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Things just can't be more Vivid than they are from this tour area! From the wafting blue background, framing in the fornicating images of DVD box covers, to the heaving breasts, pursed lips, and opened thighs, you'll have no doubt you're in for a large amount of hardcore content in just as many niches. Names you'll know, faces that are new, the common denominator of this site seems to be the raw, pure, unedited sexual pleasure that will have you rocking in your chair while you reach for the lotion! They pledge only high quality will be on the agenda. The nude bodies express their own tale, now it's up to you to complete the happy and erotic ending!

""There's no holding back the horniness!""

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Now that Vivid is part of the Adult Time network, at least 49 sites are included in your membership, at no extra cost. Vivid itself currently has over 7,048 movies, and many are in Full HD and a few in 4K. Vivid is slow to update, but they do have 11 sites, and these include Nasty Step Family and Mom Is A Milf. The network has over 52,000 movies.

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Vivid Full Review


I found myself opening the main membership page to Vivid as if I were walking into a public library, light on my feet, careful not to make a sound for fear I would disturb someone. They don't ask for silence, in fact, they're hoping your orgasms will be ear shattering, but there is just so much to take in, so much laid out with a glamorous touch, I felt that I should be on my best behavior...but thank goodness that feeling didn't last for long! It was quickly replaced with a rebel type of emotion, brewing deeply and wanting to just devour page after page of the pornography these lovely girls and buff men are putting out. They do a nice job of offering a featured movie, the updates, and then the archives are accessed from a simple click to the navigational bar, so even though they do hold a nice amount of material, you wont be losing any erection time in finding it.

I wanted the true experience from beginning to end, so rather than take the easy route with the featured flick, I went into the many pages of listed lust and decided to do my choosing from there. They hold so much x-rated content, with different niches being catered to, it would have been nice to have some simple categories, or at least a drop down search box to type in what you're looking for particularly, but instead, its just one box cover after another. So, this library we entered, doesn't have any cataloging options.

From the first page of display and just a few boxes over, I found one that enticed my sexual senses, maybe because of the title, or maybe because the illustration on the front of the presentation made me think this might be older porn, and I do enjoy the retro action. The name, I Was A Teenage MILF made me smile, mostly because I think there's an oxy-moron hidden in there somewhere, and Im always a sucker for a good play on words. My inquisitive nature was never really stroked, because when clicking on my choice, it gives the date of when it was added to Vivid, but not the date of origination itself. They do offer a nice job of telling you what categories this would fall into, such as anal, big tits, blow jobs, etc., and there is a decently sized description, and from there..I found myself feeling disappointment.

The quality of play was beautifully done, and the buffering was immediate with no stop-start moments held within the viewing, but this video, and the others from this site, are stream only. What a shame. There's action here that definitely should be housed in your hard drive for future horniness. Im finding no DRM, but I do find nice plots that build up to the sexual endeavors of these ladies that cant wait to seduce the men. If there's one lesson to be learned from this MILF movie, its the fact that maturity surely equates to experience, and it takes a few times of being around the block to really reach the destination of dirtiness such as what you'll find here.

When this guy finds himself sharing a bed with two extremely hot and lovely women, both of them overloading on hormones, hes not sure which one to eat first, but, give him kudos because hes keeping the scene going nicely with his choices. His tongue becomes the main tool of usage, but that's just the beginning, his entire body is utilized for bringing pleasure to these 30+ aged pussies on the prowl. There's no denying that when it comes to wild and uninhibited sex, these babes have their eye on the prize, and that of course is a huge cock that can do wonders for them. Their heads bob up and down with the deep-throat action that is going to assure nothing but hardcore entertainment.

A plus for Vivid is the fact they do break down these DVDs into approximately 3 scenes, for those that don't have a lot of time, or are already close to the masturbation ejaculation, they just need that little something to put them over the top, or, if you're in it for the long hand-filled haul, then the full running film will keep you busy for an hour or better, so why not indulge in some self induced foreplay before the big finale!?

A right corner screened option shows how you access the images, and Im happy to say they do actual high resolution posed shots, not screen caps. Im not a huge fan of their thumb displays, but when enlarging the quality is nice, and the lighting keeps that bit of richness to it that really makes the colors stand out strong, bold and true. Yes, I have a bit of applause itching in the palm of my hands for their pictures, but there happens to be a couple of issues involved that may make my appreciation a bit short lived, one of those being no ZIP offered, and for the quality being so nicely done, they keep the enlargements at a very modest 533x800 pixels, and these could easily go full screen.


I always try to put myself into the boxer's of the readers, to know what they would consider in the realm of quality for a site, and this one has a lot of bases covered nicely. Navigation was simple, the videos streamed with very high quality and no buffering issues that I found and images were high resolution. There were some issues that accompanied the high points as well.

Content offered on Vivid

They do a nice job of keeping their numbers high for this site. Vivid seems to be holding their own in making those regular updates that will keep the beauty building a nice rate of speed. There's enough to keep you busy for quite some time already.

Reasons to Join Vivid

There were a couple attributes to this site that really stood out tall and proud, the first being the background, coloring, layout, etc. itself, it's beautifully constructed, and the second item falls under the action itself, it's hardcore and powerful, giving you just the thing you...and your arousal calls for. In the arena of their streaming footage, the clarity was very good, as were the high resolution images.

Things that could be improved on Vivid

It's a shame to say this site has issues that weren't sweet on the tongue, but there were. First of all, the main complain for me was the fact these DVD's were streaming only, along with there not being a category or search feature for members' to find just what they want quickly. Also, for the images, I wasn't a big fan for the thumb display and the enlargements could have gone much larger, and also they didn't offer a slide show or ZIP.

Vivid Bonus Sites & Pricing

They do a nice job of keeping the numbers high enough for worthiness, along with making sure the updates are kept on a regular installment pattern. If you're a fan of hot, hardcore footage that streams only, then the membership price won't be out of the question.

Vivid Review Conclusion

I was on a bit of a see-saw type of ride when reviewing Vivid. For what they do offer, in the forms it's offered in, the quality is beautiful, but the fact it's streaming only and there could have been improvements in how the images were displayed, those were two sour notes for this reviewer. It is hardcore, it is everything offered through tour, but they didn't elaborate on issues they should have.

More Review Updates

April 6, 2018

In the last year, since their last review, Vivid has added over 3,000 new movies, which brings the number of hot scenes up to an incredible 4,469. These last for approximately 28 minutes each, and they are in HD or full HD. They also have 780+ high-resolution photo galleries that are downloadable in zip files. The site is more than arousing, but you cant jump from one page to another. Membership here includes access to 11 more sites, and these include Mom Is A MILF, Nasty Step Family, and Vivid Celeb where you can access loads of celebrity sex tapes as a huge bonus.

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Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Vivid. Updated on December 09, 2020

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