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Naked News

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Added on April 07, 2014 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

This site is exactly what it is named, Naked News: news items bright to you by hot, naked presenters and journalists. This site is one of a kind, it's not about porn, it's about news, but here we have very sexy women bringing you a daily round up of all kinds of items, interviews and features, and while they are doing this they are totally undressed. It's unique and exclusive with an archive of programmes to view dating back a few years

"Your daily news roundup totally naked!"

Latest Review Update

January 2, 2019

Naked News has added 1,700 videos mainly in Full HD since the last review over four years ago, and it is still adding new content more or less every day. It has a huge library of great porn, and the content it exclusive to this site. There are no photo sets, but with this amount of updating, you wonâ€t have time for anything else.






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$96.00 $8 a month
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Naked News Full Review

ReviewerWhen you first log in to Naked News you will see the same programme as you saw on the tour, or at least, you should now see the full version of what you saw on the tour as an example of what to expect. Beneath this you have the more recent shows, a list of the current anchors, the girls who introduce the shows, then some auditions by naked girls who wanted to be on the show, and then some celebrity models for a bit of an extra. The main menu also takes you to the main anchors, the archives and some special offers for sign up deals to other sites run by the same company (Mr Skin) but which are not included in this membership.

Remember, this site is not about porn, it's not hardcore and it's not really even soft-core. It is about news, but the presenters just happen to be naked. So, what kind of things to they present?

Well, the episode on the day of my visit contained: a roundup of fun videos from the net, You Tube stuff like daredevil pranks, silly animal clips and that kind of thing. There was then Versus, a competition item where four naked girls played table tennis, with commentary, there were then some interviews, including one with the reporter topless in the streets. There was an article about video games, like a review or two, and then the closing segment and a behind the scenes section to finish. Each section runs for around five minutes and comes with three choices of streaming.

You can stream in 480, 720 and 1080p with the mid-range versions working perfectly well and smoothly and being at 640 x 480 @ 700 kbps. Each scene or rather bulletin runs for around 30 minutes and there is a new one every day. There are also options to download the full programme or the segment you have been watching, which is neat, so you don't have to take the whole file if you don't want to. These are MP4 downloads in three resolution choices.

Head to the archives and you find various ways to search out content and around 2,214 bulletins to view dating back to 2011. The site has been running for longer than this so it looks like they don't want to use up their storage space on all the archives, and old news. That's understandable with a new half-hour show each day, but what we do get instead is the Vintage collection. This is a set of 26 categories of news, items, interviews and articles, each with its own number of pieces. So, for example, in the Locker Talk set here were nine pieces and in the Naked in the Street section there were 18. So, extra content for you to find there.

And remember, this is a daily news roundup presented by naked girls, or at least topless if they are out and about in the streets. There's no porn, just fun items and some news, and all manner of interesting things to listen to and see.


The presentation is very professional and they have that voice and presence that newscasters should have. They are also great to look at and very sexy. The site has a nice and simple design that works well there are resolution options for the streams/downloads so everyone should be able to view no trouble, and the whole this is very good quality.


As well as the 2,214 + bulletins already on the site and dating back to 2011, there is a new one being uploaded every day. There are 26 archive areas to investigate with their own number of articles and reports in each section. There were eight current anchor ladies to check out in the listings and 26 previous anchor girls, all with photos and details.


Naked News is updated every day, it is informative (though not too serious) and good fun. It is interesting and engaging and very well presented. The quality is good, the girls are hot and always naked, and the site is very unique. It is also easy to use and gives no technical hassles.


This is a non-porn adult site, so you need to be aware that youre not going to find anything hardcore here.

Pricing & Bonus

If you go for the annual membership you end up paying only $8.00 per month for a daily dose of Naked News, and that is great value. The monthly option was a straight $20.00 and that too is fine. This is a site with something new every day and youre not going to get bored with it in a hurry. There are no bonuses though there are some special offers.


Totally unique as far as I know and very well put together, this site really does bring you news presented by hot naked ladies. The news isn't the nasty drama stuff we get on TV, it's more fun and interesting than that, so it's light, but fun and informative, well presented in a professional manner and always new. Good value, fun and entertaining.

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