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Stiletto Girl

Added on April 10, 2013 by Hardwood

Review Summary

Stiletto Girls is a fetish oriented website which showcases a buffet of splendid Euro babes flaunting their legs and feet in sexy stiletto heels. The site claims to have exclusive videos and pictures, of which there is a vast quantity, in the region of 27000 pics and 200 plus videos. The site is updated on a regular basis, so its content is always expanding. There is no nudity and the site really focuses on sexy feet and shoes.

"Stiletto Girls is full of luscious, stiletto-clad honeys."






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$69.95 $23.32 a month
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212 Full Movie

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710 Picture Sets

60 Pics In Set
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Stiletto Girl Full Review

ReviewerJust like cleavage, stilettos are often an outward sign that a woman has a strong desire to fuck, and that her prerequisites for doing so are less rigorous than those of her counterparts. In fact, there should probably be a warning stamped on the box of any newly purchased pair of stilettos, which should read: Men might perceive the wearer of this product as a slut. It is undeniable that stilettos have an inherent sex appeal. They even enhance the appeal of so-so looking women, and men who dont have a foot fetish are often drawn to and aroused by these fuck-me shoes. And for women who are in fact sluts, or simply need some fun with a penis, stilettos are an easy way to announce this desire discreetly. So it seems that everyone wins with these provocative shoes, and it was inevitable that they would be popular in the porn industry, both in movies and fetish-oriented websites.

Stiletto Girls is one such website which presents exactly what youd expect, namely, luscious honeys sporting stilettos. Their beauty and seductive poses are enough to tempt any man, even more so when heels are introduced into the equation. And its not just the stilettos that these models wear; they are also adorned in tantalizing lingerie, stockings and nylon, so that what we have is an arousing assortment of models. Not all of them are professional models, so fans of amateur babes will also be pleased.

There are a couple pages for non-members to tour, providing them with just enough to entice them to join. On these pages are some of the models, and a few of them are featured with a description, number of photos and video sets, and some photos. The other pages boast numerous thumbnail pics representing the videos, a preview video, and a string of updates marked in descending order. This is quite a thorough job, although arguably the site could benefit from having more preview videos.

The site is neat and organized. The style and color scheme is good and straightforward, which makes it easy to navigate. As a member, it is segmented into the home page, model index, video archive, and pages featuring the newer videos and photo galleries. The videos and photos are arranged in date order, and have information like video duration and number of photos in each gallery. The videos are available in Windows Media and MPEG formats and are of a decent quality. The photos are high-resolution, but there is no option to download them in Zip files.

The Home Page, at the top of which are pics of the newest models on the site, opens with some detail of the sites fetish, complete with an erotic story. This is followed with a welcome message and explanation of the site. We then have the featured model of the month. There is a friendly tone to the site, and the impression is that the fetish is understood, rather than exploited.

Some might complain that the material of Stiletto Girl is too tedious or that its pictures and videos are too softcore. The response to this should be that the site has a very defined objective, and a precise audience, and in that context it is doing a good job, for which
It should be applauded.


The quality of the pics and videos varies, but for the most part it is good, if not excellent, with the photo galleries having the more superior quality. The images of the babes modeling in their attire are vivid and should please fans of the genre.


The models of Stiletto Girls do not engage in any sexual antics. They rather flaunt their bodies which are adorned in skimpy clothes and, of course, various foot wear. Most of the apparel they dress in is of the office variety, and the shoes they wear are diverse.


As mentioned, the site definitely does not skimp with the quantity of its content. Not only are there thousands of pics and hundreds of videos, but also lots of models to choose from.


The focus of the site is on the stilettos rather than feet, and as such foot fetishists might be disappointed. Stiletto Girls is softcore stuff; which means the models pose in provocative shoes and attire, and there is no sex or nudity. Navigation is not very advanced, Photos are not in zipped files, and the monthly price is a quite high.

Pricing & Bonus

There are no bonus sites with membership. Membership is available at a $34.95 non-recurring fee, or there is the option of paying $34.95 and then $24.95 recurring each subsequent month.


Despite its flaws, most notably the lack of a trial membership, and questionable entertainment value for foot fetishists, Stiletto Girls regular updates, and luscious, stiletto-clad honeys, earns it a recommendation for those with a high heel shoe fetish.

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