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Added on March 10, 2019 by Luke Preston

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You will never go short of porn again at Hot Movies where there are 1.1M porn scenes from over 200,000 full-length DVDs and videos to stream. This is a pay as you go site with decent prices, masses of content, loads of categories, and with constant updates. Rent a screening, buy a clip and save it, check out a massive model list and category page and wallow in porn to your heart's content. Monthly memberships are available.

"Over one million porn flicks in one amazing PPV site"






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231039 Full Movie & Movie Clips

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3000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
6000Kbps MP4
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ReviewerI'm just looking at the category list to see what's available at Hot Movies and there's nothing missing. Alt-Porn, Lesbian, European, Amateur, Fetish, Fantasies, Oral, For Women, Reality, Bisexual, Hardcore and Classics, and they are just some of the niches covered by this amazing PPV site. Whatever you fancy in porn, you're going to find it here with perhaps the exception of gay content; though there is a section for women's porn as in, porn made from a woman's perspective. There are also all kinds of other micro niches and oddities, and masses of the real-deal, hardcore studio porn.

You start off at a home page which is the tour, as you can see just about everything for free but you can't stream until you've registered. You get some free viewing minutes when you do, so in a way, they pay you to sign-up. After that, you browse and decide, and then, you can pay as you go or you can buy packages of time and have them on standby for when you want to view a scene or a full-length title. The choices are pretty amazing, and you may well find you've got too many titles to chose from so it's a good idea to go in with guns blazing, knowing exactly what you want.

Streaming is now in Mp4, though older files may still be WMV, and resolutions and quality levels are good. There are DVD quality movies here which will be at around the 480p level but many that are 1,280 x 720 HD, and some that come from websites (with permission) which are also HD. Movies are standard-length scenes, on the whole, around 20 minutes, and come with descriptions and loads of interactive functions and information.

Numbers are incredible, and this is probably the largest PPV site I've seen. At the last count, there were 231,038 full DVDs/videos, and these come from over 2,300 different studios. Break them down, and you have over 1,153,405 scenes, or clips as the site calls them, and these star over 125,425 models that you can find in a model index. The trouble is, those numbers are out of date now as Hot Movies added 211 new scenes in the last seven days, and that's about standard for their update schedule.

So, you've got variety and loads of it, a pornstar list and a studio list, category pages and search boxes, information and interactive functions where you can save scenes and DVDs to your own area and come back to them later. You've even got a place where you can see your history, so you don't end up watching the same thing again and wasting your money. The site is packed with handy search and browse tools, drop-downs with more choice and details and it's all rather overwhelming, but in a good way.

And what about the prices? Well, there are a couple of ways to do things. There is a monthly offer where you have a certain amount of time included, and this saves you topping up credits all the time. Then there's a range of credit options with varying amounts to pay in return for your time and these come with added bonus points. You can also rent movies for a certain period of time and prices are reasonable, and you can buy them for life; not to own on hard copies but to view online or download and save. See? It's all about choice at Hot Movies and the best thing? I only saw scenes that were hot.


Some movies may come from videos or film, the 'classics' for example, so quality may vary, but the modern DVDs and scenes are release quality or even 1080p HD. The site has a wonderfully interactive design to help members through the forest of fornication, and there are no technical issues. Help is supplied if needed. I had no quality issues.


Well, with over 1.1 million scenes from over 231,000 full-length porn DVDs and films, you've got loads to view. There are masses of categories and plenty of choice, that's for sure. Content is non-exclusive, of course, and updates are frequent and many, with over 200 in the last week, for example. Huge variety is offered in the actual porn itself.


The sheer amount of porn is a huge plus as there's going to be something for everyone and it's right there at your fingertips when you want it. The site is packed with helpful browse and search tools, interactive functions and information. It has a good design. A monthly offer is available if you don't want to PPV.


You might find things overwhelming once inside and not be able to decide what to watch; it's a case of having too much choice if you ask me. I got a bit lost with prices and time and what was free, but it's actually pretty simple.

Pricing & Bonus

A monthly membership is available at $23.77, recurring. This gives you 310 minutes on month one and adds 270 minutes per month. PPV packages start at $9.48 for 69 minutes, rising to $190.47 for 2,300 minutes (prices may be in local currency). 20 minutes free when you register, and free reward points are added to each purchase.


Undoubtedly one of the largest collections of porn on the net and it won't cost you a penny to browse the site, you only pay when you're ready to view. From teens to grannies and from babes to trannies, there's going to be something here for everyone in over one million scenes from over 2,000 studios. Stream or rent, it's up to you.

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