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In Focus Girls

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There are times when we want to see all manner of boy-girl stuff and desire to see hardcore fucking. Of course we also want to watch both screaming in what the French refer to as the little death. However there are other times when we wish to see what the fairer sex does when all alone or perhaps when with other females, thus going at each other with a hunger that absolutely must be assuaged.

"you just wont believe what the girls do when cumming on that Sybian."




  • 1,232 Full Movie
  • Full HD 1080p (4,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 15 Mins


  • 1,211 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Zip Files

In Focus Girls Full Review


Focus Girls is an all-girl site that mostly portrays female masturbation and their orgasms. Additionally it also portrays lesbian action. When it shows lesbian action it is quite thorough for it includes some really hot fingers going in and out of very wet pussies, or playing with glistening clits. Naturally there are some truly amazing close ups of pussy diving as well as clit licking over and over again. There are times when this leads to the ultimate, namely some amazing pussy fisting of lubed up snatch. Naturally there are times when a pseudo cock makes an appearance, namely hard dildos that fill up those pussies to bring the girls to orgasms. Then as if all that was not enough, the girls also sit on their Sybian for a while. Now if you thought that there were some really wild orgasms before, you just wont believe what the girls do when cumming on that Sybian.

Talking about the delicious girls that you will find at this site reminds us to cover the fact that they almost all seem to be between the ages of 18 to 22 years old which lets face it is when any girl is ordinarily considered at her most natural beautiful. But the site has accomplished its job very well by portraying all these lovely girls in the most sensual of instances as possible, making sure that they perform a soft core strip tease, which is what then leads up to either their self-masturbation or to the super-hot lesbian contact.

With the current count of videos at 1232, you can be assured of having a good time here. This is a very high quality site, with the movies in two different viewing modes, such as FLV for bit rates of 4000 to get results of 1280 width x 720 height. Or you may wish to get MP4s for bit rates of also 4000 to also get results of 1280 width x 720 height. Granted this is at the lower end of high definition, but it is still Hi Def. The average length of these full movies is 15 minutes, however rest assured that they are completely full of deliciousness!

The current videos are accompanied by 1211 fabulous Hi Res pictures. Each of those sets contains approximately 85 pictures. All of these are Zipped in order to make downloading of them so much easier.

You need to be aware of a few things. First, there is a download limit in place here, to prevent people from completely downloading the full 1232 videos overnight, and then failing to return. Next there is a rather lenient daily download limit of 50 GB and that happens only within a 24 hour period. The site has also recently added live free camshows as well as a personals section.


Though it could stand a small improvement, the movies are being offered in Hi Def. There are some older ones that of course do not fit the 1280 width x 720 height. The pictures, however are all presented in great Hi Res., thus they are of the highest quality already.

Content offered on In Focus Girls

With their film entry of 1232 videos, as well as 1211 fabulous Hi Res picture sectors that each contains approximately 85 pictures, those are truly impressive numbers. After all that is a very high number of pictures.

Reasons to Join In Focus Girls

There are a great number of pros here. First is the excellent sensuality of the girls and what they do on this site. Next is the fact that the videos are mostly Hi Def. In addition, the pictures are all Hi Res. Finally one needs to consider the great coverage that the girls using the Sybian are given. Also all content here is exclusive.

Things that could be improved on In Focus Girls

As mentioned the site could well stand to improve on the quality of the Hi Def. Also the fact that there are no bonus sites being offered is definitely a con.

In Focus Girls Bonus Sites & Pricing

As always, we have strived to bring you the very best price as well as a bonus if possible. We know that you are as thankful for this as we are for your patronage.

In Focus Girls Review Conclusion

This particular site is full of extremely great looking young girls who are in between 18 and 22 years of age. The girls strip, and they perform one of two different things. They may masturbate, using perhaps fingers, or even dildos, and the really brave also face the Sybian. Others are desirous of lesbian contact. Either way, they all have great orgasms.

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