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Added on October 10, 2012 by XGuest Reviewer

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If you like sheer volume and variety you are going to love With over 18,000 DVD's, thats currently 120,020 scenes, the amount of porn you get on this site is staggering. The movies cover over 60 different niches from anal to Voyeur and everything in between. The site updates with an amazing new video a day so fresh content is always at your fingertips. Not that you could ever watch all the porn these guys offer!

"Over 18,000 DVD's, all for one membership price, fantastic!"

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October 10, 2018

Videos Z is mega-huge and since its last review two years ago, it has added around 14,000 videos that are mainly in Full HD. They also have 18,000 DVD titles, and thousands of amazing models. They don�t have photo sets, but there are plenty of vid caps. Membership also includes full access to the site, at no extra cost, where you will find at least 799 more vids, and counting.

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$120.00 $10 a month
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Videosz Full Review

ReviewerVideosZ is a mega DVD site, when I say mega I mean huge! They have over 18,000 DVD's at the time of this review and are adding 5 new DVD's daily. That equates to over 120,020 scenes at your fingertips, mind boggling numbers! is my kind of site and I'll tell you why. I really enjoy variety in my porn, so I absolutely love surfing around mega DVD sites. The variety in both the pornstars and the content from various niches always keeps me interested. If I feel like watching some Anal they have it, if I want to watch some gangbang action a couple of clicks of the mouse and hey presto I'm watching some nasty pornstar take on a room full of cocks. They say variety is the spice of life, at VideoZ you will never be short on variety.

Since they started in 2002 these guys have worked hard on the navigation within the site. With so much porn on offer it can be hard to sort it all out so the members can quickly access what they are looking for. They seem to have got It right.

Entering the site I find links to the DVD's, Scenes, Pornstars, Genres, Playlists, and the sites networks.

Hovering on the DVD link you get a drop down menu giving you loads of options including new releases, best rated, studios, HD content, your favorites and most viewed. They even have a link to a random DVD if you can't make up your mind as to what you fancy watching.

The scenes button gives you much the same options but links to the various scenes within all the DVD's.

The pornstar link is great. Here you will find options to sort the content by the various pornstars on the site, which at the time of writing numbers an amazing 16,000. You can sort by your favorite, top pornstars, most viewed pornstars or you can get a complete list. This makes it so easy to find the girl of your dreams.

The Genres link lets you filter the various scenes by their niche. For example if you want to watch some creampie action just click the creampie link and in an instant you have thumbnailed lists of all the creampie content within the site.

All the video's on this site have no DRM which means your free to download any, or all, of the DVD's you want and keep them forever.

The quality of the DVD's on offer does vary a bit throughout the site. Because these guys came about before HD was the norm a lot of the content is lower in quality. Don't get me wrong it's still very acceptable, but just not what a lot of people expect these days. The folks at VideosZ are working on this and a lot of the new content they add is HD, and with a new video added daily the amount of high definition content is growing fast.

I really did enjoy VideosZ. The content and variety is great, and the guys here have definitely got their shit together when it comes to ease of navigation. If your looking for a mega DVD site, look no further than VideosZ.


There are thousands of high definition scenes at the time of this review, and they are adding more on a daily basis. So you will never run out of high quality porn content as a member here.


All I have to say is the amount of content on offer is staggering. I'm not sure how many hours of porn they have, but I do know you couldn't watch it all in 2 lifetimes. The content covers a huge variety of niches so as a member of this site you will never get bored.


Huge amounts of content and ease of navigation are two of the strong points with this site. They have really got it all sorted so their members can access what they want quickly and easily. The huge amount of updates, which stands at at least one new movie per day at the time of this review, also ensures fresh content on this site.


As I said earlier, with the older content the quality does drop off a bit, its still more than watchable but just not HD.

Pricing & Bonus

For $29.95 you get access to over 18,000 full length porn DVD's that cover more than 60 niches and over 120,020 scenes, what more could you ask for? A discounted price maybe. Well we can also offer you that, and through us your membership will cost you only $17.95 a month, instead of the usual $29.95.


As far as mega DVD sites go this site is a stand out. The amount of content is incredible. The ease and variety of ways you can sort the content and find what you want is great. With daily updates, which are adding more high definition movies to this site I think it is great value for money. Definitely give it a try for yourself.

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December 3, 2015

Videosz has just passed a milestone and now has over 100,000 scenes for their members to check out. That is definitely more porn than you could get through in a lifetime and if thats not enough they are also adding another 5 DVDs each and every day. With every niche you could ever want covered here and a great discount for our readers VideoZ is easy to recommend.

March 29, 2015

Well as far as Video porn sites go your not going to get any better than this. With a massive amount of porn videos, daily updates and every niche you could want covered VideosZ seems to have all the bases covered. Through us you also get a discounted price which makes this membership extraordinary value for money.

August 20, 2013

The amount of content on Videos Z is continuing to grow with thousands of scenes being added since we initially reviewed the site in 2012. Video numbers have grown to over 79,330 and with the number of updates here they will soon reach 80,000 which is incredible. The facts below for this VideosZ review remain current and its still the best video site around in terms of value and content.

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