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This site offers a wide array of public pissing scenarios for girls that just need to release a torrent of urine. Got 2 Pee provides some of the highest quality scenes around and offers daily updates of fresh scenes. Suffice to say that if you want public pissing porn, the only place you need to consider is

"Voyeur videos of hot girls pissing in public"

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Got 2 Pee has added 155 scenes in the last seven months thanks to updating just about every day of the week. They now have 1,703 exclusive scenes of hot babes pissing, and these are all in Full HD. No bonus sites here, but this is for lovers of streaming piss action.

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  • 1,703 Full Movie
  • 2K QHD (8,000 Kbps)
  • Streaming
  • Downloadable
  • Average length of 3 Mins


  • 1,703 Picture Sets
  • Screen Captures

Got2Pee Full Review


You might have heard of rule 34 before, and I think it's pretty applicable here, because although I knew there was a pissing fetish, I never thought that voyeur public pissing would be something to catch on. None the less, up for review today is Got 2 Pee, a site that - yup, you guessed it - features ladies that just need to relieve themselves while in public. The preview content actually looks pretty high quality, so I'm eager to head inside and see whether or not the tour lives up to the expectations. If you want to know more about this site and whether or not it's worth joining, continue reading for a full review.

After logging in, I was very impressed with the design of the site. It appears as if Got 2 Pee has only launched recently, seeing as its archives only go back a few months. As things currently stand, you get one new video per day - a tidy update schedule that I don't think has much competition elsewhere.

In order to get around the site, you can use the navigation provided at the top of the page. That said, there's very little to go with here, seeing as the links provided are only to the following locations: home, movies, special offers, Your G2P and the button to log out. I guess the special offers is pretty decent if you want to find other sites that you can join for a discount, although I would like to see something like a forum seeing as this is a pretty niche site that could do with discussion and input from the community. Anyway, let's take a look at the porn and see whether or not it lives up to expectations.

The videos are, as you'd expect, ladies that are in some public scenario and requiring the toilet. Because they can't find a suitable place to go, the only solution is to squat down and release that torrent of piss all over the floor. Locations for the videos include places such as in a boat, by the side of the road, late at night against a car park wall and inside a house while the toilet is occupied. There's a great mix of scenes here and the ladies really do give it their all. I think that if you're a fan of public pissing, Got 2 Pee is definitely going to quench your thirst for this type of content.

There's currently 1,703 videos for you to enjoy. Scenes last between one and three minutes: that's just the nature of the niche, because you can't expect girls to be pissing for hours on end! Screencaps of scenes are provided, but this is mainly just a site for watching videos. offers its videos in pretty fantastic qualities. You can stream in 1080p, 720p and 480p using the Flash embed provided or alternatively download an MP4. I sampled the 1920 x 1080 pixel download option and found that it had a bitrate of 8 Mb/s - that's well above the industry standard and very enjoyable indeed.


Quality is one of the most impressive things about this site. Got 2 Pee has a handsome archive of material that can all be downloaded in 1080p formats with 8 Mb/s bitrates attached. I'd estimate that this site is in the top 5% of porn sites when it comes to scene quality.

Content offered on Got2Pee

The tour promises you videos of women that need to piss and you get exactly that. There's a nice mixture of scenes and 'stories' to the girls needing to unleash their golden showers, so it definitely delivers when it comes to giving a unique experience for every scene.

Reasons to Join Got2Pee

The quality here is probably my favorite aspect of the site: you can't go wrong with 8 Mb/s 1080p scenes. also updates on a daily basis, so you'll have a new video to enjoy every 24 hours once you're inside. The content is all exclusive and stays very true to the public peeing niche. A discounted price is also a major plus for this site.

Things that could be improved on Got2Pee

The site is still pretty new, so the content archive isn't as big as some other sites. Aside from that, the only real suggestion I can make is to have the scenes available in another download format, such as WMV to compliment the MP4 file-type already offered.

Got2Pee Bonus Sites & Pricing will usually set you back $24.95 for a month's access, but through us you get in the door for only $19.95. $44.95 for 3 months and $69.95 for a full 6 months are other options and brings the price down even more and with so many updates coming in this would be the way to go if you like the content on offer here.

Got2Pee Review Conclusion

I doubt there's much competition for Got 2 Pee, so if you have a desire to see girls pissing themselves in public out of necessity, do it right and get the content delivered to you in a 1080p HD format. Suffice to say that public piss porn is the bread and butter of - signing up is a no brainer if this type of material appeals to you.

More Review Updates

June 13, 2020

Got 2 pee continues adding new fetish content more or less every day, and they have added 125 videos in the six months. They now have over 1,548 exclusive vids in Full HD, and growing bigger all the time.

December 21, 2019

Got 2 Pee keeps on adding new and exclusive pissing movies just about every day, and they have added 147 videos in Full HD since the last review just seven months ago. They now have 1,423 fetish movies, and high-resolution photo galleries, and still growing bigger all the time.

May 29, 2019

Got 2 pee continues updating almost on a daily basis, and all the content is exclusive. They have added 320 videos in Full HD since its last review 6 months ago. This is a huge site, and although there are no bonuses, this is a must for all lovers of yellow.

March 6, 2018

When a girl has to pee, she really has to pee, and in Got 2 Pee, these hot babes do it all over the place and in public. This site has grown huge over the last 3 years, and just last year, it has 383 movies in HD, they now have 956. This is thanks to their spectacular updating, and in just February alone, they put up 15 new scenes. These can be downloaded or streamed in Mp4 in various sizes, and in WMV format, sized at 1,440 x 810. This is a great site for voyeurs, and besides looking good, it has been designed for easy navigation. They also have photo galleries, and although no bonus sites come along with Got 2 Pee, this site is worth joining as it constantly updates, and the public peeing is simple divine.

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