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PornStars Like It Big

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Pornstars really know how to handle a cock, and there's no better joy in the whole world than watching them do it to one the size of Texas. They have the experience to treat it the way that it should be and they really show it off on Pornstars Like It Big. There's a lot of it to go around and in a multitude of formats too. You absolutely can't go wrong with buying a membership to this site and network. Hands down, a great site!

"Pornstars know how to treat a huge cock!"

Latest Review Update

Pornstars Like It Big is part of the Brazzers network, and when you sign up to this site, 21 sites are included in your membership at no extra cost. The site itself has slightly less videos than seven months ago, but they still have 499 hardcore vids and continue updating more or less every week.

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  • 499 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 30 Mins


  • 499 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

PornStars Like It Big Full Review


It must be pretty hard to impress a pornstar. They've definitely seen their fair share of cocks in their time. I mean, after all, they do fuck guys on camera day after day. Surely it would take more than what the average Joe (or me, according to my girlfriend) was packing to impress these types of girls. That's why Brazzers has brought out the 'big guns' with Pornstars Like It Big. Even the experienced starlets on the site are caught like a deer in headlights when they see the monstrous cocks that Brazzers has put in front of them to suck and fuck. They'll be using them for some good ol' hardcore action, including cumshots, anal, straight fucking, and even threesomes.

Now, I hope you don't get the impression from the title of just some plain, generic pornstars, because in addition to the huge dicks, the bodacious pornstars are worthy of some glorious praise. Ugly bitches wouldn't deserve the cocks that are on this site, so it's only fitting that Brazzers has only put the best of the best on there. You'll see a huge variety of them in action. Pretty much anything from tight bodied blondes to all-natural red heads with thick, luscious bodies. If you like girls, and I'm you do if you're reading this, then there's more than a likely a a girl on Pornstars Like It Big to get you rock hard.

There's a pretty basic tour on the homepage. It doesn't have much going on in the graphics department except for a nice logo, but there is quite a few trailers and pictures to check out before you decide to buy a membership. If you do like what you see and buy one of the cheap memberships, then you'll find out that likewise can be said of the graphics inside the member's area. Just like the tour, hardly any graphics and just a shit load of hardcore porn to be watched. Watching it is easy thanks to the idiot-proof navigation bars, which is laid out on the top and left side.

While searching through the 499 hardcore scenes, you'll notice that each one is represented by a picture, name, model list, date, site, and a description. This makes it very easy to pick one that tickles your personal fancy. Once you do pick one out, you're taken to that scenes page where a big play button is waiting so you can go ahead and start watching the whole scene. It streams in a beautiful (640x480 @ 1800kbps) FLV format. If you just want to watch certain segments then you can download or stream each movie in 5 or 1 minute clips. The downloads have some different quality and format options to choose from, mainly: WMVs, MPEGs, and two different versions of MP4s. There's two different MP4s because one is made just for your portable video device, like an iPod.

Each scene also has two different sets of pictures to go with it. The first set are screen captures from the movie, which are pretty standard as far as they go. Not too blurry, but not too great either. The REAL pictures are a different story. These HQ pictures are more than enough to give you an eyeful, thanks to their magazine quality. My only gripe is that they could be a tad bigger, since they're only around (600x900) pixels big. What they lack for in size is definitely made up for in quality though. Each set of high quality pictures has an unbelievable average of 350 pictures!

So, of course, with videos and pictures like this, you're going to be wanting even more of them. Brazzers has that covered with their frequent updates to the site. You won't be running out of them any time soon, but if you do, simply move on over to the other 21 sites in the network. You get to access to these sites completely for free. You just switch to view the scenes in the member's area where you already are, so you don't even have to log into another site.


Quality has never really been a problem for Brazzers and its not one for this site either. None of their stuff has ever been second rate, discount porn. Both the videos and pictures are shot professionally and the movies are able to be watched in a variety of formats/qualities that best suit your personal preference/computer.

Content offered on PornStars Like It Big

If you've been watching porn for a long time, you're probably tired of seeing okay chicks fucking guys with average size dicks. Thank God Brazzers has made some hardcore porn that will grab your attention by it's balls. It features some of the hottest girls on the web getting the cock that they need to fill their pink pussies to the brim!

