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Candy Monroe

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Added on July 23, 2010 by Missy

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She's a take charge sort of girl, and she is hanging on for dear lust! One glance into the tour area of Candy Monroe will shout loudly that you'd better buckle up, its going to be a bumpy ride! This hot commodity is into everything wild and passionate, which includes tattoos, control, cuckold activity and of course the interracial sex that will keep her happy. Pledges include nice quality from taboo action!

"Step over to the wild side of sex, Nasty interracial cuckold"

Latest Review Update

December 13, 2017

The delicious Candy Monroe loves to be fucked by big black cocks, and she has 73 exclusive movies that prove it. She stopped updating a while ago but then started again, and she now updates twice a month. These can be downloaded and streamed in MP4 and WMV formats, and they are sized at 1,280 x 720 for both. When you subscribe to this arousing site, you will also get access to the Dogfart network, where they have another 21 sizzling sites for you to enjoy, at no extra cost.

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$99.99 $8.33 a month
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73 Full Movie

Average length of 15 Mins
1100Kbps FLV
1148Kbps WMV
1548Kbps WMV
4500Kbps WMV

73 Picture Sets

200 Pics In Set
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Candy Monroe Full Review

ReviewerThis is like a dream come true for the female gender! The possibilities are endless with the way they've portrayed the action from this site, this blonde babe knows how to sink her teeth into a hardcore and fetish filled situation. I always enjoy trying to get in touch with the personality of the main player, just to see how well they are fitted to the niche itself, and quite frankly, this girl is perfect for the porn she's displaying with such dirtiness, you may even feel sorry for her humiliated victim. The main membership doors will swing wide to allow entrance into a piece of this network, no confusion or searching, its up front and personal in a quick manner.

Before delving into the action itself, I want to bestow more information about Candy Monroe to you readers. She has this look about her, even in one of her softer moments when the camera has captured her before the hardcore action begins, she's sort of like a cross between a Greta Garbo and Betty Boop! Yes, I know, strange analogy, but it is the way its offered itself to me. First of all, she's extremely hot, her body is built for flashing to the public and contorting into positions that radiate heat and horniness. Mixing that with a wide eyed Bambi sort of look, and then factoring in her tattoos, home-made jewelry, wild colored panties and brightly colored nails and there is going to be such a statement made, you'll be just as wrapped up in her as I am.

What woman hasn't dreamed of having such control over a man that you can air all of your frustrations, exude all of your disappointment and get laid at the same time? Oh yeah, that would be a dream come true. She is actually bringing to this site the Candy Monroe touch of torture, humiliation, degradation and pleasure…all wrapped up in one. Here is the basic underlying premise to the porn here, keeping in mind that the scenarios will change a bit, but its going to come back to the same common denominator of…domination. They mention cuckold in the description throughout intro, but its so much more than that. Yes, she is finding these men that have a wimpy sort of trait flowing through their veins, and she plays it for all its worth! Having them stripped naked, sometimes dressed in a diaper and bonnets, pacifier in their mouths, which does border on a bit of infantilism as well, spark flying from another fetish niche oozing through….and after she ridicules them, embarrasses them and make them feel lower than a snake with fallen arches, then she puts them in a corner, where viewing the action is perfect and feeling like less than a man is mandatory.

Of course she doesn't just fuck in the company of her cuckold, no, she has a true blue passion for the Black male, and its apparent nothing else will get the job done for her. With huge, rigid, thick cocks, she licks, sucks and fucks those well hung poles until her victim that has sat silently by is going to feel so incompetent, he may never try to have sex with anyone again. In fact, through a few of her sets Ive watched, it may be weeks before even their own hand will have anything to do with them!

Updates across the network happen daily, with Candy Monroe adding a video about every 3 weeks.

They have things displayed from the main page of service when it comes to the sets and galleries, no clicking on a pic to go to that boxed in material, its 5 sets to a page with everything available right there at your fingertips, which includes the full scene, episodes, larger clips, high resolution shots and screen caps, voila! As technical numbers will show, they aren't HD in display, but they're good and you're not going to miss the smallest of details to what this hot, horny blonde that craves interracial sex while she belittles another man through cuckold adventures has in store!


I found no fault in the way they supplied the quality for this site, not only was there ease in the navigation for their choices, but once you arrive, even though it's not HD, it's good! They've done a nice job of keeping things in order and it will be appreciated by members.


The content is great, they could do with more updates on this site, but across the network you get daily updates and more interracial and cuckold content than you could possibly handle.


The positive notes make a lovely tune from this site. Not only is the girl we're concentrating on pretty, but she's a nymph for interracial sex and humiliating her cuckold subjects! The quality of content is good, navigation is a breeze and the action is extremely well done! Plus the network of sites gives you loads more interracial and cuckold content.


I've actually sat and pondered - trying to find something I could voice a bit of distaste with in what I found from this site, but I really can't. This is good, they don't promise to be more than what they are, and yet you receive more than you expect.

Pricing & Bonus

I can't help but to recommend this site for membership, and I will even say I would recommend it highly! They have everything going for them that says worthiness, which includes better than average quality and bonus sites too.


Candy Monroe is a very naughty girl, and even Santa is thinking about whether she should be on the good girl list for next Christmas...but he'll still be stopping by her house either way! She is gorgeous, she loves interracial sex and appreciates the ability of humiliating her cuckold subject. It's all rounded out beautifully from this hardcore, fetish site

More Review Updates

April 22, 2016

I've just had another look into Candy Monroe, the website, and found that the site is still not updating. It's an archive site, even though it shows recent upload dates. Last time we saw it, it had the same number of videos as it has now, and that's stuck at 69. Its not benefited from new HD movies either, but there is good news. The membership has come down in price, you still get to see lots of Candy, and there is still access to 23 sites in the network. That means loads of interracial and cuckold action, 4,244 + scenes and galleries and good value.

October 26, 2015

Video numbers have not increased at Candy Monroe. They have dropped the price for membership and increased the number of bonus sites you get to 22, all of which focus on hardcore interracial porn. As a stand alone it would be hard to recommend, but for a network of hot interracial sites membership here has a lot to offer.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Candy Monroe. Updated on December 13, 2017

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