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Struggling Babes

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You are looking at a site with Struggling Babes, a BDSM fetish site where hot girls are tied, bound and masturbated against their will. The girls are hot and at the mercy of guys, the scenes are well made though short, there's a good number of them, updates are happening and there are HD downloads now, with Mp4 files, mobile suitable ones too and galleries. Membership includes network access for over 400 BDSM movies.

"Nothing but bondage and gagging in exclusive fetish movies"




  • 284 Full Movie
  • Full HD 1080p (6,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 6 Mins


  • 284 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Zip Files

Struggling Babes Full Review


The theme here is pretty obvious: good looking babes in their 20s are tied up and gagged and left at the mercy of the guys who do the binding and dominating. There's little sex, it's more of a pure BDSM site, but there are some scenes where magic wands and other toys are used on the girls who are helpless and bound. I found a couple of hardcore scenes, where things go all the way and where guys take advantage of their hogtied girls and here the scene were longer. They take place in some hard and industrial settings, old factories for example, and they look good. These are just the kind of pure fetish scenes that you've been looking for and the site doesn't mess around with set-ups and build-ups, but gets straight to the hot heart of the matter.

When you sign in you come to the network home page and there you see all recent updates. There's a drop-down list at the top of the pages to help you find your site and, clicking to Struggling Babes, I found 248 scenes. I did some checking back and discovered, through an older review, that back in 2012 there were 262 scenes. However, the update dates showed me that scenes had been added recently, far more than the 22 difference, so I wondered if perhaps the site was recycling content or had 'started again' and had a revamp. But, as long as the update continue to come in, we're not so worried.

Older movies come with 720p streams and downloads in Mp4, in fact, all the files now are Mp4 (previously they had been in WMV), so now they are compatible with phones and most devices. In the more recent scenes you have 1,920 x 1,080 HD, again in Mp4 and smaller ones at 540p to use on phones so it does look like they've had a re-do and brought things up to date, in terms of file types and downloading. The scenes ran for around six minutes each, unless it was one of the hardcore ones with full on bound-babe-fucking, in these cases they were more like 10 minutes in length. The quality is fine, though perhaps a bit dull on the older movies.

The scenes have galleries as well, with various numbers of pics, 50 being a rough average, and these are found on the same viewing page as the movie. Again, a few years ago there were no photos, so some of these may be screen caps, added to fill out the content. They are decent sizes and you can now run slideshows and also take zip files, so there's some extra collecting to be done there.

Heading over to your bonuses, you find four other BDSM sites to check out giving you over 420 movies to view and save. Ball Gagger, Hogtied Up, Machine Dom are all girl bondage and abuse sites and then the girls get their own back on the guys with Bound Men Wanked, where the guys are edged and slowly milked. Again, the same viewing options and the same gallery functions are there and the quality is fine. Members can also get slightly interactive by giving rates and adding things to a favourites area. I had no technical hassles with the site and it ran smoothly enough and was easy to navigate. As a slight bonus, you have a few other, non-exclusive BDSM videos to see, and these are included in the network full content count.


Older movies are now shown in 720p resolution and it looks like they've been transferred from WMV to Mp4, but the quality is still okay. Modern movies have 1080p HD and also look good. Images are a decent size and the sound and lighting is fine on all movies and pics. The site is interactive to a degree, and easy enough to use.

Content offered on Struggling Babes

Struggling Babes had 284 scenes, exclusives, though I am not sure if new ones are being updated or if older ones are being recycled in newer formats. Still, they are all bondage and feature good looking sub girls. There were galleries with around 50 pics each. Movies run for six to 10 minutes.

Reasons to Join Struggling Babes

You have four other sites included in your membership giving you five BDSM and fetish sites in one sign-up and that means good value. Updates are happening in the network, and the content is exclusive. The sites are easy to use and linked and there are no technical issues.

Things that could be improved on Struggling Babes

I wasn't sure about updates as the site had only a few less videos four years ago, though modern update dates are showing. Older videos only have one viewing option and there is only Mp4 in use.

Struggling Babes Bonus Sites & Pricing

You have a two-day trial access here but it recurs at a higher rate than the decently priced monthly membership. To save money, go for a longer-term deal, though the six month one will cost you about the same as the annual one, both paid in one payment. There are four bonus sites and some bonus videos leading to over 420 movies in total.

Struggling Babes Review Conclusion

I didn't have to struggle with Struggling Babes; for hogtied and BDSM movies, some with sex, it did the trick. The scenes are shot but exclusive and to the point and it's a good site and network for all BDSM fetish fans. Jeep an eye out for updates, enjoy the bonuses and you will get good value for money on a longer-term sign-up.

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4 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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