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Jeans and Panties

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You're going to find some of the nicest filled out back pocket areas from the tour area of Jeans and Panties. These young ladies are shaking and showing their sweet asses, clad in the tightest of blue jeans and then uncovered to present some of the prettiest panties. From the look of things, this is a softcore site that's leaving a little to the imagination of their audience. All exclusive, regular updates and pledged high quality with extras.

"Denim Clad Derrieres!"




  • 103 Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (1,990 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 5 Mins


  • 103 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Zip Files

Jeans and Panties Full Review


When you have an extremely hot body, its very easy to disrobe, get dirty and turn on a mind that's full of horny thoughts, to the point of explosion, but, its sometimes even hotter to take that same hot body and leave a little to the imagination. Its all in the sway, the swing and the seduction, its the fine art of teasing and temptation, a couple of things that have been lost in the shuffle through the years as the hardcore aspects took over. Now, Jeans and Panties is stepping up the silk clad plate to bring back the joy of naughtiness.

The main membership page reveals very little, the last two updates, a duo of whats coming soon, and a handful of links, that's it, meaning they are going to stick with the format of simple lust being simply displayed. Good choice. One of the biggest assets these girls can carry is just the right amount of junk in the trunk to make their thongs spread the cheeks and the word on how hot they really are. A girl by the name of Janette was the leader of the pack in portrayals, being first on the list and looking adorable in the advertising shot of panties with a panda bear across her V shaped area.

Janette, like her featured co-stars from other sets is absolutely beautiful! The long, soft blonde hair, the trim, tall body, the little bit of accentuation she does with her movements, enough to give a nice rump shot that will also allow a peek of her panties over the top of her lower cut jeans. Shes a little obvious with what shes doing, but it works. In fact, you can almost imagine her boyfriend sitting somewhere in the room, in an easy chair, engrossed in the sports section of the Sunday paper and this is her way of having him notice stats other than that of his favorite team. She slinks and looks like a kitten on the prowl with her movements, and as the extremely tight jeans are lowered, her flawless fanny is right in line with the camera lens.

They do show off the cute lingerie, things fitting for the teen gender, the adorable and sexy little garments that says, Hey, I'm legal and I'm full of lust. Her hands roam up and down across her pink skin that looks as though she may have had a dose of sunlight upon her skin recently. The camera does a nice job of offering some POV footage, zeroing in on those between the thigh shots that shows how her panties are in a bunch right at that sweet crevice area. With a big smile on her face and the unfastening of her bra, she gives one of those, This is all you get expressions and then that clip ends. It is softcore, it is sexy and it is something that can be appreciated by those that enjoy the butt and all of the glory that can be found while still leaving enough to make your fantasies run wild.

The image section carries its own specific link, but will make an identical match to the video sets as far as the girls are concerned. They keep a resolution that is extremely high for the presentation of their pictures, meaning this entire site rounds out with well done quality. With a thin black border, the enlargements pop from the pureness of the white background to the page, and will fill many screens with pixel sizes such as, 853x1280. The lighting is great, every highlighted tone to Janette's blonde hair shows with crispness, not to mention those tiny little goose bumps on her butt. They include a slide show and the option for downloading as a ZIP.


They do a very nice job with the quality from this site. Starting with the simplicity in their layout and then a no-nonsense approach with the content itself. Streaming and downloadable clips, each featuring a single format, and each holding high technical numbers. The resolutions match with the images, all around, nicely done.

Content offered on Jeans and Panties

The amount of content that I found was good, definitely enough to wet your whistle with the tease they're portraying. There really wasn't dates to show how often new material is added, but they do have a lot of nice extras to keep your mind....and your hands busy until the fresh installments go up.

Reasons to Join Jeans and Panties

The pros of this site is all about two things, the simplicity and the high quality. It's a cut and dry, no muss, no fuss sort of arrangement and it really does work. The girls are all just as cute and sweet as they can possibly be, and the filming for videos/images were in high quality.

Things that could be improved on Jeans and Panties

I would really have to search hard to come up with a negative thought about this site, it was pretty much a reviewer's dream come true, but if I was forced, I would have to say, offer dates of when new material is added, members do want that information and keep them regular at all cost.

Jeans and Panties Bonus Sites & Pricing

At first I thought the asking price for a monthly recurring charge for this site might just be a tad too much, but after seeing everything and also exploring the extras that are offered as well, they not only match nicely, but they harmonize as well.

Jeans and Panties Review Conclusion

Every now and then some softcore material is really good for the soul, just like chicken noodle soup, it will warm you all over, make you feel better and just comfort you from head to toe. That's what Jeans and Panties was like, a big b bowl of soup. They do a great job at keeping high quality right up front, and the girls are so very pretty and so sexy.

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