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XX Cel

Added on November 10, 2018 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

Here's a site that I've not seen in many years. Last time I was here in 2015 there were 474 videos and 557 image sets. Now there are over 600 of each, and the site is updating every week. It's all about huge boobed babes from Europe who flash their tits, play with them and, in some cases, lactate because they are pregnant. The content is tricky to find and play/download, but you'll get used to that and the old-fashioned design.

"Exclusive big-boobed European girls flash everything"






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$49.95 $16.65 a month
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623 Movie Clips

Average length of 8 Mins
10000Kbps WMV
1920 x 1080
2300Kbps FLV
1920 x 1080
6000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080

600 Picture Sets

100 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Zip Files

XX Cel Full Review

ReviewerGirls like Erin Star from Romania with her 24 H bra size, or Kapucine from France with her boobs at 42 H are typical of the models you find at XX Cel. This site is all about massive tits, to put it bluntly, and in the exclusive videos, the girls strip and bare all, and there's a lot of boob flesh to bare. There is also a lot of models, 187 right now and each one has her own collection of video clips and galleries. In them, they play with boobs, show them off, get them fondled and, in cases where the models were pregnant, and there are several, they even lactate for you.

XX Cel (standing for XXL, I guess) has been around a while and still looks like it was designed in the early days of adult internet sites. It suffers from bad navigation, and I thought I'd just get that out of the way because everything else is fine, more or less. The home page shows you what's new and the update dates reveal weekly uploads. What it doesn't do is give you an area for videos and one for images. The content is all model-led which means you have to browse the model index to find your videos and pics, and some of the girls have one video while others have many.

This makes it hard to pin down what you want to see, and we're also suffering from a lack of search functions. However, the main index pages carry good shots of each big babe, and you just have to select and click to find what she has on offer. For example, I clicked on a random page and a random model, Kristty from the Czech Republic, and found she had a few stats, her age and bra size (38 G) and then three galleries and three videos.

The videos streamed right where they were, no floating player or separate page and there was only one option per clip. These are around eight minutes in length on average which is why I call them clips. I was able to jump through the stream, but wasn't able to download it easily. The download function led me to a page file not a video file. However, it has been easier and possible to download from the site before, and when I did, movies were HD and available in Mp4 and WMV with some older videos streaming in Flash.

The images are easier to manage. Again, click one of the sample shots from a model's page and you find the gallery of around 100 pics each. These are set out in large thumbnails that then open full-sized images in a new tab one at a time. Again, there are no navigation tools here, but you can save images one at a time at 3,000 x 2,000 px where the quality is maintained and the images look good. There are WinZip files for full sets for you to take.

The longer I stayed with XX Cel, the more I became used to it. There are few, if any search functions or interactive options, and the site isn't the easiest to navigate, but you do get what was shown on the tour and the quality levels are high. The babes are big and bulging, a mix of BBW and Milfs, pregnant girls and the larger lady and they come from all across Europe. What's more, it's exclusive, and the prices are good, with the monthly deal reducing in price after the first 30 days.


Movies are there at 1080p HD in Mp4, 720p in WMV and Flash streaming and the filming is fine. The sound is okay too, and the models are exactly as described and shown on the tour; European BBW and amateur. The site is tricky to get used to for navigation, but overall, the quality is good. Images are large and sharp too.


Updates come in once per week as movies and/or galleries, and there are over 600 of each now. Galleries old around 100 pics per set with zip files and movies run for five to 10 minutes. They are all pretty softcore boob-flashing and tit play and stay on theme. The content is also exclusive and European.


The monthly rebill is cheaper than your first month, and there is a longer-term offer which also brings the price down. There's a cross sale on the join page, but it's not ticked by default, so that's up to you. The content is exclusive, the girls are as advertised and updates have been regular. Some movies are full HD.


Navigation is a pain at times as you can only search for videos by model. It took me a while to get used to. There are no interactive options or search and sort functions, and older content may not be as high quality as more recent uploads. There are no bonuses or extras and not a lot of info about the models.

Pricing & Bonus

Your first month will cost you $26.95 but it then reduces to $19.95 per month, and the three-month option comes in at $49.95, which is $16.65 per month paid in one instalment. You also have a non-recurring monthly offer at $29.95 to consider. There are no extras or bonuses.


Once you adjust to the look, design and navigation system on the site, XX Cel slips along nicely. The girls are large, have huge tits, are European amateurs, and some are pregnant, adding another layer to the otherwise softcore and straightforward BBW and big boob content. It's reasonable quality, and you get what the tour promises.

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