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Real Exgirlfriends

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All of those tapes and pictures that have been hidden under your boxer shorts and gathering dust now have a place to call home! RealEx Girlfriends is the ultimate way to rub a bad break up into the face of your previous amateur porn star. The night was simple, a few drinks, a little fondling, things get heated, things get wild, the camera goes on and the clothing comes off, its all saved to prosperity and now its being displayed for the world to see. They promise you'll find nice quality from their content, along with sneaky satisfaction. Bonus sites are included as well.

"The sweet taste of revenge!"

Latest Review Update

This site has added 17 exclusive vids and photo galleries since I last visited. It is still updating 3 times a month on average, and now has a good-sized library. Membership includes full access to the 18 sites that help make up the PornPros network, at no extra cost. They have over 3,200 movies here, and some of the sites are POVD, Tiny 4K and Teen BFF.

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  • 628 Full Movie & Movie Clips
  • HD 720p (1,200 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 20 Mins


  • 628 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures
  • Zip Files

Real Exgirlfriends Full Review


The fingers of Porn Pros Network are stirring this pot of porn and they've added just enough sweetness to make it enjoyable in viewing. Of course when opening things up, after adding username and password there is a vast listing of their network updates, but finding Real ExGirlfriends is not a hard task, in fact, you'll have a good time doing a little browsing before entering our twilight zone of amateur temptation. They display the material attended for this site with a well organized look, but do keep in mind that directly blow there is also an area that is called, all Porn Pros updates, don't misconstrued those with our intended review material, its more of their network advertisements. That of course brings me to the task of saying this site is still in the growing stage, just now going from the bottle to the jars of cereal, which of course will build strong boners for members, and also leave you with a full feeling when taking into consideration all of the bonuses that go with updating about 3 times a month, but is a bit inconsistent..

They keep the premise for this site nestled tightly against their hearts as they started to display the material, doing a nice job of making sure it held that amateur-ish look, for the more believable offering. With a lot of bouncing from the camera, you will at times feel as though you're being fucked in the same tempo as their girlfriends are, because they seemingly have the camera in one hand and one of her ankles in the other, so do prepare yourself in case you have some vertigo issues. If the movement doesn't cause you to feel faint, then the action will surely make you experience an erection.

They do a nice job of leading up to the hardcore material, having these girls doing some basic domestic duties, cooking, cleaning, what-not, and the entire time they're filming a pretty smile, a flip of their long hair and of course the tightness of their ass while clad in a pair of extremely short shorts, as an example. From there, the girls get a little flush of warmth knowing that they are going to have footage of their female charm going wild on their lovers, so they toss any camera shyness to the side, drop to their knees and begin to suck wildly on the erections that have already firmed up with the thoughts of whats cumming next. These men are ready at the drop of a hat, or an unsnap of the bra, and their ladies don't let them down, well, at least not until every dribble of ball juice has been emptied.

Is it believable as amateur shot material? Ill say yes because it was enjoyable to view. In some cases I found myself wanting to say, uhm, this is a bit too orchestrated, but as I said, its fun and that's the main objective. Some of the videos do contain girls you will have seen on other porn sites.

Real ExGirlfriends is put together with the same layout as other Porn Pros sites, which is a good thing! They offer stream or download for the episodes, and there are full scenes as well, not to mention some small one minute parcels for those that need less than 60 seconds to give their geyser goods. The quality of these movies will be filed under fine, the same as their high resolution images. A great all round site.


Things are a bit bouncy on the quality aspect of this site, but not so much in a bad way, they're trying to portray this is home footage, shot by horny men of themselves getting their groove on with their girlfriends. Videos held choices, with HD content and the pictures were fantastic.

Content offered on Real Exgirlfriends

There are over 628 hot exclusive scenes for you to view. Most is hardcore, with some solo stuff mixed in. The action is hot and believable, and add to this a massive amount of bonuses and you will have more quality porn than you could ever need.

Reasons to Join Real Exgirlfriends

There were quite a few perks to this site, the first one being the niche itself, what guy wouldn't sit and twirl his handlebar mustache with the thought of driving that stake a bit deeper into the heart of their ex. And, as always to be expected from the Porn Pros Network, you're blessed with choices and quality. Bonus network/weekly updates keep it fresh.

Things that could be improved on Real Exgirlfriends

Some of the older scenes are not great quality. There are a few upsells in the members area they could do without.

Real Exgirlfriends Bonus Sites & Pricing

This site has enough content to stand alone, but with all of their bonuses and perks, this site is loaded to the lid, making the cost of membership great value! The 3 month membership is good value and will save you $5.00 a month when compared to the monthly membership cost.

Real Exgirlfriends Review Conclusion

Real ExGirlfriends is all about the sweetness of the revenge factor, mixing it with the passion of hardcore material and you've got yourself a great niche. With great quality and options, they've got the bases covered nicely. Add to this the great bonus network and this site produces the goods.

More Review Updates

November 27, 2017

Real Ex-girlfriends had 511 scenes at its last review a few months ago, but because it updates 3 times a month, it now has 628 hardcore scenes. These can be downloaded and streamed in MP4, WMV and in Flash formats, and most of the scenes are in full HD. As part of the PornPros network, your membership will include the added bonus of getting access to all of its 18 sites when you become a member.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Real Exgirlfriends. Updated on July 07, 2018

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