Reasons to Join PornStars Like It Big

Hmm, where do I start? I could go beautiful ladies on the site, with the huge amount of porn you get from one site or I could talk about the unbelievable price at which they sell their memberships for. They're all good, but I believe the best is getting access to the other twenty-one sites on the network for absolutely fucking free.

Things that could be improved on PornStars Like It Big

Everything isn't perfect with this site, but there's really nothing major to complain about. The only thing I could possibly think to improve is the size of the pictures. Speaking of improving sizes, ever since my girlfriend viewed the site, she's been wanting to know why I don't have a cock like that. Thanks a lot Brazzers.

PornStars Like It Big Bonus Sites & Pricing

There's no doubt that this site alone is worth the discount $17.95 a month cost. You get way more (and probably better) porn than you would spending it at an adult DVD store. Yet Brazzers throws in 21 more sites and that makes this an unbelievable steal. This reduced price is for full access and won't last forever.

PornStars Like It Big Review Conclusion

I'm fairly sold on this website and the network itself. If you're a huge fan of hardcore porn in general, then this is a safe bet if you want to join a site. Sure, it's not perfect, but it's damn near close to it in every category. With the bonus sites you get access to, you can see what one of the best porn networks online has to offer a great price.

More Review Updates

June 9, 2020

Pornstars Like It Big continue adding new content 3-4 times a month, and they have added 17 new movies in the last six months. They now have 684 movies, and these are mostly in Full HD. Plus, as this is a part of the Brazzers network, membership to this site includes full access to 21 more sites, at no additional cost.

December 15, 2019

As this site is part of the Brazzers network, membership here includes full access to all 21 sites, for the price of just this site. Pornstars Like It Big continue adding new content 3-4 times a month., and they have added 42 videos and high-resolution photo sets in the last seven months. The site now has 667 movies mostly in Full HD and plenty of pornstars to get you going.

May 22, 2019

Pornstars Like It Big is part of the Brazzers network which has 21 sites, and just two of these are Busty And Real and Big Tits At Work. They continue updating about 3 times a month, and all the content is exclusive. They have added 24 videos in Full HD and the same amount of high-resolution photo sets since the last review just 7 months ago, and they have a good-sized library of hardcore porn. As a member here, you only have to pay for one site, and you get the rest at no extra cost.

October 7, 2018

Wow, these pornstars really do like it big. The site is full of exclusive content, and it continues adding new content on a weekly basis. They have added 55 movies in Full HD in the last year, and they have a huge library of famous pornstars getting drilled by some of the biggest cocks around. Each movie also come as along with its own high-resolution photo gallery. Membership comes with the added bonus of free access to 21 more site from within the Brazzers network.

October 25, 2017

Pornstars Like it Big is a good quality site that has been growing since it first started. It updates on a regular basis, and even from the start of this site, these chicks loved, and still love it big. The movies are HD, the sound is great, and there are more bonuses than you could hope for. This is part of the Brazzers Network machine and is just one site off of 33 sites that make up this popular network. There are over 7,900 movies spread throughout their network, and more photo sets and extras that you could ever dream about.

March 16, 2016

Just checking to see if these porn stars still like it big and it looks like they do. Now we have 488 scenes, and the site shows weekly upload dates on its content. You also have over 6,500 scenes in the network of 33 sites, and over 1,450 porn stars to check out, with updates happening in the network most every day. So, you still have value and plenty of porn stars to check out, which is good news for sure.

October 13, 2015

Site is still updating at a nice rate with one video coming about every 5 days. With Pornstars Like It Big being part of Brazzers you will also get full access to this awesome network of 33 sites with daily updates and over 6900 exclusive scenes that cover a huge variety of naughty subjects. This discount membership is going to cater to all your porn needs.

May 10, 2015

Updates continue to come in to Pornstars Like It Big and the content count had risen when we called back in to see how these hot chicks were coping with huge dicks. They are coping very well, thank you very much, and so much so that they get a new one to play with each week. There were 71 new scenes, added in a little over a year, so that is excellent news, and the total is now up to 438. There are also extra bonus sites and scenes and the total there have now reached 33 sites in total and over 6,230 exclusive scenes. Another great piece of news is that we have secured another exclusive discount for membership to this site that brings the price down to only $17.95 a month.

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21 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

The Sites Listed here are sites that the company also has produced. In most cases, when you sign up to one of their sites you get access to their entire network. Check above to see if this company allows Multi-Access in the SITE DETAIL section of the review.

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