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Ruth Blackwell

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The pornographic professor Ruth Blackwell is so happy with her lust filled life that she wants to make sure other women find out the hidden pleasures to interracial sex, so she incorporates them into the erotica while the camera films it all. She has ways of convincing them and its promised to broadcast in nice quality with choices and bonuses as an addition. Sex education 101 begins and ends right here!

"Teaching a lifestyle of lust!"

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Ruth Blackwell is a lover of black cocks, and she and her friends go wild for them all the time. She has 119 exclusive vids, and these are mainly in full HD. These can all be downloaded or streamed in MP4 and WMV, and she also has 119 high-resolution photo galleries that are downloadable in zip files. Sadly, this site doesnt update anymore, but, membership to his site includes full access to the entire Dogfart network. The network has 22 interracial sites, and these will include Barb Cummings, Candy Monroe and Katie Thomas, who all love big juicy cocks banging them hard and fast.

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  • 119 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • DVD Quality (3,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 32 Mins


  • 119 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Ruth Blackwell Full Review


There are so many things to greet the eye when the main membership doors open, it makes a reviewer want to ramble a bit before getting down to the basics, and yes, that does stem from the excitement portion of the sexual show. First of all, I have to say, the Dog Network, is quickly climbing the scale to be in my top favorites, they've not failed in bringing all of the things a person likes to see their money going for when it comes to hardcore porn. Starting with the fact that there is ease in the navigation, no separate sets to click on taking you to new pages, its all listed immediately, the advertising shot, the episodes, larger clips and full scenes, all right there for the taking, and then onto the next. Over 19 pages worth at this time of set after set, and those numbers keep growing nicely.

This site just celebrated its second year in existence not too long ago, and I tip my hat to them for the fact they've kept the updates done on a weekly basis throughout, it seems that its sometimes easier to forget than to forge ahead, but these folks are forging and fucking their way to a nice, rounded site of hardcore sexuality. Luckily our subject matter is not only easy on the eyes but hard on the crotch! She looks like the woman next door, not flashy and fancy, just down home goodness, with a clear complexion, short blonde locks, big brown nipples, and oh, did I mention she's pregnant? Yes, that's a bit of fetish to add to the list of lustre they're combining niches with to this site.

She says as to who the father is, that's unknown, but one thing is for certain, he's Black, because that's the only men she enjoys sharing the sex with, the ebony skinned males with the long, thick cocks, which brings us full circle to the main premise of the porn, her love for interracial enjoyment has consumed her to the point that she wants to make others aware of how good it is. She invites equally hot friends over to show them the ropes on why they should convert to the cocks that can really make them feel like a woman. Sometimes her friends aren't easily convinced, but in the end, they do see things her way.

She gets her fair share of the shaft as well, its not all tutoring of the testicles and assisting the arousal of her gal pals while they experience the fineness of a Black man for the first time, no, she's going to make sure they assume a position that her growing belly can adapt to so she's still being plunged and penetrated. The action is more than hot to watch, and Ruth Blackwell has definitely found a place to call home within this network because they back her up with the quality that truly makes her shine as a sex instructor and hardcore participator. You're going to have nothing but niceness while viewing all of their kinky sexual acts, which will include glory holes, which is one of my favorites, there is just something about that taboo way of having sex with a stranger, no face, no nothing but an erection and a wall.

As I mentioned above, they offer different sizes to the instalments, so your time will always be accommodated, and from there, the quality itself is good. Its not HD, but, they keep the numbers high enough that viewing is a pleasure, I didn't even find a lot of issues with buffering when it came to the streaming footage. Download times were more than reasonable for the small episodes and the larger clips, the full scenes did take a few minutes, but that's understandable since you're spanning a time such as, nearly 2 minutes into a bit over 30 minutes, as I said, it is there for you, however you can view it. They do keep the formats limited, Im finding just the stream of, Flash and the download of, WMV, but, this is one of those sites where you just want to say, If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

My appreciation of the video footage carried over into the galleries, of which you can opt for high resolution or screen caps since they offer both. The posed shots are exquisite, again, another pat on the back for this network on making sure members are getting what they pay for. The enlargements expand to full screen sizing with a pixel size of, 1067x1600, and they are more than clear, well toned in the hues of dark and light, not to mention the warmth of the shades from the backdrops, it all just balances out for true beauty. They do offer a ZIP option as well.


This is one of those sites where I have to say they didn't go wild with fanciness to make the quality sweep you off of your feet, but at the same time, it was so very well done, I appreciated everything they did to keep it in line with what members will keep coming back for.

Content offered on Ruth Blackwell

The numbers are good, and an extra pat on their back for keeping freshness alive in the updates. This site is a bit over 2 years old and they have been prompt with the weekly instalments since it began, which instils hope in not only the site but the network as well.

Reasons to Join Ruth Blackwell

There seemed to be one feature after another that had me clinging to favorites from this site. Starting with an easy navigation, a fresh, pretty focal point, fetishes added along the way through the footage, with a basic premise that was hot to start with. Yes, a lot of good here!

Things that could be improved on Ruth Blackwell

Anyone familiar with my reviews know that I'm honest, and I don't hold back in my write-ups, if there's something I don't like, something that makes me feel members aren't getting their money's worth, I let you know. That's not the case from this site. It was all around good, kudos for a pleasant journey from beginning to end!

Ruth Blackwell Bonus Sites & Pricing

I can't find anything lingering from my time spent here that would make me want to say you should think about membership to this site. The network I'm familiar with, it's becoming a true favorite of mine, and the footage they offer here is hot, hardcore, and the bonuses included make it worthy.

Ruth Blackwell Review Conclusion

Ruth Blackwell is a woman that has been in touch with her sexuality for a long time, she knows what she likes and wants, which is interracial encounters and now she's giving back by turning other ivory skinned women onto the pleasure. The content is hardcore, kinky, with multiple fetishes playing out and over all very well done.

More Review Updates

April 21, 2016

Ruth Blackwell remains part of the Dogfart network and a membership here still comes with network access; 23 sites included. The numbers are a bit odd here and I found slightly fewer movies than we had recorded in our last visit, but yet updates were shown as coming in once, or twice, per month, of late. So, you've got at least 114, maybe more now, and these are exclusive interracial movies in a great interracial network. There are galleries, HD 1080p viewing and downloads, and a load of extra networked videos too.

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