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Four Finger Club

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Lesbians with big toys, lesbians with long fingers, pussy exploration and anal fingering, they are some of the themes explored in the full length DVDs on offer at the Four Finger Club . It might sound like a Sherlock Holmes mystery but there is actually no mystery here: just DVDs from Digital Sin, and others, split into their scenes, lots to download, some HD, sadly no recent updates, but galleries and then links into a set of bonuses.

"A fingering site that you won't stick your fingers up to"




  • 92 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • Full HD 1080p (4,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 120 Mins


  • 362 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Four Finger Club Full Review


The theme here is girls getting pleasure without having to be bothered with men. It's a kind of extreme sport, fingering and ass diving with fingers, hands and toys, but that's what they go in for in a big way at Four Finger Club, and who's to say they stop at four fingers? Well, it's not really a fisting site, but it is a whole lot of pleasure, or maybe that should be a hole hot with pleasure?

You'll find full length DVDS from studios such as Digital Sin, Greedy Video and Hot Boxxx and the most recent ones are shown on the home page where you can also arrange them as most popular. In the actual DVD area, where the full set is shown, you will see that the most recent update was made in July 2015 but the previous one was actually 2013, so there have been no updates, bar one, for a long time. I am not sure if they are starting up again or if that was a one off. Either way, you still have loads to see and the videos are all semi exclusive, in that they may be for sale elsewhere, as well as being shown here.

Whether you view the full DVD by its scenes, or go to the Updates page and view by scenes, you get the same viewing options. In the last 2013 one there were seven streams in Mp4 from a low mobile suitable one to a full 1080p HD version, 720p is also available. You have the same options for the downloads where there was also a WMV file to take. These are full length scenes at around 20 to 30 minutes and so some of the HD files may be big. You can't take the full DVD in one go, only scene by scene, and the quality is DVD release standard and above. There are no quality worries and I had no hassles with the videos.

They come with digital galleries as well, and these hold between 30 and 500 pics each; it is a very varied content count. The digital images were a good size, up at 1,024 x 680 in the main, you can open and save one at a time, run slideshows or take zip file downloads too. Zip files are available for full digital stills. Some scenes also have screen caps with various numbers of images if you want to browse them, and all videos come with a trailer. There is even a trailer area in your menu so you can check things out that way.

Around the content are a few interactive options, such as rates and add to favourites, there are linked tag words and easy navigation. You have a search facility on the right and you can search through all bonus sites this way as well. Navigation is easy and you should have no trouble finding the content.

There were only a couple of issues with the site. One of them was the lack of updates and update news, we don't know if or when more content will be added. Some of the videos also appear on other sites in the network and I was only able to reach a few of the networked sites directly. The Our Network page lists 11 sites that you can link to straight away, the drop-down search list has 20 and the main hub, but I couldn't see how to get there.

But, all said and done, the Four Finger Club offers you more than just the main DVDs where hot lesbian girls delve deep into each other in sensuous and well-made videos, that lead to screaming squirting and a whole lot of pleasure. You then have the benefit of the downloads, the galleries and the bonuses and all for a decent price.


The quality here is a good standard of general release DVD, at least. Some scenes are 1080p HD, though older ones may not have the same viewing options. The galleries are good and clear, as are the screen caps, the site has a user friendly design and gives no hassles.

Content offered on Four Finger Club

There were 92 lesbian play scenes here, some of which are shared on other sites in the network, from some good studios. This made up 362 scenes of around 20 minutes that came with a good amount of stream and download options. There are galleries with 30 to 500 pics each, plus screen caps. Updates are infrequent, if happening at all.

Reasons to Join Four Finger Club

You have some good quality and on-niche videos here and as you can access the full DVDs, by scene, you get good value for money. There are bonus sites to tap into as well, the site is easy to use and the model index holds some info about the girls. The site stays on target and is not expensive.

Things that could be improved on Four Finger Club

Some of the DVDs appear on other sites in the network. I couldn't reach all of the bonus sites, only 11 that were listed. There had been only one update in the last two years, and older content don't have the same HD specs as the newer content.

Four Finger Club Bonus Sites & Pricing

It's not a bad price to pay for loads of full DVDs and then the bonuses. You need to watch out for a pre-checked cross sale on the join page; the trial period doesn't seem to be limited. Longer term offers work because of the network access, some of those sites are updating more often than this one.

Four Finger Club Review Conclusion

The Four Finger Club offers some hot lesbian finger fun with toys and squirting. There are enough DVD to keep you going for a long while, and then you have some bonus site access too. There hadn't been serious updates for a long while, but what there is here is good quality and on the promised niche; you're not going to stick your fingers up at this site.

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20 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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