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Public Pickups

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Public Pickups is just one of the many sites on the Mofos Network, its focus is how the cameraman seduces a hot girl he sees and convinces her to have sex with him in a hidden away public space. The scenes are exclusive and the sex is hardcore. This site has only been around since 2012 so the amount of Pick Ups on offer is still growing at a nice rate. With the bonus network thrown in at a reduced price it's great value.

"Hot European babes take the cash, and the cock!"

Latest Review Update

Public Pickups is devoted to babes who need the extra cash, but unlike the actual site, you don't need extra cash to pay for it. They have 287 movies at this present moment in time, and they add approximately 2 or 3 vids every month. You cant download these movies, but you can stream them, and they are in HD. This is the kind of site you would expect from the Mofos network, it updates on a regular basis, its in HD, and every movie comes with its own high-quality photo set. You will also get a huge added bonus when you become a full member of this site, and that is an extra 3,000+ films that are spread out through the 14 sites that make up this famous network.

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  • 287 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (1,500 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 30 Mins


  • 287 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Public Pickups Full Review


A lot of sites out there are trying to do the thing where they supposedly get real girls off the street, flash a few hundred bucks in their face, and that convinces her to fuck on camera for the first time, allowing potentially thousands of people see her getting banged on the web. The concept is extremely sexy, any hot babe will fuck on camera if you have the right incentive, but the problem with these videos is that a week later youll see the same girl in another video. I'm not saying that these videos are for real, they may or may not be, but they are extremely well done with an amateur element to them that will have you believing, as I did, that these babes are just horny ladies up for a anonymous sexual romp with a stranger. The models are fresh faced unknown European babes willing to fuck in public for both the excitement and the cash on offer.

Since I have been burned by other sites claiming their public pickups are for real, I wanted to see if I could find any of the hotties featured on this site someplace else. What's amazing is that I couldn't. By just watching, it is also possible to tell that they are not planned out, as it seems like he has to work a little bit to get these women to go along with it, as opposed to faked videos where the women just go for it too quickly. Every video for Public Pickups spend a good amount of time showing the actual pickup process while the other rush through it. Also another good tell is that all other videos on the Mofos network come with professional photo sets; since the things on Public Pickup were done on the fly it adds to the amateur element of this site.

The site, and membership to the entire Mofos network as a whole, through us has been reduced from $29.98 a month to $19.95. The Mofos Network is basically one of the most amazing bonuses you can get for your money. There are 14 other sites on the network that cater to a variety of niches. What I see as a strong point of Mofos is that they are always getting hot, brand new talent. If you want to see some early scenes of say for example, Digital Playground contract stars, you can probably find a few of those early scenes on Mofos. But don't think that it's amateur hour all the time on the site as some girls who started there and got bigger elsewhere do return to do some more work for the site. Paying them back for giving them their start in the adult industry.

The site is very easy to access once you login to the Mofos Network website. In an easy to use drop down menu, all Public Pickups scenes will be displayed out in front of you allowing you to choose which one to preview. You can look at screenshots or just stream it from the site before deciding whether or not to download it.

Something I feel like I should note is that none of the videos are in English. Thankfully the videos have been subtitled in English, and they are done very professionally. Of course the sex scenes are universal and can be enjoyed regardless of language barriers, but it is nice to be along for the pick-up parts as that's half of the fun of these videos! Still, it is a shame that other places are not included as it would be nice to see places like North America, Asia, and wherever else as the settings for the videos, and to give a little more variety to the girls. There are still plenty of beautiful women here though so this is just a minor complaint.


Even though these are videos done quickly and as quietly as possible given the public nature of them, they are all shot in high-definition and can be had in many levels of quality from 1080p to mobile files and everything in between these two extremes, all formats looking really good.

Content offered on Public Pickups

The scenes here do not come with professionally done photo shoots. The videos are never any less than thirty minutes and consist of the cameraman finding a woman hot enough to approach, the pick-up, and finally the sex itself, which can have anything from anal to blowjobs.

Reasons to Join Public Pickups

The scenes, while not in English, have been subtitled which allows one to see just how the pick-up artist works his magic to get the lady in the sack. The fact that all of these appear genuine is a great credit to this site, and also adds to the turn-on factor you'll get when watching the videos. The bonus sites and discounted price is also a great plus.

Things that could be improved on Public Pickups

My only problem would have to be that all of the videos are from Europe. I would think there are enough women in places like North America and Asia that would fuck a stranger on camera for a quick buck. Still, I will admit that the women are all pretty cute though.

Public Pickups Bonus Sites & Pricing

A membership to Public Pickups has been reduced from $29.98 to $14.99 a month. Bonuses include access to the rest of the Mofos Network which includes 13 other sites meaning thousands of hours of original content covering different niches. They do have a great yearly discount that brings the price down even further.

Public Pickups Review Conclusion

Aside from the fact that access to the entire Mofos network and its incredible amount of videos is most certainly worth the asking price, just looking at the content on Public Pickups it is most definitely worth your money if you are into Public Pickup sex that doesn't seem staged.

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March 23, 2016

It is still all happening out there where there are some nasty Pervs On Patrol. This Mofos site has not added much content over the years, it has now 215 movies with screen cap galleries (high resolution ones these days) and it shows weekly updates. There is still a very good reason for joining: network access and at a discounted price. New sign-up deals have been added for longer-term sign-ups and you get good value. But now you have HD movies, more hot babes and 15 sites included with your membership, plus extras. Public Pickups is a membership well worth picking up.

October 12, 2015

Public Pickups continues to grow, with a new video coming in once a week. Content quality remains just as high and a new bonus site has been added since our last visit to this site. We still have a discounted price for our readers that makes it great value for money.

Members Area Screen Shots

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