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Simple Fucks

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Added on August 13, 2010 by Missy

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They question their intelligence, but not their sex drive! Simple Fucks says its all about those nimble minded girls that just want satisfaction, but I say they must be pretty smart to line up all of the lust they seem to be gaining through the tour pages of this site! Membership is pledged to carry HD videos and amazingly high resolution photos, which means sex with satisfaction from all angles!

"Its a nookie haven of hardcore fun!"




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Simple Fucks Full Review

ReviewerIf your porn dream includes stunningly beautiful women, sucking and fucking men that are well hung and making that moisture filled area hum with horniness, then allow me to introduce you to, Simple Fucks. Ive reviewed other parts of this network before and found fineness with a few issues, but after already browsing through the member pages of this particular site, Im happy to say weve hit pay dirt with this one folks, it has quality and action that will leave you numb from the waist down from over usage of that certain area of appeal. Youll feel like skipping to work and stopping to play hopscotch along the way because youll feel like a kid again with all of the rising thats going to be happening in your jeans!

You can search anywhere throughout the internet for any niche that is a particular favorite for you, and chances are youre going to find tons of sites that will support your horny filled habit, but when it breaks down to just some good ol fashioned hardcore entertainment, I am truly leaning towards recommending this site with bells and whistles! They dont project anything they arent, the promises made through their intro pages are exactly what youre going to find within membership, thank goodness for the reality of raunchy goodness!

There is enough nudity here to give you a real fetish for skin tone desire, not to mention areolas that pucker up enough to harden the nipples capping them off. All sized breasts are offered throughout the content, but all of them will give your palms something to smile about as they rest across your life-lines while heading towards your hungry lips for suckling. They offer a lot of different things for enhancing the erotic side of their foreplay, which includes a strippers pole, different shades and material of lingerie, short skirts (that wont remain on for long), high heels, fluffy bedding and of course the flexible bodies on these babes that will have them stretching and straining to give their all to their male admirers. And, speaking of which, the men are just as handsome as the women are beautiful, with their ripped 6-packs, bulging biceps and of course the boners that will strain with hardness and eagerness for the damsels that await them.

They keep it simple, as I said, not trying to be something they arent and why should they, theyre more than perfect in what they hold. There will be a lot of oral sex going on, which will include giving and receiving for both genders, and some nice POV shots during the dick diving talents from the ladies that are determined to try to go full throttle with the deep throat endeavors. There will be some boob banging enjoyment too, but it will all lead up to the many multiple positions for penetration, and that is where the Simple Fucks really start to shine. Youve got doggy style, missionary, side by side, girl on boy, boy on girl, and everyone getting off to a glorious orgasm. In fact, youll have those streams of salty sperm dripping off the chins of these beautiful babes to show the testicles are now empty and prepping for round two!

They promised HD for video clip viewing through the tour area and that is what we shall have! They do a nice job of laying things out for member enjoyment, its a bit simple, but truly it is displayed well and easily navigated. They carry the same choices through streaming as they do download, which means WMV is the main course for either and then in the download area will be a MOV choice too. This will include standard definition as they call it, and the HD, which is very nice. That is the one area where I would highly recommend hitting the full screen viewing option, it will be well worth the click of the link.

From the image section, this is the one place I find just a smidge of disappointment in overall content, and thats just because the galleries hold small images that are a bit too close together in viewing for their set advertisements, and again as thumbs. Enlargements do restore my faith however, as the largest presentation will bring pixel sizes such as, 1600x1066, yes full screen viewing with quality that can pretty well hold its own from that much sizing. Unfortunately Im not finding a ZIP option.

Just as a footnote I did want to add one thing. They do offer dates as to when their new content is added, which is always a good thing, and from going back in their chronological listings I find this site is a bit over 2 years old. The numbers dont seem to match that length of time, but if you sit down and think about the fact they vary on when freshness is addressed, it will tell you they are keeping the attention going. Some sets show a 4 day span between entries while others are exhibiting 10 days or so, but at least they are hitting back with newness to keep the numbers growing, that in my opinion are high enough for worthiness. Also, factor in the many bonuses and this just has winner written all over it.


I would have to give a percentage rate of 90% of this site holding high quality. They do well with the layout, the display for the most part is good, and the videos do offer the promised HD along with full page enlargements for the images. It's simple and yet done with a professional look that speaks volumes.


This site seems to be a bit over 2 years old, so they have background behind them that could have taken two paths, but luckily they chose the one that is keeping updates added for freshness. There is no set schedule, the days will vary between, but still, the attention is there.


I really like the way this site promised a niche and that's exactly what you get. Wild and horny women that can't get enough hardcore sex, and the entire display of each set focuses upon those fine qualities which will keep you excited and aroused throughout your every visit.


Luckily, I didn't find much to complain about in regards to this site, just a couple of issues brought a bit of disappointment. The first one being in the image section, the thumbs and advertising set shots are a bit small and a little too close together, meaning you have to stop and focus, also, there was no ZIP option.

Pricing & Bonus

It's with a clear and open mind that I say this site would be worthy to put your credit card out and make the purchase. Not only are the self supporting numbers high enough, with the showing of dates as proof that after 2+ years, they are still adding new content, and then all of the bonuses sweeten the deal even more.


Simple Fucks is a site that can be enjoyed by anyone. They promise good ol' fashioned hardcore entertainment and that's exactly what you get. Multiple sexual positions for penetration, a lot of oral sex, steaming foreplay, lovely lingerie and more, all falling under hardcore.

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