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18 X Girls

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Added on July 11, 2013 by Wesley Sinn

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Perhaps the number 18 gives this site away as does the X and the word girls for its all about 18 year old girls who are in X rated videos and pictures. The X rated stands for what we all call hardcore in the porn business, of course. So now you know the basis of this site, and truthfully, its a doozie! What doozie means is that the girls are fabulously gorgeous, and the technical side of this site is also wondrous.

"High definition young adult content beautifully delivered."






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842 Full Movie

Average length of 25 Mins
6000Kbps WMV
4800Kbps WMV
0Kbps FLV
1500Kbps MP4

842 Picture Sets

145 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
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18 X Girls Full Review

Reviewer18 X Girls has done a whopper of a job in finding the most luscious girls who are just over 18 and exhibit the turned up breasts of female youth, as well as the delicate almost baby-soft skin of a girl who is of that age. Each of the girls appears so na´ve that its almost a shock to see what they end up doing in the videos and pictures shown on this site. For example many of them strip completely, and play with themselves using large dildos and/or the large headed vibrators that are found worldwide in porn, the famous or infamous Hitachi vibrator depending on how you look at it.
But the site goes much further than that, fear not. It is after all a hardcore site, thus you will see fingering, fucking, ass fucking, blowjobs, anal beads, pussy licking by both males and females, so that theres lesbian connections that feature even strap-ons, as well as just about anything else you wish to see such as three-way hookups too! Just remember how young these girls appear to be prior to looking into this site, after all would not wish to have anyone go into shock, now do we?
This is a rather large site, so that there is plenty to watch. What we found to be the greatest is that they feature stunning European models all of whom are in their late teens. Watching such girls just pleasuring themselves using a great mixture of items for the solo masturbation scenes was great, but then when they began to get it on with young but very hot guys, thats when watching really got serious. We mean by that, that if you are bi, youll get the best of two different worlds, the hot girls, as well as the young good looking men!
Alright, weve already told you that its a large site, but just how large is it? Well, lets just say that there are approximately 860 truly hot videos to watch, and matching 860 picture galleries waiting for you.
Whats even more exciting is that all of their videos are available for you in High Definition! What that means to the viewer is that you will be able to see the videos in the highest quality possible. That signifies 720p Windows Media. The screen will be completely full, meaning 1280X720 and it will look extraordinary. They ordinarily had the scenes in 1080p HD formatting, but for some reason changed it, however it is still Hi Def. But then there are the MP4 formatted files, so that this will give you a great 640x360 screen result, and best yet, you can have a mobile ready download in the MP4 format, which yields a great 480X272 screen. Their Flash videos also look fantastic. Just click play and away you go! Most of the videos last for about 25 minutes each, which is just long enough to have time for a wonderful jack off!
Moving on to the picture galleries, now there theyve outdone themselves, for all the pictures are in Hi res. and they all appear to have been photographed professionally. If you wish to see something close up that you may have missed during the playing of the video, chances are that theres a picture of it for you to drool over! All of their pictures will open up for you at high resolution 5616X3744 pixels, and lets face it that is one full screen! Naturally, those pictures are all Zipped for you as well and the majority of these galleries have about 145 pictures in each.
18 X Girls is serious when it comes to updates, as you will get a brand new video and brand new picture gallery daily! As if you have not enough to look at, as a bonus they also allow you to have a look at their video collection that is apart from those on the site. These videos have the unreal count of approximately 3550 videos for you to watch and cum again and again with them. More free stuff? Sure, why not? Youll also have a chance to peruse another site of theirs called Share Adult where people share their extremely interesting home-made videos and pictures.
So, by now you are wondering if there is a fly in the ointment, as my grandfather used to say, and unfortunately there is. None of their videos or pictures is exclusive, thus you possibly may have seen them elsewhere, but considering thats really the only negative about this site, we think that they had a hit on their hands when they began the site in 2010, and they still do!


It would be highly difficult to complain about any lack of quality when they present you with Hi Def videos at 1920x1080 , a fully accomplished download of MP4s for mobile use, and Hi res pictures. Great quality to be had here.


See above in the Quality listing. Additionally with 860 picture galleries and 860 videos currently on site, content is quite satisfying.


Hi Def videos, MP4s for mobile use, Hi Res. pictures, 3550 additional videos, and a bonus site! Wow, so many pros!


There are only a few cons with this site including, a pre-checked cross sale, no advanced search, and the fact that their videos and pictures are not all exclusive only to this site

Pricing & Bonus

Pricing is set at $24.95 per month, or you can save if you take the longer membership options, and remember all the extra bonus videos and the bonus site that are also included in that price.


If you wish to see gorgeous nubile 18 year old girls performing solo for you thats great, but this site also has them having sex with good looking young guys, and with other nubile girls as well. Its a hardcore site that includes such goodies as anal sex, blowjobs, anal beads, pussy licking and strap-ons, and even three way sex too!

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