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Cum Disgrace

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Added on September 10, 2009 by Missy

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This is definitely going to be an, In your face! sort of site! Cum Disgrace gives a large tour area, showing you a couple of facts up front, one of those being they are a part of the, Porn Pros Network, meaning you're going to have bonus sites included with your membership and promises of HD quality through the video installments of their many sites. Images will ride the shirt-tails while this bizarre fetish is going to practically knock you off of your feet with the pornographic power it exhibi

"The Force of Facials!"

Latest Review Update

July 7, 2018

Cum Disgrace may not exist in the PornPros network anymore, and i am guessing they have amalgamated the 38 scenes into the rest of the network. The PornPros network is worth joining though, as it has over 3,200 exclusive vids that are spread out over 18 sites. All you have to do is pay for one site, and the rest come at no extra fee.

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38 Full Movie & Movie Clips

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38 Picture Sets

400 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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Cum Disgrace Full Review

ReviewerThere's one thing to keep in mind when you're dealing with a network such as what this site belongs to, and that is, when the main membership doors open, they are going to be like a kid with a new toy, they are going to want to grab your attention quickly, loudly and then try to hold it. So, expect your gaze to be met with tons of advertising images and text placed here and there, giving you updates and information about a little from this site and a lot from that one, they aren't going to center on one only, and that's not a bad thing….its normal. Luckily, they have plenty of search features that will take you to exactly what you're wanting, narrowing it down to bring you the ultimate height to your erection…as for me, Im plowing forward through the porn to see the Cum Disgrace, that is my main objective.

When clicking on my intended fetish, they immediately open a page of shots…and I do mean that in the literal sense, pictures of huge facial shots that are going to saturate the pores of these babes until they'll still be cleaning cum from their ears a week later! Unfortunately, you wont find as much material here as you do sperm, with just 14 sets apparent, they need to fertilize the fornication for quick growth. But they have choices for what is here a plenty! You can opt for everything from one minute snippets of an approximate 48 minute video for example, to the full length itself. The only thing matching their numerous choices for members, is the outstanding quality they all come in. They pledged HD, and that's exactly what you get. There are 4 formats in offering, and they all carry technical numbers that will tell you you will have cum in clarity!

Part of the foreplay from this site comes in the form of the abuse they put these stunning babes through. With mouth harnesses to hold those lips wide open, not to mention ropes around their tits and wrists, that is just the beginning of the brutality. They are laying the porn premise that they're taking these damsels against their will, forcing them into humiliation positions and displays before giving them that last saturation spark of submissiveness, and that comes in the form of a huge ejaculation that will take the mascara right off of their lashes!

This is like a cookie jar freshly filled with that warm baked goodness, and you cant wait to reach your hand inside to start enjoying the flavors of the fornication from Cum Disgrace. The main issue is, there's barely over a bakers dozen of dirtiness offered, but if they sprinkle them regularly with updates, this will be an after dinner treat you'll want to partake in each night…and no calories!


The quality of this site is pretty much what I expected from the Porn Pros Network, filled with choices for their members, and all displayed in high quality for the best fetish experience. They are keeping with their reputation, which is a good thing!


I very much wish this site had held more material of its own accord, especially when viewing what is here, it's hot, it's hardcore and it's definitely bizarre! In their defense, this site is only a bit over 4 months in age, but still...there could be more, but many bonuses do enhance the count.


Practically every aspect I would consider in giving a summary of the good and bad for this site is going to fall under the heading of good. Each site available is easily found, there are numerous choices for video enjoyment, high resolution shots as well as caps, a ZIP option and just good old fashioned hardcore enjoyment.


My negative impression from this site came in basically one singular factor...the amount of material. There are regular updates done for activity, but it's across the board for the entire network and not for Cum Disgrace which has not updated for quite some time.

Pricing & Bonus

There are two ways to look at the membership fee matching what you're going to get from this site, the first being if you use the objective of this site singular, being worthy, then it would be, not even close...lack of material, but when you factor in the huge network you're receiving that will change your mind quickly while reaching for your credit card.


Cum Disgrace is definitely one of the more wild sites you'll find when it comes to facial fun. They not only tie, bound and torture the girls first, but then when they unleash the fury of their luggage load, it's with power, force and abundance! Tour promises held up, quality was outstanding. Numbers are low and with no updates the collection is small.

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November 27, 2017

Cum Disgrace is a new site to the PornPros network, so when you become a member here, it will include the bonus of having full access to all of the 18 sites that make up this huge network. One price for all this is fantastic news. Its only a small site for now, and has 38 scenes in HD, and their contents are quite unique. The scenes can be downloaded or streamed, and every scene comes with a high-resolution photo set. This may be a small site, and they no longer update

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