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Joystick TV is an innovative alternative to tired old live-streaming sites. Anyone can earn money by streaming their gaming, their lives, their nudity, and more or less anything you want. Viewers watch, get involved with chat, and follow the contributors, and when you want to tip or buy private content, you buy well-priced tokens. The platform works well, there are no difficulties or issues, and it's easy and free to register.

"A welcoming community that allows you to be yourself."


8/10 Full Review


If you are into gaming, but want more of an adult edge, then Joystick TV is the way to go. This is a live streaming site for gamers, and for anyone who wants to connect via a streaming platform where anything goes. We're not talking hardcore chat and cam here, the platform is mainly for guys and girls into gaming, although anyone with an interest can join, view, and set up their own streaming account. That's why you will see guys cooking while naked, girls playing video games in the nude or in skimpy lingerie, others just hanging out and showing their everyday lives, their artwork, their creations and their lifestyles.

What you see on the landing page is pretty much what you have once inside the members' area. That suggests you have to pay to join, but you don't; it's a completely free registration process, and you can sign in with existing Twitter and Google accounts. Or, you can make up your own username, verify your email and you're straight in. The process took me two minutes and cost me nothing. If you want to become a streamer, there's a procedure for this too, and you start with a live chat with the guys in the account department who will talk you through the process.

Once inside, you can instantly see who is online, who is scheduled, new, popular and so on, and all you need to do is browse the home page. Scroll right to the bottom, and you'll find a link to take you to the full list of streamers and gamers. They are all shown with a large sample shot and some info, and they have a headline which should tell you what they are into. 'Peachy streams!' 'Art and coming stream.' 'Casual under-the-desk stream.' 'Kinky girl with guilty pleasures.' These are just some of the current headlines. From them, you can tell the content here ranges from female and male masturbation to baking cakes, and from naked video gaming to discussions about art.

Check a streamer's page, and, when they are online, you'll see their stream, which you can watch in-screen while you browse. Some show you their game and themselves in split-screen, others have home cams filming them as they go about their lives; it depends on the account. You'll also find an about section, their wall with posts and info, their stats and schedule, and there is a live chat box to use too. Some streamers have private content you can unlock via DMs with tokens, and others have screenshots of their last big event. As I say, it's all very varied and original. There wasn't an easy way to find who was who and what they were doing, because there were no category indexes, simply page after page of streamer profiles. But, once you've found someone you like, you can follow them at no cost. The home page tells you who you have DMs with, who you've subscribed to, and how many tokens you have. (Pricing is outlined below.)

Throughout my visit, I encountered no technical issues at Joystick TV, and although I intended to be there for only an hour or so, I ended up staying much longer, and now have the site bookmarked. I'm even following some of the accounts, and I'm not even a gamer. It was the fun, the personalities, the wackiness of some, the sexiness of others that got me hooked, and you will be too once you see that anything and everything goes at Joystick TV.


The visuals may depend on the quality of the cams at the other end, but the playback screen in HD was perfect, and I didn't see any dodgy cam work or dark screens. The technical side of things runs perfectly, and as smoothly as any of the major-player live cam sites. The content as provided by the streamers is varied, but good quality, and I had no complaints about the quality standards of anything.

Content offered on

It's not possible to say how many streamers there are online, as they come and go according to their schedule, but I saw plenty to keep me entertained. From naked gaming to female masturbation, from cooking to art, there is a mass of variety here, and new streamers are coming online all the time. You can sign up to stream and present your own content, and then start making money while having fun.

Reasons to Join

You're able to view everything that's not private, and you can do it for free. You can even chat for free, and see some intimate content. Even when you pay, you're not paying much. The streamers offer a varied range of content, there's a great, laid-back, community atmosphere, and it's easy to use the site. It is technically flawless.

Things that could be improved on

It would be nice to have a category list so you can filter the streamers according to what they offer. To be completely verified, you need to attach a credit card to your account, or become a streamer. Bonus Sites & Pricing

DMs and tips are paid for with tokens, and each streamer sets their own prices. Tokens start at $10.99 for 100, and the more you buy, the more you save. So, 500 tokens will cost $44.99, you can buy 750 for $62.99, and the cheapest long-term way to buy them is the 1,000 token package at $79.99. Payments are by credit card and/or PayPal. Review Conclusion

Whether that's gaming, naked painting, jerking off live, or just chilling, you'll find others doing the same on this innovative and unique social mixing platform where the quality standards are high while the credit prices are low. It's whacky, sexy, fun and free, and you're not going to find anything else that's like Joystick.TV, so, grab your own joystick and start making money.

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