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Old 4K

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Gentlemen prefer blondes, and brunettes and dark-haired girls and anyone they can get as long as they are youthful and beautiful like the girls at Old 4K. This isn't just any old 4K site though, this is 100% exclusive, 4K and hardcore with older gentlemen and younger girls in hardcore scenes that you can stream or download. It comes with access to four other 4K sites and varied action and, although updates are slow, it looks good.

"High quality younger girls with older dads in 4K HD"




  • 15 Full Movie
  • 4k Ultra HD (18,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 25 Mins


  • 15 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Zip Files

Old 4K Full Review


When they say 'Old' here, they mean over 50. The gentlemen are cultured and handsome, silver-daddies and studly, fit older men who are more than lucky to find themselves with some stunning younger babes. There are storylines to the scenes; a girl is lost in her new neighbourhood, and an older man takes her in. A little later she takes him in to her pussy. They are simple scenes, but they all stay on the older/younger theme and run for around 25 minutes, most of which is hardcore. The sex moves from the chat-ups to the sucking, stripping, pussy licking and penetration, in the standard way, but the age gap is what makes them all work.

Filming is good, and the videos are sensitive and sensual, as they progress. It's not hard and fast wham-bam porn, and the girls really appreciate their older lovers. The lighting, sound, music, the whole lot is well executed, and the scenes are more than satisfying. They're really going to appeal to everyone who is into the older-younger hardcore scene, and Old 4K has made sure to find good looking babes and guys to take part.

There is a lot that is good about this membership, but also a downside. Getting that out of the way first, the site doesn't update very often. It had just added a new scene (January 2018), but that's been a long time coming. There are now 15 scenes, and they are all in 4K HD and look stunning. There are no complaints about quality. The movies are also easy to find as they are right there on your landing page, and you can expand the list to see all of them. Shown with good sized sample shots, they then open to their own viewing pages where you have options for streaming (in Flowplayer) and for downloading in Mp4.

The top resolution here is at 3,840 x 2,160, which is the 4K HD and these files can be several GBs in size. You also have two other HD versions, a 540p and one more suited to mobile devices at 360p. That last one worked fine on my desktop at full screen, so if you are on a slower connection, you can always take a smaller file and get a decent result.

Movies also come with galleries, and there are around 200 pics per set, though numbers vary. Images are up at 5,760 x 3,840 when downloaded in the zipped files, but you can also view them online where they are smaller and easier to manage. You flick through one at a time, but there were no slideshows. As with the videos, the quality of the pics is good, and there are, again, no complaints there.

Because 15 videos is not a huge amount, even though they are exclusive and high-quality, you have access to four other sites from the same team. The models are a mix of Czech and USA girls and guys, and the themes vary. The nearest you get to Old 4K is Daddy 4K which is, actually, very similar, but there's also Black 4K for interracial, Hunt 4K for reality and POV, and Loan 4K for more reality and hardcore, with the couples being similar ages. Each video comes with pics, and although updates are rare in this collection, there are now 76 movies in total.


The 4K filming produces great playback as long as you can take the weight of files, but the smaller versions are also high quality. Filming is sensual and good, the girls are cute and young, and the pages of the site are well designed. That all adds up to me saying that the quality here is good alround, so there are no worries.

Content offered on Old 4K

With only 15 scenes, Old 4K is not yet very big, and updates are not exactly pouring in, but the content is exclusive and very well made and stays right on theme. There are 15 galleries with 200 or so pics each, five viewing options for the 25-minute long videos, and network access.

Reasons to Join Old 4K

You have four other 4K sites include in your membership, and one of them is on a similar theme to Old 4K. The content is high quality and well made, there are plenty of viewing choices, and easy access to your bonus sites. Members also have some nice interactive options with rates and comments.

Things that could be improved on Old 4K

Updates are the main concern here, that and the small number of videos. There is no update news, and I didn't find a model index, so the only info you have is on the video viewing page. Some of the larger files are really big and so may be an issue for slower connections. There are two cross sales on the sign-up page to watch out for.

Old 4K Bonus Sites & Pricing

There is a two-day trial listed but with no price. The monthly deal is fine for five sites, and the annual one really knocks the price down to only $59.99 per month. There may be regional variations on pricing. You have a total of five sites and 76 videos/galleries included with all memberships.

Old 4K Review Conclusion

Old 4K works, and you'll find a very sensual kind of porn in your exclusive movies. All lovers of the older/younger niche will go for it and not be disappointed, apart perhaps by the lack of updates and the site's small size. But, with four other 4K sites included and one of them also older/younger, it's still well worth a visit and very high quality.

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