulge yourself in, and some of these sites have tantalising names such as 18 YearS Old, Teens Love Money and Teens Do Porn.

October 13, 2014

I think it is fair to say that since we last saw This Girl Sucks, the site has managed to add a few new scenes, but their update schedule has been a bit hit and miss. There have been 11 scenes added in the last year or so, which suggests an update rate of one per month, but it has not been that regular; some months have had two or three, some have had none. However, the site still maintains its high quality standards and it still comes with access to the Team Skeet collection of hot, young adult sites, which is one of the best porn networks available.

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