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DTF Sluts

Added on May 05, 2017 by Luke Preston

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If you ever wondered how a porn star relaxes, then you need to check out DTF Sluts to find the answer. This well designed and easy to use site adds a new video every few days, and each one brings you a porn name in homemade action. It's kind of sexy-selfie-scene time as the home cams roll and the girls get down to some slutty stuff with their guys. Girls like Roxy Lane, who you may have seen before, appear in exclusive hardcore scenes.

"Porn stars with a new slant on slutty sex"




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DTF Sluts Full Review

ReviewerThe idea of DTF Sluts first struck me as being easy money. These girls and guys know what they are doing, as they spend their lives making porn. But when they are chilling at home, or out for the day with other girls and guys from the wonderful world of porn, they let their hair down and basically go on a busman's holiday. Sex is the key, and there's plenty of it, of course, but the thing that makes this site different and worth seeing is that these are professional porn idols on a day off - but doing what they do at work. So, some hot names from some of your favourite porn sites might turn up and give you an insight into what it's like to be a porn babe having fun rather than making money.

Does that lead to lacklustre videos? No. Although the girls might have spent the day working, they still want to chillax with their men, or with other girls, and while they do so, they might as well leave the camera running and then post up the movies for all to see. It's a nice angle to come from, and I was more than happy with what I found. In fact, I'd say that they should rename the site to WTF Sluts - some of these girls get very slutty.

Names, Sweetie, names, as Edina said in Absolutely Fabulous, names are important. So, I checked the model index and found a few girls that I've seen working on other sites. Nadia Styles, Gabriella Patlrova and Tiffany Tyler, for a few examples. You can check them in the models' index and get some background and stats, and there are 54 girls here so far. There are also links here to their videos, though you will see updates on the home page and then there's the Videos area to find all 75 movies.

The thing is, although some of these scenes are unscripted and shot at home (all of them have a nice laid back and amateur feel to them) the quality is still good. The guys behind the cameras know what they are doing, and even when the couple set up their own cam to film, you know that someone is there with a boom mic and a clipboard. They are well edited and produced so, though they may be homemade to a certain extent, they are also good quality.

Viewing is by stream, and you can also download. There are five resolutions of Mp4 to choose from for both with 1080p at the top of the list and mobile formats below that. There will be a version to suit you. Some scenes are 20 minutes in length, but I found one that was well over one hour in length. The tour did say something about 'multiple' weekly updates, but I only found a new scene every couple of days. Mind you, that's multiple enough for me - even though there are no extras. There are no digital galleries either, it's a case of screen caps with around 80 per set showing you how a scene will unfold.

But still, with the current update schedule, DTF Sluts is going to grow and get bigger and better and thus be better value for money, though the sign-up prices are still pretty good. Watch out for a cross sale on the join page and the trial offer which recurs at a higher rate than the monthly one; take up the current discount offer for a great saving, or go longer-term to save even more. Whatever you do, do it and make sure you get to see DTF Sluts.


Considering the style is kind of homemade and amateur, the quality is good. There are 1080p HD versions of scenes, plus smaller ones to cover your mobiles but the scenes are natural and well played out. The screen caps are ok as a guide, but you probably won't want to collect them. The site is well set out and easy to use.


I counted 75 scenes when I was at the site, and a new one was being added every few days. Scenes ran for 20 to 80 minutes and came with five Mp4 streams and five Mp4 downloads. There were no galleries only a few screen caps per scene, and no other content apart from the 54-strong model index. Content is exclusive.


You have HD movies here that are natural and the star some porn stars on their time off. It's all nicely natural and good fun, horny entertainment and well put together. The site is interactive with rates and comments, and the updates are coming in steadily. Prices are also good.


You could say that the site is still a bit small and you may not know all of the promised porn stars. There's a cross sale on the sign-up pages and a trial offer that recurs as more expensive than the monthly option. The tour did state multiple updates, and I counted two or three per week. There are no galleries to collect.

Pricing & Bonus

Check to see if the monthly offer is still running as there's a discount to be had, but the usual price is fine for exclusive content that's HD and great quality. There's a cross sale on sign-up to uncheck, and a trial that recurs at a higher rate than the monthly. You can get the price down to $9.99 per month (equivalent) if you go for the annual deal.


DTF Sluts is about showing you porn babes relaxing by having sex, and so I'd have liked some stills images of the girls as well as the movies. But, the movies are good to see, and great quality and they give you exactly what the tour promises, with around two or three new ones per week. Worth a sign-up, great to see, it gives a different slant on slutty sex.

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