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Screw My Wife Club

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Would you let someone else, a porn star say, screw your wife while you watched? These guys did when they agreed to let their wives have a good hardcore hump session with a hung honcho, probably paid to appear in the movie. This is an unusual site and also an old one. Screw My Wife Club no longer updates but it has a few movies that will be of interest and then a heap of bonuses that make up the value.

"Consenting cuckolding couples appear in exclusive movies"




  • 24 Movie Clips
  • DVD Quality (1,900 Kbps)
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 20 Mins


  • 24 Picture Sets
  • Screen Captures

Screw My Wife Club Full Review


I guess it is some kind of fetish, watching another guy screw your wife. The videos here all have the same format and take the same route. There's this guy who introduces them and interviews the couple, he sets the scene and then he actually talks to the volunteer cuckold husband as the fucking is going on. It's like a kind of reality TV show in that respect. The couples all seem respectable, married and genuine, and there is a nice mix of ages, with Milfs a plenty and some younger girls too. Movies take place in a rather plush sitting room and are decently made.

There were 48 scene when I was checking the site and that's the same number as there were a couple of years ago. The site no longer updates, so you get the impression that this was someones good idea at one time but it ran out of steam, or funding. But whats here is fine. Well, it's simple. There are clips only, no full scenes, and you only have one download option, a DVD quality WMV file. That's your lot. Download the file and run it and you get decent visuals and sound and, when clips are played one after the other, around 20 minutes of chat, enter the porn star, porn star enters the wife and away we fuck until cum shot. It's standard hardcore with this added twist of having the real life hubbie watching and commentating.

There were 24 galleries on the site too though these were screen caps at 640 x 480, the same size as the videos. Some were action-blurred, others were fine and there were around 150 per set. They are easy to browse one by one and there is a basic slideshow function you can use, but no zip file downloads.

Actually there is a lot of 'but no' on this site: but no model index and no information about the couples other than what you might pick up during the interviews at the start. There are no interactive options either and you can rate or comment or add things to a favourites area. The design is very basic and though this means you won't get lost or anything, it's also rather bare and simple. You can though head to the bonuses.

For me this is where your value lies. When you sign in you find the home page shows the DVD theatre bonus content, and there's a lot of it, over 2,000 DVD titles actually. Obviously this is non-exclusive content as are the many feed site plugins you have to access on the Bonus page. There you also find the rest of the sites form the Porn Nerd Network, the one you have just joined, and his holds 36 sites. There is also access to the Aggressive Network with over 40 niche sites. So, if the consenting cuckold couples don't do it for you, then the chances are there is going to be something in the bonus section that will.


The movies here play out at a basic DVD standard, 640 x 480 in size and are fine to view, and reasonable at full screen. You only get the one quality choice and the images are only screen caps. The movies are well made and the interviews are good. The site has a simple design that works and though it's basic there were no technical issues.

Content offered on Screw My Wife Club

There have been no updates here for at least two years, if not longer. There were 48 videos shown in short clips, no full length scenes files, and these were download only in WMV. Each full scene (when clipped together) is around 230 minutes. There were 24 screen cap galleries with around 150 pics each.

Reasons to Join Screw My Wife Club

This is a pretty unusual site because of its content and it looks like a really good idea, at the time. So, unique content that you should only find here on this site. And then you have access to hundreds of non-exclusive DVDs and feed sites, and more sites form this network and one other. So, good bonuses.

Things that could be improved on Screw My Wife Club

There have been no updates for a long time and there is no news on this, and no information on the site either. No interactive options, and it is a small site, with mid-range quality viewing only. There is a lack of viewing choices, and watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on sign up.

Screw My Wife Club Bonus Sites & Pricing

If you were only accessing this site then the price at $29.95 would be too high and a recurring membership would be worthless because there are no updates. But, there are hundreds of bonus DVDs and sites to view and so, if you're up for general porn you do well. Watch out for a cross sale on sign up.

Screw My Wife Club Review Conclusion

The Screw My Wife Club is no longer adding movies, so the club is closed, but the 48 videos here are on a pretty unique theme; consenting cuckolding couples. The quality is mid-range, downloads are limited to one WMV per clip and it's clips only, the galleries are screen caps and there's no interactivity. But lots of bonuses do ensure you're not screwed.

Members Area Screen Shots

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36 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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