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Butt Party

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Even if these girls were to turn the other cheek, youre still in for one heck of a view! Theyre offering all shapes and sizes of sizzling and sassy girls from Butt Party, and the common denominator between them is the fact they have the rump for robust love making! The tour promises the exclusive content will be done in ultra nice quality with their footage becoming a true ass-et to your library of lust!

"The fanny festivities have started!"
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  • 91 Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (2,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 18 Mins


  • 91 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures

Butt Party Full Review


There is a full moon out tonight and its shining brightly with those bulging cheeks and the tempting divider line that will be taken advantage of in the fullest sense of sexual desire. Opening up the main membership page will have everything delivered with deliciousness, of course they do include the bonus entries and updates, but as for our intended site, its the main focus. They have found their niche, which is pretty well covered by the title, Butt Party as being all about those round, jiggling asses, but they dont stop there when it comes to the hardcore, exclusive fornication theyre offering.

Ive already gone through a number of the sets from this site and it does seem they make sure you can feed a few fetishes while partaking the porn they have up for grabs. The women are lovely amateurs, all of them carrying a distinct personality to offer, and all of which can grimace with the best of them while being fucked with a fury. Yes, theres not much about this site that will make you feel as though these babes are being wined and dined before delving deeply into their orifices, the men included in the sets, they are out for one thing, and that is showing the girls who is boss and how having the balls means youll be riddled by them!

They grab, squeeze, tug and pull on the hard nipples, they slap, swat and play more than rough with these girls, all for the sake of that macho act of taking what they want for the camera to capture every almost brutal moment of the moisture gathering content. Thats a large part of the intrigue to this site, its not presented as just lovely women that are posing to show their asses while the hardcore material plays out, that has been done and over done, what theyre actually doing is almost like an attack scene upon the sexiness of these well rounded women, letting their roughness be the way you really observe the butts, and the boner.

Even though the main focus is to be on the bottom side of these sexy ladies, theres so much more going on, you may forget the original taunting that brought you here. Most every set holds more than one porn player, which means youre going to find double penetration, a lot of oral sex, with true blue face fucking being the manner its delivered in, vaginal and anal penetration, cum shots, lingerie, some BBW fun, POV filming and more, so as you can see, youre going to have a cookie jar full of juiciness.

The video clips are presented with two qualities, low and high, and three formats, WMV/MOV for download and Flash for the streaming. One thing to keep in mind is the fact the download times will run long, but the majority of the video footage from Butt Party is offered in HD, hence one reason for the longer time elements, also for the streaming, I viewed a handful of different installments and there was a lot of stop/start to the presentation, telling me that buffering will be a nuisance now and then. Along with each set going hand in hand will be their image galleries, which are high resolution when enlarged, you cant tell much from the thumbs, they are too small for my liking. But, when expanding their boundaries they come in at a nice, 683x1024 pixels. Surprisingly enough´┐Żno ZIP.

A negativity I found to this site was in the dates added for their newer material. The first page or two seemed to hold updates listed in a chronological order of acceptance, but when going further back in time, they were all over the place with dates, one being from October of 2009, the next being March 2010, and then going right back to October, a bit too willy-nilly for me to get accuracy on how long theyve been in existence and how precise their dating is.


They kept with the promises from their tour area in regards to the nice quality from this site. Navigation was simple, the sets were displayed with an eye appealing uniformity and the content itself carried a nice presentation throughout.

Content offered on Butt Party

The numbers were above a mediocre range in count, giving enough for you to truly enjoy. I'm a bit confused in regards to their mix-matched dating on freshness to have the ability in being honest with the freshness of material building.

Reasons to Join Butt Party

The part of this site that immediately grabbed my interest, held it and brought me in for more was the action itself. The man-handling roughness of the males as they put the girls where they want them and how they want them for the powerful sex they receive.

Things that could be improved on Butt Party

There were a couple of items I'd like to see changed, the first one being, if they're going to offer a chronological display of when freshness is added, they need to do so with accuracy, most of the content was not in order, leaving me wondering when this site actually began. From there, thumbs were small, videos take long in download, no ZIP.

Butt Party Bonus Sites & Pricing

They are carrying themselves nicely in the overall count for their self supported material, and it looks as though they're paying attention to new things being added, which boosts its worthiness, from there, bonus sites, DVDs and more will enhance the thought of membership.

Butt Party Review Conclusion

Butt Party really did run the gambit with the many niches I found in going through the content. Yes, they do make those fannies a focal point for viewers, but they also add hardcore, almost brutal sex acts, multiple partners, interracial sex and more, so you're getting a lot from one pledged category.

5 Bonus Sites & Multi Access Network

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