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Old Farts Young Tarts

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Added on July 19, 2012 by Missy

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From the look of the tour area to Old Farts Young Tarts these geezers are taking their vitamins....and their Viagra! With wrinkles and liver spots showing, they're also blessed with boners that are pointing north and looking for nookie! They're putting down their canes and picking up the young girls, promising footage of it all through pictures and videos. With hardcore bonus sites and hardcore young/old content it delivers.

"The Juicy Generation Gap!"






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Old Farts Young Tarts Full Review

ReviewerI enjoy the look of sites where you're immediately shown they're thinking outside of the box, and that's what I am finding from Old Farts Young Tarts. Opening the main membership page displays like a million others out there in the world, nothing too unique about the basic plan that was put together from their dirty drawing board.its not until I decided to check out the model index that I got a smile on my face. Normally when a header such as that opens, it puts the spotlight on the lovely young ladies, their smile, their bodies, and their eagerness, but in this case..that's not the case. They are putting all of their money on the gents with the genitals to make the girls happy. Nice touch, giving these older men with stamina the spotlight.

These sexy seniors are ranging in age around 50-60, but don't despair, they're also offering some into their 80s, so yes, if you though they lose gravity once they turn gray, think again! They've done a nice job of putting together scenarios that would/could be believable. For instance, a lonely young lady sitting at home, no date, no anything to stimulate her mind but the wine shes polishing off, and now her own TV doesn't cooperate, it breaks down. The normal response to that issue would be to call for a repairman, which is just what she does, and lucky for her, he can not only fix her set but he can cure her horniness too!

He decides instead of endorsing her check, hell validate her vagina! Her small, perky breasts bound free from her tube top, showing her large areolas and hard nipples while he takes her through positions that would surprise the younger male generation. One thing about the men on this site, they have the experience behind them to assure the girls are fully satisfied. Its actually hot to watch their large bellies and hairy backs going through the motions of meat pounding hardcore action.

They keep with basically two formats, one for streaming and then one for download, in a low, high and full resolution, for either episodes for full scenes, so you are getting choices for your viewing pleasure, and there is a high count of material to utilize those choices from. From the video page you'll also find they've organized the access to their images as well. When I first opened a few of these shots, I really jumped to the conclusion they must be screen caps, but the more I viewed, I quickly changed my mind. There was no streaking in the film and they enlarge them to a full screen 1200x800 pixels, and with the quality showing, these couldn't have been grabbed from the video.


I was more than impressed with the quality offered from Old Farts Young Tarts. Navigation was a breeze and they give the videos through streaming or downloadable options, two different formats, episodes or full clip, keeping the members happy with their presentations.


This site is more than adequate at keeping a smile on the faces of their members from the material they hold within their private walls. They seem to be keeping a weekly schedule with updates and with the bonus sites and chat functions, this is worthy of what they're asking in content count.


This site - in this reviewer's opinion was packed with positive presentation. The quality was high from video display and the images expanded full screen with clarity. A nice amount of material resides and the bonus sites cover various hardcore niches including rimming and Anal slurp, where they suck the cum from the girls ass, hardcore nasty stuff indeed.


The only real con that stuck out in my mind and stayed there was the fact that the acting abilities of some of the girls, well, just like most steaks you get in a restaurant, a bit over done. Most didn't hold that natural flow, it was a bit on the fake side of seduction, but it all worked out in the end.

Pricing & Bonus

The membership cost is very reasonable being a fetish sort of niche, there is plenty of content to view and the bonus sites add value to your membership cost.


For any man out there that thinks he's well past his prime and will never experience the sweetness and seduction of a young, tight body again, then this site will show how they should change their way of thinking. Old Farts Young Tarts says it's possible, it's probable and it's pornographic!

Members Area Screen Shots

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