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Lesbian Factor

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Forget the testosterone and bring on the estrogen! You've heard it said that even your worst orgasm was still good, well, just imagine how wonderful they're going to be from this site, because who knows a woman's body like another woman?! Lesbian Factor makes the promise that you'll find only beautiful women exploring their feminine side and that of their playmate through nice quality. Bonuses are included with membership.

"Girls playing nice together!"

Latest Review Update

No new updates in years is a big drawback to this site. Content quality was good back in the day, but it just doesn't cut it nowadays. The one saving grace is the fact that you get access to all the Fame Digital sites when you sign up. That brings in a shit load more content, with plenty of lesbian fun to be found across the network.




  • 228 Full Movie
  • HD 720p (2,050 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 26 Mins


  • 103 Picture Sets
  • Hi-Res Pictures
  • Screen Captures

Lesbian Factor Full Review


What is it about seeing two lovely girls pleasing each other sexually that balances most every man on their testicles with anticipation? Well, we can start with the pure romantic display of it, the softness, the sultry way those long nails trail against the bare skin of their female lover, the way their mid sections will arch with such a powerful orgasm, something they dont always experience when it comes to man/woman displays of lust, theres just this comfort zone of prettiness, the knowing youre not going to be mauled by huge hands with hairy knuckles, and yet youll experience the pleasures of oral stimulation as well as benefits from toys that will still get into those hard to reach places.

I was impressed with this site the minute the main membership doors open. Yes, they carry bonuses throughout their network, but we were directed right where we wanted to be, with the Lesbian Factor. They carry a very professional display of their damsels with dainty desires, meaning its easy on the eyes before it becomes hard in your hand! I enjoyed the way their content didnt carry that overall hungry cougar sort of look to it, there were plots to the footage and then when the clothing came off and the tongues came out, yes they were wrapped up in passion, but it was offered with what you would except from female to female arousal. The only thing that could have made things better is if you were in a straight back chair, sitting next to the side of the bed and directly on top of the action as it unfolded.

Even though the women are engrossed with the erotica, they do a great job of making sure the camera is able to catch the lust being passed between them. Its not that they constantly look at the red light glowing, or perform as if its a mechanical movement, coached from the sidelines, its just they are seemingly aware at all times from what angle things are being shot, so they make sure you, as the viewer will be able to enjoy each drop of dew generated. Theres not a lot of anything out of the ordinary to expect or to be delivered from this site, its the basic lesbian sort of game play, meaning youll have the kissing, the fondling, the rubbing of those swollen clits, not to mention tongues lapping up the sweet musky juices that are flowing, but then factor in dildos, vibrators and even cucumbers, and that will tell you how hardcore this softcore will go.

Acting doesnt really factor into the majority of the way this site unwinds, in fact, when it comes to clitoral stimulation, but vibrator, fingers or oral sex, it is terribly difficult to hide the reality of the excitement or to ignore the fact that just a little longer, right there, oh yeah, thats going to make them cum for sure! As I mentioned, the camera captures the footage beautifully and they do offer nice numbers for presenting it all to the world. They have stream or download possibilities, with the high and low resolution. There is quite a span in those technical numbers but if you happen to be tuning in by dial up connection, the lower will entice you and not leave you waiting forever.

They kept the number of formats to basically two, either WMV or Flash, but with the overall layout of everything for Lesbian Factor, that didnt really creep under my skin as a nuisance of any kind, it just seemed to blend in with the entire projection and I enjoyed all of the time I spent here. From the video area you can go into the screen caps, or opt for the link of their high resolution pictures, so they do cater to both.


The quality was nice from this site, I don't think it would take any first place blue ribbons from the local porn fair, but they surely exceeded just an average boundary for the beauty offered, and I for one was appreciative of what they gave and how they gave it.

Content offered on Lesbian Factor

The numbers pretty much fit the amount of time they've been online, which is almost 2 years - at a rate of updating approximately once a week, especially in the area of video clips. The galleries were lower in amount.

Reasons to Join Lesbian Factor

The first pat on the back I would give for this site would have to be to the women themselves. They are all beautiful, different shapes, sizes, and colors and all of them bringing their own exquisite erotica to this installment. The lust they fall under the spell of is fascinating to view, while they give a quality that is better than fair.

Things that could be improved on Lesbian Factor

It was hard to come up with too much that put a frown on my face in regards to this site, but I did find a couple of things. They give breathtakingly large advertising shots for their gallery headers, so nicely done, but then when clicking, the thumbs are so much smaller, it was a bit of a let down, and there was no ZIP option.

Lesbian Factor Bonus Sites & Pricing

With a discount price for our readers we can get you in the door for half the usual membership price. This site no longer updates, but you will get a host of bonus sites in the form of the Fame Digital Network which adds a whole lot of content to your membership.

Lesbian Factor Review Conclusion

Lesbian Factor is going to grace your gonads with the sultry, romantic display of woman a la woman, which is always a treat. These babes are all stunningly beautiful and eager to explore those feminine bodies of fascination and desire. Quality held its own from videos and galleries alike with a lot of bonuses as a perk.

Members Area Screen Shots

Below are actual screenshots taken from the members area of Lesbian Factor. Updated on June 07, 2017