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Only 3X

Added on January 10, 2020 by Luke Preston

Review Summary

You have the offer of seven hardcore sites in one easy to use network with an Only 3X Network membership. This new and growing collection of sites offers all kinds of action, lesbians, DP, hardcore, couples, BJs and VR included. It's good quality, there are regular updates, it's easy to navigate, and downloads are in Mp4 and range from 4K HD to mobile size. Best of all, there's a good showing of porn babes in ongoing series of fun porn.

"Seven HD, exclusive hardcore sites in one easy place"




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$59.85 $19.95 a month

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$119.40 $9.95 a month
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164 Full Movie

Average length of 35 Mins
10000Kbps MP4
3840 x 1920
7000Kbps MP4
1920 x 1080
5000Kbps MP4
1280 x 720
3000Kbps MP4
854 x 480

71 Picture Sets

25 Pics In Set
Hi-Res Pictures
Screen Captures
Zip Files

Only 3X Full Review

ReviewerThe only other Only 3X site I'd seen before this one was Only 3X VR, which only had seven movies, but I was pleased to find I had access to it when I joined this network. I discovered that actually, the seven bonus sites are all from the same company (as far as I know) and offered me lots of varied porn, but are also the sites that make up the network on offer; thus they aren't really bonus sites at all. What they are, though, are the segments of Only 3X that make up a collection of 164 exclusive movies, many of which are in 4K HD.

So, we have sites such as Only 3X VR for POV movies - and you can view these in 2D or take the files and use various goggles to see them. Then we have Pure BJ for more POV and BJ action, Only 3X Series where you get on-going stories and TV-style romcoms or porn-coms I guess, as there's always loads of fucking and sucking, big boobs and busty babes in each episode. You can also add in Porn Stream Live which is another unusual site where you watch girls live (recorded), and it's as if you are wandering the room they are performing in. All in all, good variety and well-made porn with a host of beautifully curvy girls who get up to all kinds of sex.

You're able to search the content as one set of index pages, and there you have all networked videos together. Or, if you'd rather, you can filter by site, and a handy drop-down list lets you do this without having to re-enter passwords. Sample shots are neatly set out and lead to well-designed viewing pages. They go in for long and detailed descriptions, which is good to see as it means they take trouble over their content, and then you have a stream to run. I only found the one option here, but it was a good and fast-buffer one, went full-screen with no hassles, and there are download options beneath.

The 4K HD is at 3,840 x 2,160 and looks amazing, but if the files are too big for you, there are 1080p or 720p versions. If you prefer your porn on the go and use a mobile, there's a smaller 480 version of each one too, and all files are Mp4. Movies run for 25 to 45 minutes and are well-edited, look great and are high-quality porn-making, so there are no complaints there. They also come with small sets of screencaps if you want to check the action before downloading it, and there are 71 separate galleries for larger images.

These came out at 3,840 x 2,160 when I downloaded them at full size, and so I reckon they are 4K HD digital screencaps, but they looked fine. Others may be from a stills camera. There are good slideshow and viewing options including a full-screen mode and a zipped file for each set of around 25 images.

A model index lets you check out girls from each site, by name or from the whole collection, but it's not large yet with only one page and a few image placeholders waiting to be filled with images of guys and girls. I also found, when in some of the sites as solo sites (rather than in the complete list of movies) that some of the sample shots weren't showing up. This, if not a temporary glitch at my end, is probably because the site is new; it certainly feels that way, as if it's still in testing mode, in parts. But it wasn't anything tragic, and I could still find the movies. Otherwise, navigation was easy, there are lots of interactive search and sort options, and I had no technical issues.


With movies up to 4K HD, you get good quality playback at Only 3X Network, but you also have good porn making and great models. The site is easy to navigate and manage, there are screencap images from the 4K camera, and they're also fine for quality, and I had no complaints. I was very impressed with the detailed descriptions too; nicely written.


There are seven small sites here making up a collection of 164 movies to date. However, uploads seem to happen every few days, so I expect the collection to grow. It's exclusive, HD and comes with all the kinds of screencaps and digital shots you like to see. It's also mixed content with everything from babes to boners and lesbians to teens to Milfs.


The quality is one of Only 3X's selling points as they are turning out consistently good movies. They are also easy to find, and the members' interface is easy to use and practical, plus, it's interactive. You will find a lot of good variety among the movies, from VR to reality and from scripted to unscripted.


For seven sites, it's not a large collection, but updates are happening. I found some missing images in some of the individual site areas and got the impression the setup was new.

Pricing & Bonus

There's no introductory sign-up deal, but there is a trial offer which comes back at the standard monthly rate. Also, you can make savings by staying for longer, where all memberships are recurring after their time. The tour advertises bonuses, but they are the sites that make up the network, as far as I can see.


Only 3X Network might need a little more time to grow in number (of videos), but I reckon that's not going to take long. It's impressive hardcore with a variety of babes and all kinds of porn from scripted to VR. Quality standards are high, navigation and technical matters are fine, the price is also fine for exclusive 4K HD content.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Only 3X. Updated on