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Housewife 1 On 1

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Added on May 02, 2013 by XGuest Reviewer

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Housewife 1-on-1 is just one of the many sites featured on the Naughty America network. The theme of Housewife 1-on-1 is all about romantic encounters with ones wife all shot in a POV style, meaning she is looking right into the camera and in extension, she is looking at you. While the name might imply older women, there is actually a wide variety of ages represented here, skewing more towards the early 20s side of things.

"Role play with your favorite stars in these hot POV scenes"

Latest Review Update

October 31, 2018

This site no longer gives you access to all the Naughty America sites. You get a selection of 50 videos that come from all the Naughty America sites, and your not guaranteed that any will be from this sites niche. These videos get changed from time to time. If you want all the content from this particular site your going to have to pay more money. Please watch out for the pre-checked cross sale on the join page. Uncheck it so you don't sign up for a trial to one of their other sites, which rebills at a high price.




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$1.95 Recurs at $24.95 / month until cancelled

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$71.40 $5.95 a month
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50 Full Movie

Average length of 25 Mins
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Housewife 1 On 1 Full Review

ReviewerA lot of porn situations out there deal with themes of infidelity. For example a slobs hot wife will go and fuck the new hot neighbor while he is asleep on the couch or is at work. Or maybe while some guys wife is away he will fuck the real estate agent. This type of wish fulfillment is okay, but sometimes its nice to do something different which is why I adore what Housewife 1-on-1 is doing.

All the scenes are done in a POV style, meaning that the beautiful girls are talking to the camera and in extension the viewer. This presents yet another quality that is not present enough in porn, being able to look into the eyes of the girls. A strange aspect to the conversation bits is that the male performer, in other words you, does not talk. So it seems that the girl is just having a conversation with herself but I feel if the guy were to talk it would break the strange illusion that the scenes create.

To give just a few examples of the kinds of situations I saw one in which the husband (the viewer) was about to head off to play in a band, in order to make sure he wont be tempted by groupies the wife starts sucking on his cock which then leads to a very hot scene incorporating many positions and all maintaining the POV style from the start. Another common situation was the married couple is on a trip or the husband has just come home from work and the wife wants to please him before bed.

A quick thing that I must note is that while the sites name might imply only MILF aged women, there is actually a good variety of ages represented from younger women in their 20s and older couples that would easily qualify as MILFs. I must say that the majority of the women do skew towards the younger age group but that is perfectly fine as the major draw of this site is the POV action. Naughty America has other sites on the network that are dedicated solely for MILFs any way so the need to focus on them is not there on the site.

The price to become a member has recently been reduced to $17.76 a month from the previous price of $24.95 a month, which was already reasonable considering how much high quality content you are being given access to. On top of all the Naughty America scenes, a memberships gives you discounts to various affiliate sites including industry giant Digital Playground to name just one.

While all the videos can be had in normal and DVD quality WMV files, it is only the in the past few years that the videos have been offered in more options of quality and format including three levels of MP4 (480p, 720p, and the current highest 1080p). Each video also comes with a high quality photo set that can be downloaded in a zipped folder. These are done very well, matching the top level production of the videos themselves. Of course, each video can be streamed along with its preview. Even more exciting is that there are abridged 5 minutes versions of each scene for porn viewing on the go.


As the site has been around since 2005, the quality amongst the clips is of course not as strong in those early years as opposed to the more recent videos. Every scene is at least offered in a WMV, the high definition mp4s only come with clips made in recent years. The newer videos are just fantastic HD episodes, top notch.


All videos are shot in a POV style and feature a wife, younger or older, talking to her husband. The conversation quickly leads to some hot sex between her and her man. There are hundreds of scenes for Housewife 1-on-1 as the site has been around since 2005. Plenty of hardcore covering a lot of naughty porn subjects such as sucking, fucking and more.


Content features some of the biggest stars out there as well as the hot newcomers; all shot with the best equipment out there for great high definition videos.


No longer getting all the content from this site, or the Naughty America Network is a big con.

Pricing & Bonus

No bonuses are included with membership. Be sure to uncheck a pre-checked cross sale on the join page, or you will be signed up to a trial to one of their other sites which re-bills at a high price.


If you want to be able to join in on the role-play element in porn scenes, this POV site is a great way to go. Not only do you get some of the best content out there, but also access to the rest of the enormous Naughty America network.

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