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Puffy Network

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If you are wondering how in hell a network can be puffy, check out this review of the Puffy Network. It refers to pussy lips. You know the puffy ones that swell up when its owner is all turned on? Said lips come in a plethora of naturalness, of course, but they do all swell when a girl has some kind of sexual experience. That's not all you get at this network of 5 exclusive sites, with great pissing and blowjob action also on offer.

"Puffy network is a nice mix of great quality porn"

Latest Review Update

Puffy Network adds new and exclusive content around 15 times a month. They have added 111 movies in the last seven months and currently have 2,042 movies with 100s in 4K. They also have 2,022 high-resolution photo sets and 858 young models. There are 5 sites inside this network and just 2 of these are Wet And puffy and Wet And Pissy.

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  • 2,042 Full Movie
  • DVD Quality (1,500 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 28 Mins


  • 2,022 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Zip Files

Puffy Network Full Review


With all the attention that we men give to pussies, its no wonder that someone would come up with a Puffy Network that centralizes its concentration on puffy pussies, peeing videos and hot blowjob action. Granted ordinarily the term puffy is used to describe the round little nipples on some nubile girls but instead here they love pussy, rather than being breast men. Love it, heck! They are pussy men, not breast men!

Within the Puffy Network are four very distinct sites, those being We Like to Suck, Wet and Pissy, Euro Babe Facials and of course Wet and Puffy! In We Like to Suck, the emphasis is more on the girls lips that are located on her face. These are gorgeous European girls whose main goal in life is to suck hard throbbing cock which they love to tease with their superbly wet tongues and mouths until the men can stand it no more, and we have ignition! On the other hand, Wet and Pissy deals with girls who simply love to pee at one point or another as part of their sexual repertoire. Most of the time they masturbate and also show off their peeing. Euro Babe Facials brings you hot European women gobbling cocks and taking huge loads on their pretty faces. Wet and Puffy that intriguing site us the most, with all exclusive pussy focused content. The site posits that there are three types of different female labia, and no matter the girl, she will fit into one of three diverse styles of pussy lips. Apparently to us, anyway, the more common type of pussy lip formation is what they refer to as a puffy peach. Thats where nothing hangs out, both sides are basically even, yet the lips appear to be greatly swollen even if they are not. Now, some guys call these pouty lips, but we love the description of a puffy peach.

Then they moved on to a juicy cherry. Whereas a puffy peach is rounded with nothing hanging out, the juicy cherry is just the opposite. In this case, a lot of the pussy is hanging out and appears to be coming out of the hole called the vagina to be clinical. Lots of girls have a juicy cherry even if theyve never been fucked before, it just protrudes from the rest of the pussy.

Moving on to what they describe as the big taco. You know how a taco holds everything in between two separate shells? Well this type of pussy is sandwiched in between swollen lips, yet it begins to come out, but not as much as a juicy cherry. Got it?

Now, this site wants you to be very aware that any kind of camel toe could be one of those three pussy types. Capiche? Well, you will see later when you join this site. They are so gung ho on these different types of pussy that they came up with a really neat pussy pump that makes those lips swell up like gangbusters, and you know that all the girls absolutely loved that, the little vixens!

The third site that is included with your membership is We Like To Suck and it features

The Puffy Network comprises of hundreds of different scenes of puffy pussies, and consequently their very own 858+ models have had at last count 2,022 photo sets of their astonishing swellings called in the vernacular, their pussies! As you can tell, its a pretty well sized network.

Videos are nearly all Hi Definition so that you can receive amazing results, such as 1080p! Their videos last approximately 28 minutes each, and as in all good sites, can be streamed and downloaded at 1920x1080 at 8000Kbps, which is amazing quality that is sure to impress even the most fussy member. With regard to their pictures, you will see that the majority of the videos have pictures. Their photo shoots hold about 75 pictures each and as expected they are rather large sized at 2800x1874.

Though some of their sites update at a different pace than others, lets say that the updates come in at the rate of about 2 per week, and the majority have picture shoots, but on occasion they do not. It is wonderful though that no matter what the network does, it is always exclusive. Its really cool that special requests can be made simply by filling out a form that goes to the proper people, who you can tell by the content care about and deliver what their members want. As if three different sites is not enough to keep you busy, they also offer you about 20 bonus videos, and in addition you will also find a group of archive movies available.

