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Fake Cop

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Added on January 06, 2016 by Luke Preston

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It is all about trickery and dickery at Fake Cop, at least it would be if dickery was a word. Guys pretending to be cops pull over or otherwise accost sexy ladies and then, by way of bribes, or deals, or punishments, the guys get to dip their dicks as the girls tackle their truncheons and give their batons a boner. It's exclusive content from the Czech Republic with hot models, fun storylines, good filming and HD movies.

"There's a mix of fun and fuck at this exclusive site"

Latest Review Update

July 10, 2018

The site is full of exclusive reality movies from the Fake hub network. they have 108 HD scenes, but they havent updated the site since May 2017. Thankfully, membership includes full access to the same network, at no extra cost. They have over 2,700 movies here, and they are spread out over the 10 reality sites that help make this such a great network.




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$109.95 $18.33 a month
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108 Full Movie

Average length of 30 Mins
260Kbps 3GP
176 x 144
6000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080
4000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
1000Kbps MP4
640 x 480

Fake Cop Full Review

ReviewerLogging in, you arrive at the home page where the latest networked scenes are shown. From there you can use the Explore drop-down to find the site you were after or you can stay on the home page and work through all 2,700 + networked movies. But we are here to check out Fake Cop so lets head there. Actually, all the sites work in the same way, so technically speaking, what goes for Fake Cop will also go for Fake Agent, Fake Taxi, Female Agent, Fake Hospital and the other sites in your list of included bonus sites.

These movies are, to a certain extent, scripted. You will find subtitles if it's not in English but there are English models appearing here. For example, there are a couple of English cops in one scene doing a raid on a whore house; it leads to a full on three-way of course. But the scene starts off in a squad car where at least one guy puts on a fake cop uniform, and the two guys then trick the girls. It's played out really well actually and to the point of being almost believable. The cop faces are fuzzed out though, which detracts slightly, but the 30 minute long movies play out really well a good mix of fun and fucking.

Fake Cop only has 108 scenes so far as it is one of the newer ones in the bunch, it had been updating every week, but nothing new has been added since May 2017. You will see sample shots and upload dates on the index pages, click one to find the viewing page. Here you've got some neat stream and download options. The screen is large and goes to full screen and you can stream in up to seven resolutions, from a mobile 144p right up to 1080p HD, with many mid-range options to suit all connections. There are downloads too and up to seven or eight of these. (Older movies in the network will have fewer and also lower specs.) Again, downloads are mainly Mp4 and range from mobile suitable to top HD at 1080p.

There are no galleries with these movies as the videos are shot to be realistic and hidden cam style and you can't bung a photographer in a scenario like than without alerting suspicion. So, you have the films to view and then a model index of over 1,500 girls to check out. These are network-wide of course and you can skip around the network easily as you browse them. This is where you value kicks in and you're going to find hundreds more exclusive and well made, HD movies to check out. All come with good viewing options and mobile downloads, and some may even have galleries to look at as well. You have action ranging from medical fetish and fly on the wall footage of doctors examining women, to taxi drivers getting seduced by girls, and vice versa in the back of cabs. The quality throughout is good and high and there are no complaints on that front.

In fact, there are very few complaints at all. I would have liked a little more info about the models in the model index, not just the country of origin. Watch out for the limited trial offer as you won't be able out access or see everything with this, and also be aware of the cross-sale on the join page. Apart from that though, there's nothing fake about this membership offer and either way, it's a fair cop!


These movies are top of the range hidden cam style HD movies and the quality is perfect. The sound is good and the images are sharp. The models play out the unscripted scenes well and the pages all look good in the member area. No quality concerns form me.


This one site, held 108 exclusive scenes that ran for around 30 minutes each. They are shown with up to seven stream options and seven downloads. Movies are all exclusive and concern guys pretending to be cops to trick girls into sex. There are no galleries, and no new updates since 2017.


You have network access included in your membership with hundreds more exclusive scenes to view. There are good interactive options with rates, comments and add to favourites functions, some scene info, easy navigation, good search tools and regular network updates. Scenes come with long descriptions so you know what's going to happen.


This one site no longer updates. There could be more info in the model index and a little more with the videos. There are no stills galleries here nor any screen caps to act as a scene guide

Pricing & Bonus

There are various sign-up offers, but beware the trial one as it is a limited trial and rebills at a higher rate than the well-priced monthly one. Longer-term options are also a way to go as there is access to all ten sites and 2,700 + scenes from Fake Hub included and updates are more or less daily to the network. Watch out for the cross sale on sign-up.


Fake Cop is fun, from the moment when the (sometimes) English guys start to play at being cops, to the hardcore threesomes and pussy-drilling, you get a nice mix of fun and fuck at this exclusive content, HD movie, well put together site that come with access to a total ten sites for under $30.00 per month.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Fake Cop. Updated on July 10, 2018

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