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All Over 30

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Added on September 03, 2014 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

With over 5,200 movies and over 13,000 galleries All Over 30 surely has to be the largest Milf site around. It's certainly the largest one I have seen in a very long time and it keeps on getting bigger and bigger with updates more or less every day. There is a vast collection of movies, mostly exclusive I am told, and galleries with all kinds of action going on, and there are bonuses, a forum for members, and everything for Milf fans

"Surely the biggest Milf Megasite around? Check it out."

Latest Review Update

October 1, 2018

All over 30 is an award-winning site that continue to update 6 times a week. It added 203 movies in Full HD, and a few in 4K since I my last visit, and still going strong. It has a huge library, and the new design is fantastic and has been made for easy. It also has thousands of high-resolution photo galleries. navigation. This is a single site with no bonuses, but with all this going on, their will be no time for anything else.

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5297 Full Movie

Average length of 15 Mins
2000Kbps MPEG
640 x 360
4000Kbps WMV
1280 x 720
1000Kbps FLV
1280 x 720
4000Kbps MP4

13258 Picture Sets

150 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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All Over 30 Full Review

ReviewerThe look of the site is kind of nicely old fashioned and at first you think it's going to be basic. But actually there is a lot going on here with all kinds if neat viewing options and downloads, info and places to explore. The home page will show you what is coming soon and whats new, and everything comes with dates, so it was easy to see that there is something new every other day, if not more frequently. The site is already huge and it simply gets bigger and bigger.

The home page also gives you some categories to check out and this sums up the range of hardcore and solo content at All Over 30: Mature housewives, Nudism and Outdoors, Lacy Ladies, Ladies in action, Furry housewives, Ladies on ladies and Ladies with toys are just some of the 12 main categories you can head straight to. You can also head to the Updates area and see whats new, or to the model index, movies and/or photos area. There are lots of ways to view this content, but I went straight to the "100% exclusive movies in four formats", as the advert said.

Here, in the movies section, there were more categories; hardcore and solo hardcore, interviews and solo softcore. You sure do get a lot of choices here. Each section has its own number of movies, far too many for me to count accurately, but certainly over 5,297 scenes. The hardcore section, for example, held 688, all set out on index pages with sample images and some details. I looked at some of the more recent ones and found full length scenes and clips, WMV downloads and MP4, mobile versions, standard resolution and HD. The quality of filming is fine, there is good sound and good light, there are chats and lead-ins, starts and endings to scenes, so they are not just clips, and all kinds of varied action. And, most importantly, all with hot older women from 30 upwards.

Heading to Mature Photos I found thousands of galleries, though I have to admit that is kind of a guess based on the average amount of galleries per area, as there were the same 12 categories to select from. Lacey Ladies (sic) intrigued me so I took a look and found galleries of older ladies in lingerie. All nicely posed, all in galleries with around 150 pics on average, though numbers do vary, this section was typical of the others. You find index pages with some details, including upload dates, and then thumbnail pages where you can open pics one at a time and browse with good navigation tools, and there are also slideshows and a choice of image sizes for the various zip downloads. Viewing the content here is very easy and although the site at first looks basic, it's got all these neat navigation tools to help you around.

And you can also rate the content that you see and read the info. You can get really involved if you like, by going to the forums and joining the discussions. And if you want to get to know the ladies better you have the interviews and also the model index. Here I found thousands of ladies to browse through and search alphabetically. They are shown with face pics and their age and then, on their own pages, there are more details and links to their content. These ladies are the icing on the cake of what is a huge and varied Milf and older lady site, and they are going to knock your socks off!


The site has been around since 2006 so older content may not have the same amount of viewing options, nor the same HD versions as more recently added videos and galleries. But generally this is good quality, studio standard hardcore and softcore and you should have no worries about quality at all.


There are updates just about every day so numbers are hard to pin down, but suffice to say the site is huge! There were at least 5,297 + videos of around 15 minutes with various viewing options and in 12 categories, and over 13,000 galleries with around 150 pics each, and a host of ladies in the model index. Loads of content and all on the Milf theme.


The sheer size of the site is one big draw and then you get knocked sideways as the majority of the content is exclusive, making this one of the biggest and best Milf sites around. There are good viewing options, good interactivity with the forum and a very good update schedule with a good calendar of whats coming soon. The site is also very honest.


The pages can look a bit old fashioned in design and fool you into thinking the site is amateur, but it is not. You need to spend a while figuring out how to navigate and then you will be ok. Older movies may not have the same viewing options and older content may not be such high quality.

Pricing & Bonus

The monthly price here is a standard adult site monthly signup fee, and yet we get more than an average site, with a huge on-niche collection. The sign up companies are good and safe and you should have no trouble there. Go for the longer term option for even better value. PayPal is now an option to join this site, which is a great billing option addition.


At first, All Over 30 looks a bit old fashioned and clumsy in design but actually there is a lot going on and lots that is modern and very user-friendly. The greatest thing about it is the size of the content count and the frequent updates, then the fact that it stays on niche, then the viewing options, the quality and then the interactivity.

More Review Updates

August 1, 2017

Since we last reviewed All Over 30 the site has grown to massive proportions. Updates have come in on a more than regular basis, and continue to. The quality of the content has improved, with the new scenes being available in 1080p HD. It remains an awesome site for those looking for great MILF porn.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of All Over 30. Updated on October 01, 2018