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Tropical Teens Gallery

Added on August 09, 2018 by Hardwood

Review Summary

Your standard porn addict isn't going to get much of a kick out of the material that Tropical Teens Gallery has to offer: this place is highly focused on a niche that I didn't even know existed. Content features young, attractive Amazonian babes from South America (mainly Brazil) engaging in light lesbian play and solo masturbation. An odd porn site to say the very least!

"A strange and unique blend of genuine amateur content."




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Tropical Teens Gallery Full Review

ReviewerAccording to the tour of Tropical Teens Gallery, this place initially started out as 'Brazil Amateurs', and then became 'Tropical Amateurs' before eventually switching to its current title. The idea here seems to be that you take young, nubile women from exotic places and explore their sexuality - most likely through photography. The site's content from the tour looks so unique and interesting: I wonder if inside will match? What's great is that I get to find out, since I'm going to sign up and sign in! If you're looking for more details on Tropic Teens Gallery, continue reading for my full review.

I'll kick off by saying that the design here is a little on the amateur side - you can tell that this is a basic porn site operation that seems to put more effort into the content rather than the member's area. The layout actually isn't too bad, but some obvious features are missing, such as an advanced search feature, content descriptions and so on. I'm also confused as to the age of the material here - the site has a 'wallpaper' section: huge in 2005 or so, not so much these days! I've also got no idea if this place updates any more - it doesn't have any dates on anything.

I guess I should just focus on the content and in that department, I'm surprised that alongside photo sets, Tropic Teens Gallery also has videos! Clips tend to last between 4 to 5 minutes in length and it seems as if there are 180 in total - it could be more, but the navigation was a little awkward so I have no idea of saying for sure. There are around 450 galleries - an impressive number, especially given the fact that it seems like a specific niche they're going for which other sites simply won't have.

The porn here is interesting, and I don't say that lightly. None of the women featured in any of the content are professionals from what I can tell - this is genuine amateur material, something you seldom see in the adult industry these days. I couldn't see any hardcore content featuring men but the archive is dominated with solo women masturbating and lesbian girls having fun. There's a gritty, homemade vibe about the porn on Tropical Teens Gallery I can't quite put my finger on: really hard to describe, it's unlike anything I've ever seen!

Girls featured here appear to be quite young and are native South Americans. Incredibly dark skin, donning tribal objects and so on - it's like they were pulled straight out of the Amazon jungle. Alongside lesbian engagements, you'll also see light BDSM where a girl is hung upside down and whipped. Other videos had stuff like showering and dancing in the rain forest. The content certainly feels old - not produced within the last 10 years is my guess. That said, some stuff also appears recent and is recorded in HD: so I think you're getting a mixture of uploads over a very long period.


Content quality really depends - I saw 640x480 pixel videos alongside full HD clips. The archive has a heap of dated material but I don't know if it was uploaded after being made or recently added to a huge collection. Photo sets I sampled all had pictures at 1280 x 960 pixels, but you can't save them locally: slideshows are your only option.


Very unique and interesting - I think you can take a look at the tour and get a good sense of what I'm talking about. There's no actual sex here, just some lesbian play and mainly, a focus on the bodies and sexuality of women from the Amazon. I guess I can't really comment on whether it's good or bad, since that's a highly subjective thing.


The biggest selling point as far as I'm concerned is that you're getting something truly unique. I'd be willing to bet $100 that no site out there focuses on this type of content: it's totally unique and if you're into genuine amateur porn from one of the most tropical regions in the world, this is where you ought to go.


The site appears and functions as if it's older than the Amazon rain forest itself: navigation is clumsy and there are no dates attached to any of the content, so I've got no idea if the last update was a few hours ago or back in 2010. You can't download the images too which sucks: you can't even right click them in the slideshow.

Pricing & Bonus

If you do decide to sign up to Tropical Teens Gallery, you'll have the choice of paying $2.99 for a two day trial, joining for a month at $19.99 or grabbing a whole year for $99.99. I highly recommend the trial as the best option - that'll give you a good sense of what's actually inside.


Tropical Teens Gallery is a confusing place: the site design is really old and the content seems to be a mixture of scenes collected over the span of 20 years. Standard lovers of porn aren't going to going enjoy what's on offer here, but if your fetish is true amateur babes from the tropics getting naked and wild, take a look.

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