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Millions of dollars each year are lost to the economy due to shoplifting. That's a lot of money. What's the revenge tactic? Well, to grab the thieves and punish them in a very untraditional way, that's according to this new site, Shoplyfter. Here the naughty young girls who try and get away with it are given a choice: Gaol or sex with the guards. It's pure reality TV but with hardcore sex. Perfect, but still small.

"Reality TV comes to porn with exclusive, hardcore excellence"

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New scenes continue to be added on a weekly basis and the collection has grown to a respectable number.

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  • 163 Full Movie
  • Full HD 1080p (12,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 50 Mins


  • 163 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Shoplyfter Full Review


The first time I ran a Shoplyfter's trailer I knew we were in for something different. We've all seen those reality TV shows about petty criminals filmed from hidden cams and CCTV, the ones where the narrator dubs over the spoken introductions in his gravel voice, telling us about the state of the world today. 'Every year in the USA' This is cut together with shots of arrests and criminals and the voice gives each scene opening a sense of gravitas and a bit of a thrill. They do just the same here with the start of each of these exclusive scenes. They have got reality down to a fine art and with a twist.

After the drama is set up by the opening announcement, the story unfolds: A cute girl, usually a teen, or a group of girls, is in a store and they are lifting the goods by various means. The shots are taken from high up, on the CCTV cameras, and the narrator tells us what's going on. Then things change. The girls are caught by the 'theft prevention officers,' and taken to the back from, the security office or store. Here they are grilled and then told that the cops must be involved. And now, either that girl pleads for release or the guard gives are a choice, either way it leads to her being fucked across the desk in return for being let go.

Because of these long intros, the scenes can last for up to 50 minutes but that's fine as it really is like watching your favourite reality TV show, except with the sexy-edge at the end of it. From then on, the hardcore is treated well and there's plenty of it. The girls are babes and good actresses and the whole thing is very believable. You've got enough actual sex per scene to count and, despite the fact it's often CCTV style, it's actually very high quality. Added all together, it works brilliantly.

They are adding a new scene each week, and you have trailers, galleries and screen caps to go with them. Downloads are there in Mp4 from 1080p down to a mobile version with a standard definition in between, so you should be fine on phone or desktop. There are also streams to run. All the movies are shown on the home page with a large sample shot that you click to find the stream page, but you can also download straight away from the home page making it easy to get the videos to your files. There is only one choice of stream but it is a high definition one and the quality is good.

There are screen caps with many pics and also digital galleries which are shown at 1,280 x 960 in size when clicked open. You can download the image sets in zip files right from the home page or viewing page or browse through them one at a time online. Quality is, again, fine.

Apart from a few interactive functions, like rates, comments and 'add to favourites' the rest of this members' area is to do with paying for extras. There are adverts giving you chances to sign-up to other sites for discounts, there are links to live chat and dating sites where you pay more to join and there are some adverts floating around the site; even one before you get to the members' area. So, there are no bonuses, but there is a new slant on reality TV and sex, and that's the thing that should bring you to Shoplyfter for a good look.


The quality is very good here with videos shot at 1080p HD and delivered with two other resolution choices. They are filmed as if from CCTV and hidden cams but the quality is not low or grainy. The images are fine and the site has a simple set up, though it is marred by the advertising and lack of extras.

Content offered on Shoplyfter

There were 163 exclusive scenes of around 50 minutes with one stream option (good quality) and three Mp4 downloads from mobile to 1080p. A new scene is added every week and what's up next is advertised as coming soon. Three are 22 galleries with around 70 pics, and 22 screen cap galleries with more shots.

Reasons to Join Shoplyfter

This is a new-ish site and the price is a good one. It's exclusive content and well made. There are zip files for images and also mobile downloads for movies, plus HD. It's all very real and pulled off amazingly well.

Things that could be improved on Shoplyfter

There's a pre-checked cross sale on the join page.There were far too many adverts for my liking.

Shoplyfter Bonus Sites & Pricing

You need to check the site soon as the intro prices will probably go up before long. Right now, you can get a whole year for only $60.00 and the monthly recurring membership is not a bad price either. Watch out for a cross sale on the sign-up page and the prices there may change to your local currency. There are no bonuses.

Shoplyfter Review Conclusion

I liked Shoplyfter, the style of the videos is very professional and very 'TV', except with loads of hardcore porn included. The girls are youthful and play their parts well, the porn is all there and it's an easy site to handle, though still quite small. Good intro prices mean you can get in now for $5.00 per month and watch it grow - it will be worth it.

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December 1, 2017

ShopLyfter has only been going since the beginning of 2017 and has already got 65 horny scenes of naughty girls being punished by big dicks. This is a unique site that offers you full HD scenes that can be downloaded or streamed in MP4 format sized 1,920 x 1,080, and high-resolution photo galleries. They are updating every week, and as a member here, you will get access to the entire TeamSkeet network. This network has 24 hardcore sites that have over 2,700 scenes spread out amongst them all.

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Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Shoplyfter. Updated on August 27, 2020

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