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Innocent High

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Added on May 10, 2012 by Missy

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There are some things that just cant be taught during normal school hours, but when that bell rings and the boners spring free, there's going to be a cheerleader, an assistant, or a student wanting a good grade that will be ready for the extra curricular activity! Innocent High is anything but innocent, but its the naughtiness we want, and they promise their pictures and videos will be nice quality and bonus sites are included.

"School daze....the golden goo daze..."

Latest Review Update

February 4, 2020

This not so innocent high school site currently has 569 naughty schoolgirls starring in 468 Full HD movies and high-resolution photo galleries. The updating can be a bit inconsistent, but membership includes full access to all 29 sites within the team Skeet network, at no additional cost.

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Innocent High Full Review

ReviewerWhen the folks from this school talk about making the grade, its not in geometry or home economics, its more along the lines of how well they can perform oral sex and who has the best spreading thighs in class! They have a grading scale all their own and the sole purpose of Innocent High is to show you the ones that are sure to make the honor roll next semester! They were updating on a regular basis, but now it seems pretty inconsistent.

With their multiple choices of viewing pleasure for the video section, you're going to enjoy the wide-eyed look of these babes while they're busting the ball juice up the shafts of their elders, wanting to please them in whatever manner it takes. You're going to get blessed with all of the necessities that constitutes a hardcore site, which includes tongues probing those teen vaginal lips open, in search of that budding button that will have them wiggling where they lay, not to mention the hardened nipples and stiffening tongues where they are ready to roam across the domed head of the dicks that await them. From there, its penetration in most any position, as long as it gets the juicy job done, then its an accepted form of pleasure.

There is definitely seduction in the air at Innocent High, and its something you wont want to escape from. They slip into the locker room, and bend them over the desk, there's no area taboo but it will make you want to attend each and every class on your schedule. They do a nice job of keeping the scenarios matching the look of the involved players, such as the school-girls themselves, with the pony tails, bright eyes and smaller sized breasts, you can really allow your imagination to take you into the world where getting that A on their report card is surely worth opening their legs to take the grading curve like a woman!

They do a nice job at offering technical numbers high enough to constitute rounding this site out with goodness from beginning to end. Whether you're streaming or downloading, you'll appreciate their efforts, and if you had another free hand, you'd even pat them on the back. A site such as this makes you wonder just how wild things get for teens these days, peer pressure is one thing, but trying to decide which teacher to give your virginity to must really be a lot to ponder! But, since they don't have to stay up all night hitting the books, they've got time to decide who they'll blow after the bell rings the next day.

From each set page available they keep all content boxed in beautifully, no muss or fuss, just taking you by the hand and leading you through the land of higher education. This includes the images held per set, and even from this criteria, they don't cut any corners offering the site displayed hi-res shots, a slide show, screen caps and ZIP file.


This was just a fun site, from the beginning of class until after the school lights went out for the day! They kept a clean display of content with multiple choices of viewing for videos, nice image galleries and updates, keeping quality high all the way around.


After an initial review a few years back, a re-visit to this site has seen it grow dramatically. They have over 467 hours of video and 468 photo sets for you to enjoy. The older stuff tends to be a little lower in quality, but the newer videos are high definition, and there is more than enough to keep you occupied for a long time.


There were a lot of areas that would bring applause from me in the line of pluses from this site, starting with the choices of the webmaster in putting it together and ending with the many choices and nice quality offered. Less we not forget the girls themselves, they were vying for high marks, and their sexuality will do it for them!


Trying to come up with a true, major complaint about this site is a hard task, its simplicity spoke volumes, they didn't go overboard with anything, but what was there was nicely done and neatly organized. After a review in 2012, the amount of content has grown considerably.

Pricing & Bonus

Even though the self supporting numbers at this time aren't the highest for offering, they're good, but slightly inconsistent. Mixing with that thought the bonuses, plus the discounted membership price we can offer our readers and yes, this site is worthy of membership.


Innocent High is showing the world just how non innocent school life can be, and it's not the boyfriends they bring home, it's the teachers and principals that fill their days! They're going to make the grade and do so in a manner that will please members. Tour promises held true, just an all around nice site with class and dirtiness.

More Review Updates

August 6, 2019

This hot teen site has added 12 more vids and high-resolution photo sets since its last review. Ok, the updates are infrequent, but they do have 564 18-23 models starring in 465 Full HD videos and photo galleries. Plus, members get free access to 19 more great sites from inside the Team Skeet network.

August 14, 2018

With a new design, Innocent High is better than ever. They still update, although its a bit infrequent, and they have added 9 new movies in HD, and in photo galleries. They have a huge library of teen porn, and membership includes access to the Team Skeet network, where they have 20 sites to enjoy at no extra cost.

November 28, 2017

Innocent high is a big site full of students and teachers having fun. In fact, it is so good, that it won the best teen site of the year in 2016. At this moment in time, they have 444 hardcore all-exclusive scenes to enjoy, and these are all in HD. They update once a month, and every scene comes with a high-resolution photo gallery. As a member of this site, you will also get instant access to all the 24 sites that make up the TeemSkeet network, where they have over 2,700 extra scenes and counting.

October 9, 2014

Checking back on whats going on in the classroom of sin, I find that Innocent High has added 17 new scenes since out last visit, which was about one year ago. That is not exactly weekly attendance from our naughty nymphs, so they must have been playing hooky for a few of those weeks, but it does bring the content count up to 388 movies. They are all school fantasy themed, with cute 18 + teen girls and some absolutely huge dicks for the girls to deal with, so all the content remains on target and as promise on the tour. The site remains in the Team Skeet Network so value is still assured.

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