The Puffy Network is a great mix of quite unique sites. With all exclusive and high quality content featuring some amazingly sexy women this site is an easy recommendation for those looking for some great variety in their porn. With quality, quantity and variety this network ticks the boxes and offers great value for your hard earned money.


All our reviewers felt that their site quality was exceedingly high. Comments were passed around that nearly every video is high definition, and that all pictures are all in Hi Res as well! They obviously take pride in their work here and it shows through in the quality on offer here.

Content offered on Puffy Network

This network has a huge number of videos and pic sets across 5 great sites. The network takes good care of sending timely updates, and making sure that their content is top shelf. All content is exclusive, so you won't find it elsewhere. A great variety of porn can be found here. There are over 106 4K Ultra HD scenes, and all new updates are in 4K.

Reasons to Join Puffy Network

With all exclusive HD content that covers a great variety of interesting niches you won't get bored as a member here. Regular updates and a nice sized archive means that you will always have something new to watch here. A discounted price makes this great value for money and an easy recommendation. All new scenes are coming in in 4K, which is awesome quality

Things that could be improved on Puffy Network

As this site has been online for a bit of time, their older material is not as great as the newer, but that is something that is well-expected. At times we did experience a little lag when downloading. Beware of the pre-checked cross sale when you sign up.

Puffy Network Bonus Sites & Pricing

You may now hear that instead of paying the normal price of $34.95 per month, pay the well-discounted price of only $19.95 only since you are one of our valued readers! Consider that this includes all three sites and this is pretty exciting. For those in for the long haul you can save even more with the six month membership option at only $17.50 a month.

Puffy Network Review Conclusion

Do you love pussy? Of course you do, and in this case, the pussy is all lovely European girls. They sport that unique European quality on their fresh nubile faces, and thats just one reason you'll love this network. Add in a discount and a nice variety of niches covered across the four sites on offer here and you have a great package that really delivers.

More Review Updates

June 15, 2020

This network is made up of five sites, and just two of these are Wet And Puffy and Simply Anal. They have added 95 videos across the board over the last six months, and they now have 1,931 vids, with the newer ones in 4K. They update anything up to 12 times a month, and all the content is exclusive.

December 4, 2019

Puffy Network is made up of 5 sites such as Wet And Pissy, Simply Anal and We Like To Suck. They continually add new content and they have added 185 movies across the board since my last visit. The network currently has 804 models starring in over 1,800 movies, and many of these are in Ultra HD. They also have 1,816 high-resolution photo sets, and all the content is exclusive.

October 19, 2018

Puffy Network has added 106 exclusive movies since its last review seven months ago, and its still going strong. They continue updating twice a week, and the movies are in Full HD, and the newer ones are now in 4K Ultra HD. This network has a huge library, and the movies are spread out over 5 delicious hot sites.

March 2, 2018

Puffy Network is an exceptional site that continues to excite us all with their regular updating. They update 3 or 4 times a week, and in January 2018, they put up 17 new scenes just in that one month. They have put up over 150 new movies and photo galleries since their last review, and the now have 1,545 exclusive movies that are mainly in 4K, HD and SD. These can be streamed or downloaded in WMV, MP4 and Flash, and they are in various sizes. The site looks fantastic and has over 600 models in hardcore action and in beautiful hot solos where they have fun with their amazing bodies and moist, puffy pussies. It is not only easy to navigate, but you can also leave comments and rate the scenes. As a member of this scorching hot site, you will find the content from all four sites, Euro Babe Facials, Wet And Pissy, We Like To Suck and Simply Anal.

January 18, 2016

All new content being added to this site is now available in stunning 4K, which is the highest quality available anywhere. Along with this another positive for The Puffy Network is the fact that updates have remained very regular and consistent. This remains a unique and awesome network of exclusive porn that you should definitely check out. Although you should beware of the pre-checked cross sale when you sign up.

December 14, 2014

The Puffy Network continues to impress us here at Reviewed Porn. The site continues to grow and since our last review I am happy to say that they have added another great site to this network in the form of Euro Babe Facials. With a low join price and a great variety of quality porn on offer this site has plenty to offer.

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5 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

The Sites Listed here are sites that the company also has produced. In most cases, when you sign up to one of their sites you get access to their entire network. Check above to see if this company allows Multi-Access in the SITE DETAIL section of the review.

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