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My Friends Hot Mom

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Added on August 25, 2013 by Michelle

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Brought to you by the well-known porn folks at Naughty America, the very name of the hosts tells you that this is going to be a hell of a hot site. After all, each of their sites is replete with some of the loveliest women possible, and when they film a sexual encounter, it is good enough for you to actually feel what it is like as you view it back home. It is due to their excellent camerawork and so much more of course!

"This site is absolutely no exception to the best porn!"

Latest Review Update

October 31, 2018

My Friends Hot Mom no longer gives you access to all the Naughty America sites. Instead, joining will get you a selection of 50 videos that come from all the Naughty America sites, and your not guaranteed that any will be from this particular site. These videos change from time to time. If you want to unlock all the content from this site it is going to cost you more money.

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3 Day Trial

$1.95 Recurs at $24.95 / month until cancelled

Discounted Monthly Price

$17.76 Save 28%

Yearly Price

$71.40 $5.95 a month
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50 Full Movie

Average length of 25 Mins
2100Kbps WMV
8000Kbps FLV
8000Kbps MP4
30000Kbps MP4

50 Picture Sets

130 Pics In Set
Zip Files

My Friends Hot Mom Full Review

ReviewerThere are two items that tells you that this is going to be one hot site, and that is the title, and secondly who brought it to you, namely Naughty America who always seem to bring forth some of the best porn available. This site is absolutely no exception.

What you will see are some red hot Mamas each of whom is in need of tremendous and very welcome sex. The Moms are all set for giving blowjobs, getting eaten out, some finger fucking, some plain old hardcore fucking, and even some anal here and there. See, we said they were hot, did we not? After all, most guys have found themselves hankering after some guys Mom, since undoubtedly the MILF principle works well in adolescent minds, and never actually stops working either, thus you may find yourself actually satisfying some heavy fantasies through this site.

This particular site has been around teasing horny guys to meet their dominant hand for some immediate solace since 2004, and in that time the site has simply gotten better, not just technically which they definitely have, but also with their storylines, acting, MILF babes in question as well as the videography, etc. It is always nice to see a site grow not just in numbers but also in stature, which My Friends Hot Mom definitely has.

There are 50 videos available here and all of the newer ones, and the many reworked ones, are all available in Hi Definition too! Their competition will have to really work hard to catch up to the 1080p HD content you will find here! One may, of course, Stream or download their great episodes in their Flash DL, for 5000k, and be able to see 1920X1080 results, or download in WMV for 20000k, 852X480 results, or using the MP4 format, for 5000k, 1920X1080 results. As in all sites, the older movies may actually have smaller and more varied specs. The point here is though, that the highest quality possible is always available with My Friends Hot Mom so that you will always be ultra-pleased with the results since the movies last for about 25 minutes.

So, not only are all those video episodes available to you, but there are also that many photo shoots available for you to see these lusciously hot Moms! These 567 photo shoots usually contain approximately 130 pictures in each of the shoots, and the quality will leave you downright gasping for air! Yes, of course they are all set up in Zipped files especially to make your downloading go as easy as possible.

Updates on this all exclusive content happens very frequently. For instance, at times they will throw you more than the usual 1 photoset and video per week, just to tease you, but tease or not you will love it!

Being high on quality it stands to reason that everyone of their episodes are date stamped and they also each come with an excellent scene synopsis. Then too each is also very well tagged and following this, it is cross-linked with highly detailed information which include the who, where, categories, actors, etc. You will be completely pleased to note that you could not wish for a more detailed rendering of what is available throughout this site as well as all those other Naughty America sites. You will be very pleased to find that all of the sites comprise of an astounding number of videos. These actually hold over 7300 different fantasies, utilizing 2039 different models to get all of that incredible sex across to you!


One could not ask for better quality, whether it is in their videos or their pictures. Then too, one should not miss out in speaking about the quality of the models either, for they too are absolutely superb.


With the high nunbers found in this site, as well as the plethora of numbers found in their other free bonus sites, one certainly cannot complain about content. Rating for content is as high as possible.


The pros on this site seem to jump out at one, but there are so many that its difficult to not become entangled in them and listing so many as to miss one! You only need read the review to find tons of pros including their quality, and of course their content, all of which are superbly high!


Though they were very difficult to locate, the cons are that the older quality still has not reached the new quality, which is actually just a matter of waiting for them all to be remastered. Then too, their pictures could be enlarged a bit.

Pricing & Bonus

Pricing is always the very lowest that we can negotiate for you, but you will no longer get access to the Naughty America Network. Instead you get a selection of around 50 videos taken from all the sites. Beware of a cross sale on the join page as well.


It would be difficult to find negatives about this site, after all it is as high technically as possible, and there are tons of movies to watch along with pictures available. The babes just seem to get lovelier and lovelier as one goes through the site too! With all the bonus sites being offered here the conclusion here is somewhere between Whee, and Whoopy!

More Review Updates

November 17, 2015

With 4 new scenes a month and all of these available in 4K this site is a great addition to anyone with a taste for high quality milf porn. The price for yearly access has been reduced even further and with the whole Naughty America network of 45 sites included you get an amazing variety of awesome porn.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of My Friends Hot Mom. Updated on October 31, 2018