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Machine Dom

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Girls tied and bound and force-fed machines in their pussies is what this site is all about. It's 100% BDSM here with exclusive content, streams, downloads, HD videos and four bonus sites included, and it comes from the Submissed network, a new and exciting BDSM collection of sites and content that also houses a few bonuses. Don't expect a quiet time here with hot machine hardcore videos & great looking girls at the mercy of nasty men.

"Girls are at the mercy of men and machines in exclusive HD"




  • 24 Full Movie
  • Full HD 1080p (10,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 8 Mins


  • 24 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Zip Files

Machine Dom Full Review


When you read about 'fucking machines' you're not reading about a guy kicking his car because it won't go, and swearing; nor are you talking about someone fed up with their PC because it's stuck and won't do as its told. You are talking about manmade machines with dildos on the end of a pole that drill and masturbate helpless ladies who are tied and bound. That's the thrust of this mechanical sex site where there's a growing number of exclusive videos, all on the theme of men dominating women, BDSM and forced-fucking with some inventive mechanics.

Although there are only 24 scenes here so far (the network only dates from this year) there are updates coming in and recently they have shown you a new scene each week, sometimes there are more than one a week, and though the schedule is not always regular, it is there and there is plenty else to look forward to. The bonuses give you value for money, but more about them later.

Some of these machines are little more than magic wand vibrators that the guys hold, others are dildos on thrusting poles, mechanically driven, there are strapped down vibrators and in all cases the girls are tied and often gagged. They are at the mercy of the guys and the penetration is both anal and pussy. There wasn't any oral that I saw but then, when a babe is strapped up by the boobs with a ball gag in her mouth, it's hard to get a machine in there as well. You've got good looking models, hardcore BDSM and what you find inside is what you are shown on the tour pages; so that's all well and good.

The quality of these exclusives is good as well. You can stream videos and download them in Mp4, and the top resolution is at 1080p. You have two smaller ones, 720p and 540p, and although these files are sometimes big, they should be fine on mobile devices. The scenes are not long, around eight minutes on average, but they do the trick. The filming is good quality as well, simple and natural and there's a real sense of experts doing what they do best, and models who get off on a bit of pain and pleasure combined.

Movies come with sets of images where there are various numbers per set; around 40 to 100 + and these are at good sizes. They start off 370 x 1,373 but when downloaded at full size are 4,000 x 6,000 in size. The quality again is good and you can run slideshows online or take whole sets in zip files as well as being abet to browse them one at a time. All content for each scene is contained on one page making it easy to check it all out and there are handy links to let you find more scenes with the same girls or of the same nature.

Members are also able to rate scenes and all them to a favourites area. You can check out the network model index with 85 girls and then go and see the complete set of 428 videos. 417 of these are exclusive to Submissed, the network that the content comes from, and there's a drop-down list in the members' area so you can easily click over to: Ball Gagger, Hogtied Up and Struggling Babes. These three are all men dominating helpless women sites and pure BDSM, with a little hardcore from time to time. There's also Bound Men Wanked where the girls get revenge by teasing and milking, edging and masturbating helpless guys. Updates come into the network every few days making an on-going membership well worth considering.


Movies are shot in HD and shown with three resolutions from 1080p down, so visually they are good. The images are also large and clear and the filming is natural and good quality. The site is easy to use and works just fine so there are no design quality worries. The guys behind all this know what they are doing so the BDSM is also good quality.

Content offered on Machine Dom

There were 24 machine specific scenes at this one site and updates are coming in at the rate of once per week, roughly. Movies are around eight minutes in length and come with around 80 pics per gallery, though runtimes and numbers vary. It's all exclusive and all on the machines-fuck-babes theme.

Reasons to Join Machine Dom

Access includes four bonus sites from the same network where you have more BDSM and hardcore action, more hot babes and loads more content and updates. The quality is good, the files are phone compatible, though no lower that 540p and the sites are updating. It's good value for money.

Things that could be improved on Machine Dom

You only have Mp4 files to take, which may be an issue. There's not a lot of info about the girls and the scenes, more of that would be good to see. I didn't find a comments area. Watch out for the trial membership as that recurs at a higher rate than the monthly one.

Machine Dom Bonus Sites & Pricing

You have good sign-up deals here with on-going memberships offering you big discounts; the annual one works out at �9.95 per month (my prices were in Euros). The trial recurs at nearly �40.00 per month, but the other offers offer good value. There are 11 non-exclusive bonus scenes. You have three bonus exclusive sites included.

Machine Dom Review Conclusion

Machine Dom is the place to come to find hot girls dominated by guys and their machines; dildos, vibrators, forces sex and orgasms, BDSM, it's all combined in this small but growing site that comes with access to everything offered by Submissed: fives sites at a good price, updates, exclusive and all HD. Crank it up and come on in for hard BDSM.

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4 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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