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NIP Activity

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In this case, NIP stands for Nude In Public and that is exactly what this pan-European site is all about. Gorgeous models go nude in public in a softcore site that has loads of content, 4K HD viewing, nice images, regular updates and masses of viewing options. You have something of a one-off here and it works really well. If seeing hot babes totally naked in very public places as the crowd looks on is your thing, then come on in.

"Naked babes in very public European places"




  • 600 Movie Clips
  • Full HD 1080p (10,000 Kbps)
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 10 Mins


  • 600 Picture Sets
  • Zip Files

NIP Activity Full Review


At first I thought NIP stood for 'nipples' but apparently it doesn't. Mind you, there are plenty of nipples on show as these slinky and sexy babes go fully naked. This isn't one of those sites where they say 'in public' and actually mean in the woods where no one is watching. This is one of those sites where they mean in the street, in the shopping centres of Germany and Austria, and other places, on the beach in the UK or anywhere where there are people wandering by and watching. Your eyes stay on the girls though as you see them parade totally naked without a care in the world, and there are a lot of them parading to check out.

Now then, here's the thing. I signed into the site and found a very nice looking home page and a handy top menu and that was all fine. Then I went to count the number of videos and found the Updates page. There were a few days' worth of updates showing here. The site updates three times per week and has one new model every month, so that's fine. But I could only find 26 pieces of content on the updates page. They weren't neatly set out and looked fine, but where were all the rest? I checked an earlier review from 2016 and found there had been over 500 videos, so there should be around 600 at least by now. But there was no way to find page two, if there was a page two, no obvious way at any rate - so that is something you will have to figure out when you get there. (There's lots of help and support and links so you should be fine.)

In the end, I found the best way to search around was to use the model index as every lush lady here has not only her details, but copious links to copious download and stream options for her naked parade. There are hundreds of clips to see and hundreds of ways to save them.

Looking at the releases from only a couple of days back, I found videos at 720p, 480p and 360p, though other video come with 1080p and even 4K HD. Try a different model and you will get a different location and other viewing options too, with some of the 15 minute long clips having all of them. There are WMV and Mp4 files in use and although some clips can be short, the quality is always good and natural. I found I was able to stream them by clicking the download link and opening a new tab. If you right click and save, you can download the same file. Video sound was natural, so there's the folk chatting as they pass, the director talking to the model and so on, and basically what you are seeing are simply naked girls in very public places.

Movies also come with very good write-ups and descriptions of the shoot, plus galleries where there are around 50 pics per set to collect. These were only in zip files, as far as I can see, and they came with up to three sizes to choose from, right up to 3,000 x 2,000 - so you have some excellent quality images to gather up there. You've even got a map showing you where the shoot was shot and many other interactive options including a message board and a chat facility.

NIP Activity was good at what it did, and that was to show me gorgeous girls walking naked through the streets of various European towns and cities. I had a bit of an issue with navigation and finding all the videos together, I wasn't able to view galleries on line (unless I'd missed something vital) but the updates were good and there's plenty to see for your money.


The newer videos here are up to 4K HD and that means excellent quality visuals. The girls are great to see and vary laid back and natural and look perfect when naked. The images are also in various quality sizes and look fine. The site didn't make it easy to find all the clips together and I didn't find galleries to view only zip files to take.

Content offered on NIP Activity

The content is exclusive to the site and there are new updates three times per week, though these can be short clips from a longer shoot. I'd say there were around 600 clips here, it's hard to tell. Movies have great viewing/download options with Mp4 and some WMV and galleries come with zip files only.

Reasons to Join NIP Activity

There's a very interactive set-up at the site with a members' forum/message board to use, good help and support links and also a chat facility if you want to use it. The site is very interactive and yet not always easy to follow. You can have the language in English or German.

Things that could be improved on NIP Activity

There was no advanced search. Where was the full list of videos? I only saw this week's updates. There are no galleries only zips and no English subtitles on older movies.

NIP Activity Bonus Sites & Pricing

I found three sign-up deals, all in Euros (they may be shown be in your currency) and all of them seemed like good value with special offers and discounts for longer-term sign-ups. There were no bonus sites but there are a lot of interactive functions inside and plenty to see and do.

NIP Activity Review Conclusion

Love the idea, like the execution, think the girls are really sexy (and brave) and love the way there are so many interactive options. I was confused as to how I saw all the movies as I only got the recent updates on the Updates page, but stay with it and maybe it will come clear. But certainly, for naked babes in very public places, NIP Activity is perfect.

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