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Czech Mega Swingers

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Here we have another of those wild and rare sites that only Czech AV seem to be able to pull off. Czech Mega Swingers is about group sex, and were talking a house full of swingers and some pretty large groups. It's unscripted, as-it-happens hardcore here with real amateur swinging couples and wild orgies. There are HD movies to view, it is all exclusive, and you have bonus site access included for extra value.

"Amazing swinger parties and an orgy of bonuses too"
We apologize, This site is no longer available.




  • 91 Movie Clips
  • Full HD 1080p (5,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 10 Mins

Czech Mega Swingers Full Review


Each of the movies here has been cut down into clips, so you need to find the part one of an event and start from there you can easily click through form one part to the next. Doing things this way you will be able to follow the party from start to finish. They start off pretty quietly and a bit tame, the hostess goes round offering drinks saying things like, "Will you have a vodka or show your pussy?" and some girls have a drink while others show their pussies, and so the fun starts.

And then, slowly, and from various camera angles, the party gets started. After a while inhibitions are thrown to the wind and clothes come right off until you have small groups fucking on one corner, a larger group sucking dick in another, a couple being quiet and alone somewhere else, and then a mass of writhing bodies in some of the biggest orgies I have seen. The guys and girls here tend to be in their 20s and 30s but I would say there are also some Milfs in the mix too. They are amateurs as well, so there is a mix of looks and builds, but generally speaking we are looking at hot babes and hard and hung Czech guys. I also noticed there was a lot of shaved pussy and dick around too.

It is all decently filmed too with static cameras and some roving and the quality is fine. There are subtitles for the dialogue too and the sound is good. You can stream and there is only one streaming option but it is a good on and full screen is fine as well. You can then download in up to three choices of resolution. There is often one WMV file and a couple of Mp4 and the top resolution was at 1080p on the more recent movies, with perhaps only two choices on older ones. Movies run for ten minutes per part and are clearly labelled so are easy to follow.

The only downer at the moment is the lack of updates and their irregularity; there is no news to say when a new party is going to be filmed or when a part will be added. Movies come with upload dates, and their runtimes are shown, and you have a brief description or comment on each scene, but that is it for information. You can't actually comment on the scenes yourself either, and there is nowhere where you can rate them or store them in a favourites area. There are no search and sort options either and no filters, so you can only really search but the sample images you see on the index pages.

The site is easy to navigate though and technically it runs just fine so there are no worries there. You can easily get to your bonus sites as well. They are listed in a left list on the home page and also on a separate page where there is a little more info about each one. There are 27 other sites to go and see and between them they hold around 3,000 movies. All of this content is exclusive, and the themes are very varied, the quality is good and there is at least one network update every day. When you add that all together you realise that at Czech Mega Swingers, you not only have wild and busy swinger parties but you also get an orgy of bonuses too.


The quality is fine here with natural sound and good filming, HD recordings are available and there's a top rez at 1080p, though older scenes may only be at 720, which is still fine to see. The site is easy to use and works well, navigation is easy though it is not very interactive.

Content offered on Czech Mega Swingers

There were 91 parts of ten minutes each making up 19 swinger parties in total but no way to download a whole party. There were three downloads and one stream per clip in WMV and Mp4 format. Updates had not been very regular and there had not been many of them in the months before my visit; there's no update news. Content is exclusive.

Reasons to Join Czech Mega Swingers

These are some of the biggest and wildest swinger party and orgy videos we have seen in a long while and they are all exclusive. The cast is good looking, with hung guys and hot babes, there are various cameras in use, good quality filming and then you have loads of bonus sites to add value for money.

Things that could be improved on Czech Mega Swingers

There are no interactive options and very little information. You don't know when the next update might come along and previous updates have been hit and miss. There are no galleries or photos to view.

Czech Mega Swingers Bonus Sites & Pricing

You have three sign-up options and they are all good value when you consider the amount of exclusive content bonus sites you will be accessing. There are no hidden charges or cross sales either. The network holds 28 sites and 3,000 videos and there are daily updates. Whichever way you look at it you have excellent value here.

Czech Mega Swingers Review Conclusion

Czech Mega Swingers is probably the biggest swinger site and orgy site we have seen in a while and the quality is good. You only find these parties here and they are wild. Loads of hot babes in hardcore unscripted sex scenes, and a decent number of parties to view. Updates are a concern, but the network access ensures great value.

27 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

The Sites Listed here are sites that the company also has produced. In most cases, when you sign up to one of their sites you get access to their entire network. Check above to see if this company allows Multi-Access in the SITE DETAIL section of the review.

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